Bad News: Jury Finds Oklahoma Pharmacist Jerome Ersland Guilty of Murder

What a travesty of justice!  But, what do you expect when your “peers” have been brainwashed by the commie-Progressives into thinking that you have no right to make sure a criminal is dead DEAD before calling 911?  Just insane.  Shame on you, Oklahoma and shame on you, libtarded prosecuters:

Oklahoma City pharmacist Jerome Ersland found guilty of murder in killing of suspect

By Kevin Hayes – CBSNews

(CBS/KWTV/AP) – OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma City pharmacist now faces life in prison with the possibility of parole after being found guilty of murder for the death of a 16-year-old who tried to rob his store.

Confronted by two holdup men in May 2009, Ersland pulled out a gun, shot one of them in the head and chased the other away. The drugstore’s security camera then filmed Ersland as he went behind the counter, got another gun, and pumped five more bullets into the wounded Antwun Parker as he lay on the floor.

The 59-year-old had been hailed as a hero for protecting two fellow employees.

The Ersland jury began deliberations around 1:00 p.m. Thursday and returned with a the guilty verdict around 4:30 p.m.

The verdict stunned the courtroom. Ersland, who many hailed as a hero, sat emotionless as the guilty verdict was read. People sitting behind him were noticeably upset.

Parker’s mother and her sisters were inside the courtroom most of the trial, and burst out of the room when the verdict was read. They clung to each other and cried in the hallway in an outpouring of emotion.

Erlsand was led out of the courtroom in handcuffs with deputies surrounding him. The wife of the Reliable Pharmacy owner was seen crying as she left.

She was visibly stunned that the jury chose to find Ersland guilty of murder instead of the lesser charge of manslaughter.

Judge Ray Elliott refused to lift the gag order so the prosecution, the defense, and the jury are not allowed to comment on the verdict. But we do know the jury had asked to see the surveillance video of the robbery and shooting one more time before they went up to deliberate.

Ersland will be sentenced July 11, the same day Anthony Morrison and Emanuel Mitchell will be sentenced. Morrison and Mitchell were convicted of first-degree murder and conspiracy for planning the robbery at Reliable Pharmacy.

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46 Comments on “Bad News: Jury Finds Oklahoma Pharmacist Jerome Ersland Guilty of Murder”

  1. Big Frank Says:

    This hero’s appeal is going to take a lot of cash I will be looking for announcements for the establishment of a defense fund he will need all of the help he can get. Possibly a few Fourth and Second Amendment gun rights groups will become involved in this brave mans struggle for justice. I would like to know what type of Leftist/Communist prosecutor even took this case to trial. I suspect as usual Political Correctness and pandering to certain groups was involved in the DA’S decision to go to trial. One never knows how low a person will sink when they are hard up for votes. When a hard working citizen cannot defend themselves from sub-human mutants bent on commission of violent crime, our nation is headed toward anarchy. I could give a damn as to how many slugs that were pumped into the perpetrator he came looking for trouble and got just what he deserved, room temperature.

    • Big Frank Says:

      My apologies, I meant to say 2nd Amendment rights. All of our rights are under attack by these Big Government types who think and profess that only ‘they’ know what is good and proper for us.

  2. islams not for me Says:

    You know your country is dying when its suddenly ‘justice’ for a criminal who tried and died to rob a pharmacy…

  3. Dukem Says:

    The leftist system is vengeful over the money and power they lost to citizen prosecution ending in capital punishment. The leftist State believes only it has the power of life and death and the grief of not making money off of the circus prosecution. The leftists forget the State gets its power from the citizens, and irrationally construe the State has power that is denied the citizens they serve.

    Guess this abortion was a little too late in term even for the leftists. Or was it because the abortion was done with a gun instead of the medically approved ice pick?

    What is the chance the criminal payed for his crimes with organ donation? Maybe the pharmacist saved many by sacrificing the one.

    Our nation is being hijacked by the self-esteemers.

  4. tgusa Says:

    The perp was just starting out. He probably would have murdered a half dozen people over the next several years as the courts kept letting him out and calling it justice. The line between self defense, manslaughter and murder is so badly blurred most of us cannot determine where that line is. For instance, if this guy were a Marine in the stan and he slapped a guy sixty times and then left him to bleed out a charge of murder would probably be fourth coming. However, if the same guy comes home and swat shoots his sixty times leaving him to bleed to death on the floor its a righteous kill.

    I guess the lesson here is if you shoot a dangerous criminal and he goes down, pistol whip or gun butt him in the head till you cant tell its a head anymore.

  5. John Williams Says:

    Let’s see, many people think it’s alright to walk by someone unconsciouus pick up another gun and walk back over and empty it in him. I think most or all that think like that would have a change of heart if the same thing would have happen to a vicious dog. It would appear to me that those people have more compassion for an animal than a human being. I understand how some people can cause someone to feel like emptying a gun into them, but to do it would make me or anyone else that do it just as bad as the person shot. Many will continue to do so, but their no way to justify this kind of action.

    • Let me guess, you’re a bleeding heart liberal from Oklahoma, right? Were you part of the kangaroo court jury, too? That would be just swell…

      “I think most or all that think like that would have a change of heart if the same thing would have happen to a vicious dog.”

      Nope, absolutely not!

