Two Christians Arrested Over Terror Plot in NY…Err…Scratch That…

With names like Mohammad and Ahmed, I’m going to go out on a limb here and posit that they are followers of the agathokakological Allah and his pestiferous prophet:

Two men arrested over alleged terror plot in New York

May 12, 2011 – NYPost

Two men arrested in relation to an alleged terror plot in New York City were of Moroccan and Algerian descent, FOX News reported Thursday.

Moroccan Mohammad Mamdouh and Algerian Ahmed Serhani were arrested late Wednesday and were expected to be charged under the state’s terrorism laws. Both were American citizens.

In an unusual move, Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance’s office decided to prosecute after the FBI declined to get involved, sources told The Post.

Serhani was a drugs dealer, FOX News reported, with a source saying he was allegedly trying to sell narcotics to finance the purchase of a weapon for a possible attack on a synagogue. However, the pair had not actually purchased any weapons at the time of their arrests.

The men were expected to be arraigned Thursday and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was scheduled to address the media at an afternoon news conference, The New York Times reported.

The plot was not in retaliation for the killing of Usama bin Laden, a source said, since it had been planned before his death.

Officials did not disclose what had led to the arrests.

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7 Comments on “Two Christians Arrested Over Terror Plot in NY…Err…Scratch That…”

  1. islams not for me Says:

    What!!?? they weren’t those nasty Conservative Baptists?? How shocking…

    (Sarcasm off)

    Huh… just doing thier part for jihadi ‘dawah’…

  2. Gonzo Says:

    Well what do you expect. They have every right to be pissed at America. How dare America stand for everything that is not Islamic – Freedom from culturally coerced religious fundamentalism; Justice; Separation of religion from government; Personal right to choose; Freedom to embrace other religions; Equality between the sexes; The right to marry someone you are actually in love with; Freedom from fear that your own family may deform or execute you for the slightest indiscretion; Fair and honest election process; Free access to information; Equal protections extended to children; Freedom to an eduction free from Theocratic censorship; Right to a fair trial; Equal protection under the law; Abolishment of slavery; Lawful protections for women and children against rape; Freedom of speech; Freedom of the press; Freedom to assemble; Freedom to disagree with a Theocracy without fear of severe retaliation; Freedom to apostasy; Freedom of personal expression of various forms such as art, music, clothing, grooming, and literature; …etc.

    I can certainly see how living in the devils den has driven these poor unfortunate prime examples of godly discipline to want to murder indiscriminately. Gosh, if only I knew where to contribute for their defense fund – I have a slag sitting around here somewhere. Oh well, I’m sure CAIR or some other terrorist sponsored group will help ’em out.

  3. tgusa Says:

    New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was scheduled to address the media at an afternoon news conference,

    Ah yes, the clarifiers, coming out of the woodwork, as usual.

    Bloomberg, the Mayor of Boomberg.

  4. tgusa Says:

    The trend over a couple of hundred centuries is immigrants always tend to be homicidal maniacs bent on killing the American people who have allowed them in, well they are aren’t they?

  5. Leatheneck Says:

    With DaOne, and company helping the Muslim Brotherhood in North Africa, Egypt, and North America, I am just shocked the religion of peace is cooking up more murder for the Infidel.

    I am confident they were just looking for a bathroom, or not taking their meds.

  6. tgusa Says:

    From what I hear alot of these guvmint do nothings are on AQs hit list and you know what, I no longer care, and the willful ignorance, grotesque denial, and yellow stain apologetics and outright support are the reasons I no longer care. I’ll take my friend, liberty, they can have their friend, the islamists.

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