FBI Claims Muzzies’ Plot to Blow Up Synagogue in NY Not Terrorism

You can bet that if a couple of Christians had plotted to blow up a mosque, the FBI would be on it like stink on poo. 

Is this just sibling rivalry between the FBI and the NYPD?  Or, is this indicative of something more sinister, like the Obamatization of the FBI?:

FBI Task Force Refuses to Join ‘Hyped’ New York City Terror Case

FOX News

The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force has opted out of the case of two New York men allegedly involved in a plot to blow up a local synagogue over concerns it is not a bona fide terrorism case, WNYC reports.

Two federal law enforcement sources, who spoke to the station on condition of anonymity, said the FBI did not take the case of the two alleged New York City terrorists because the end result was being over-hyped and the agency felt the case would not hold up in court.

Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne rejected the Federal critique, saying, “When somebody acquires weapons and plans to bomb the largest synagogue in Manhattan he can find, what do you call it, mischief?”

Over the years, there have been tensions between the FBI and the NYPD, WNYC reports. The NYPD maintains its own sophisticated counterterrorism unit and has 1,000 officers committed to intelligence gathering and infrastructure protection. It also has detectives deployed in several major cities around the world.

Ahmed Ferhani, who is from Algeria, and Mohamed Mamdouh, who is from Morocco, were arrested after Ferhani was caught in a police sting trying to buy guns, ammunition and a hand grenade. Police and prosecutors said they laid the trap after an undercover investigator who had befriended the pair recorded Ferhani talking about attacking a city synagogue and maybe the Empire State Building. Both men came to the U.S. during grade school. Officials characterized the case as one involving a “pair of lone wolves” who were not part of a broader global terrorism conspiracy.

The “lone wolf” characterization mimics the fears of local officials regarding “home-grown” players like Faisal Shahzad, who tried to set off a car bomb in Times Square.


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18 Comments on “FBI Claims Muzzies’ Plot to Blow Up Synagogue in NY Not Terrorism”

  1. Big Frank Says:

    Who the **** do they think they are fooling? Not us the citizenry, we know too well the mindset of the ‘Ministry of Truth and Propaganda’ of our ‘Dear Leader’. The report should read ‘ on orders from the lackeys and lapdogs of Islam in the administration the FBI will not be involved in this case’. Once again Political Correctness (i.e. Marxism) taking precedence over common sense and sanity.

  2. tgusa Says:

    Federal Bureau of Islam. No doubt, totally infiltrated. I heard they took off their shoes before raiding the mosque in Florida. Lets not connect the dots of ignoring islams wanton savagery and the police state that is developing as a result of that ignorance(?).

  3. islams not for me Says:

    Interesting smidgin…


    “Criminal defense attorney Allan Zegas worked on the elaborate Federal missile sting case that snagged Indian businessman Hemant Lakhani on terrorism charges.”

    “He says for a defense attorney, the lack of Federal engagement in this latest case is a major red flag. “Its odd and it is troubling,’ said Zegas. “One of the things you don’t want to see happening in these cases is for the state and federal governments to become involved in turf wars.”


    I am of the mind that NYC-PD and FBI should work together to remove the moslem pests from that city and state…

    Other wise there will be more frequent attacks

  4. tgusa Says:

    Osama had outlived his usefulness and was hindering the US political classes efforts. The way forward is non violent jihad, with a few attacks thrown in here and there to distract us.

  5. PB-in-AL Says:

    I bet it’s more just turf wars than anything. I recall there being a few things shortly after 9/11 that showed the tension and lack of cooperation between NYPD and the feds.

  6. Gonzo Says:

    Common definitions of terrorism refer to those violent acts which are intended to create fear (terror), are perpetrated for a religious, political or ideological goal; deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants (civilians); and are committed by non-government agencies.

    So, why can two “lone wolfs” who are not supposedly linked to “known” terrorists groups not engage in terrorism as is defined above? Given the worldwide hatred of Jews embraced by so much of the muslim community, how is it inconceivable that an attack on a Jewish place of worship by muslims is not religiously motivated? Finally, as for “known” terrorist organizations, apparently one need not look much further than your local mosque to find an above average chance that there will be religious leaders engaged in hate speech and potentially inciting violence, if not the koran itself.

    NOT terrorism….pffff, indeed.

  7. Leatherneck Says:

    Moon god worshipers wanting to murder Jews. That’s not terrorism in the New Age, that is just a crime.

    All you unwashed Americans clinging to your weapons, and Bibles stating Jesus Christ is the only way to G-d the Father, now that is terrorism.

    • tgusa Says:

      They think we are the dirty ones. Remember Khalid? If there’s one thing I cant stand its a guy who is simultaneously hairy and greasy, I can stomach one or the other, but not both.

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