Obama to Buy 101 Chevy Volts?

Okay, let me see if I’ve got this:  Obama uses taxpayers’ money to take over a large automobile manufacturing company (all the while, screwing over the share-holders while saving the union workers and their bloated pensions);  Fires the CEO and installs his own team; forces them to make a crappy electric vehicle before the technology is there; and now, he’s going to use even more of our money to buy 101 of these crappy electric vehicles.

The Chevy Volt has an MSRP of $41,000.  I’m sure that the government will get a break on that price, but, for convenience, let’s say they don’t:  101 x 41K = $4,141,000.  Yup, more of your hard-earned dollars being wasted just to keep Obama’s Government Motors afloat.

Sheesh!  When will the madness end? 

Report: Obama Administration BuyingEVs, Ordering 101 Chevrolet Volts

Donny Nordlicht – Automobile Mag

As part of its pledge to utilize an eco-friendly vehicle pool, the Obama administration will reportedly announce today it plans on purchasing 116 new electric vehicles and installing charging stations at federal buildings in several major cities. Although the government will be buying several different types of vehicles, the majority of that order consists of Chevrolet Volts.

By the start of 2012, the General Services Administration, which oversees the purchase of two-thirds of the federal fleet, will take delivery of 101 new Volts, 10 Nissan Leafs, and five Think City EV plug-in electric vehicles. While the purchase will help to reduce the agency’s carbon footprint, it will not increase the size of the federal fleet, as the GSA buys approximately 65,000 new vehicles every year.

The electric vehicles will be given to 20 different agencies in Detroit, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C., where the government will also install charging stations for federal use. The report is not clear on whether or not the charging stations will also be open to the public.


Under a new mandate President Obama is slated to introduce later today, the federal government must now work to improve the average mpg of the federal fleet by buying only vehicles with “advanced technology” by 2015, Another executive order will also mandate the government to reduce its gasoline usage by 30 percent by the year 2020.These steps help move towards Obama’s goal of having one million plug-in electric vehicles on the road by 2015.


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2 Comments on “Obama to Buy 101 Chevy Volts?”

  1. tgusa Says:

    The guvmint will install charging stations for fed use? Running off our grid I suppose? It doesn’t take much to blow a transformer, especially in states that are anti energy. These vehicles will hog precious electricity that should go to light your workplace, to heat or cool your home. I cannot believe that liberals are using massive amounts of electricity to fuel their anti energy agenda. I would not want to be an electric car owner when people start having their power go out. Besides, I heard this Volt preforms like a piece of crap, I suppose I will buy foreign if I have to buy at all.

  2. Big Frank Says:

    I predict that this new ‘Green’ and yet unproven technology will be a debacle, which will be denied by the GSA. A member of my family was issued a hybrid by GM for his state job he drives 500 to 800 miles a week, there have been problems and many trips to the dealer for repairs and malfunctions. No one in our government will even touch the subject of total cost per mile over the life of these electrics or hybrids, or the cost of repairs and replacement of the massive batteries. BTW did anyone think of the environmental impact and cost of disposing or recycling these jumbo batteries? As for me I keep my vehicles for long term at least 200,000 miles, and will not change till the new technology is proven and is economically feasible.

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