      In fact, if a wounded, vicious dog is unconscious and still breathing, the recommended course of action is to shoot it in the head until it stops breathing. This accomplishes two things: 1) It puts the poor beast out of its misery; 2) It insures that it won’t wake up and viciously attack any curious onlookers who have gathered around it.

      Hey I’ve got an idea; let me take you hunting with me sometime. I’ll wing a bear and you can be the one to tie it down before it wakes up, okay?

      “many people think it’s alright to walk by someone unconscious pick up another gun and walk back over and empty it in him”

      Many people also think it’s alright for two armed punks to burst into a pharmacy and not have to worry about the pharmacist being able to legally shoot them until they look like lawn sprinklers. So, what’s your point? Did you want Mr. Ersland—who suffers from a bad back and wears a back brace, I might add—to bend over, check his pulse and start singing Kumbayah or something?

      Be that as it may:

      1) You have no way of telling if the perp was moving or not on the floor as he was outside of the camera’s field of view. Jerome Ersland claims the perp was moving. Therefore, since the only camera angle we have to go by doesn’t confirm or deny this and the only other witness on the scene is dead, we need to consider Ersland’s testimony as having the most weight.

      2) Prove to me the perp was unconscious and not moving. Yes, the coroner believes the perp was unconscious after the head shot, but: A) that doesn’t mean he was unconscious because I’ve seen some pretty nasty head-shots with large chunks of brain missing and yet the victim is still conscious and moving; B) Even if he was unconscious, his body can still be moving as the injured brain begins erratically firing off electrical impulses in all directions.

      Ergo, if Mr. Ersland says the perp was moving when he unloaded his Desert Eagle into him, then, barring any real video evidence, I tend to believe Mr. Ersland’s claim.

      But, even if Mr. Ersland is mistaken, he was totally justified in putting the vicious dog, er, poor beast , er, perp out of its misery.


      • John Williams Says:

        Your reasons are beyond belief, You had a lot to say but didn’t say anything. I wasn’t trying to changed the mine of people like you I wasn’t only telling the truth. No i’m not a bleeding heart liberal, I’m a Christian that follow Jesus Christ.

        • tgusa Says:

          If Mr.Ersland is guilty of murder every American who has supported the destruction of the law is guilty too. Every single American who has looked the other way in this out of control youth stuff is guilty as well. Perhaps it was the culture that he was raised in that made him what he became, after all, we see a lot of it these days. I suppose we could make a case for the entire community he came from being guilty, we could blame a lot of people, his parents and family members, friends and acquaintances.

          I myself resent having to deal with these types day in and day out as they go through the revolving door of modern American injustice. I don’t feel that as an American and a human being that I have to put up with it. I worry that they will murder someone I care about or worse, someone who is close to me might defend themselves and end up like Mr Ersland, having to stand accused in front of the very courts that have made this country what it is today. As the saying goes, no justice, no peace, of course today it has become more like no justice unless you have a piece and even then, maybe not.

          I blame the people who made this country into a giant cluster****.

        • Dukem Says:

          If you claim to be a Christian, you would do better to not sin against your Lord when siding with the wicked and against the victim.

          Antwun was a murder in his heart as he was prepared to murder to steal drugs. The Bible prescribes the death penalty for murders. The crime did happen during daylight, but God even holds the victim guiltless if an unarmed thief is killed during a nighttime robbery. But Antwun was more than a thief, he was an armed murder on the prowl. If Antwun had survived as you wish, Antwun wouldn’t hesitate to kill your wife, children or friends. Why are you so careless about the future safety of the innocents when as head of household you are responsible for their security? Antwun could have been trash talking ‘just wait, I’ll have my lawyer sue you and I’ll have the whole store’ or ‘my pals will be back for your children’. But you prejudge that the victim was without cause. Does the potential slaughter of innocents really bother you less than the death of a murder?

          Yes it is sad to see a child squander his life. But there should be greater sorry for the suffering of innocent people.

          The God you speak of will have the spilt blood of sinners and criminals up to the bridle of his war horse. He will demand justice for the shedding of every of drop of innocent blood. For many who claim to be followers, He will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness’ for the ‘Lord loves justice’. Don’t forget to do God’s will for justice and who He considers the criminal. Even the dying criminal on the cross bears witness against you, “We are punished justly, for we are getting what our deeds deserve.”

          If you have convinced yourself that you are a Christian, it would be best for you on Judgement Day to be found with the sheep on His right hand instead of mashing teeth and weeping over the goats on His left hand. Hopefully you will know the God of the Bible and not just a ‘social justice’ god talked from the pulpit.

          • John Williams Says:

            Again You had plenty to say but didn’t say anything. The only one that know my heart is God. I wasn’t trying to convince you of that, your opinion of my salvation means nothing to me. Many people just like you told Jesus He wasn’t who He was. So I wouldn’t expect you to be any different. You represent many people that believe what you wanna believe and easily don’t believe what you don’t want to hear. When Ersland fired back and chase one robber out after hitting the first he was well within his right and I say good for him, but to come back and take the law into his own hands is the way things were done in the wild west. If this is ok with you, Lord have mercy. And not every preacher that stand in the pulpit speak ‘social justice’many speak the truth, but oh yeah it’s only the truth if you like what is being said.

        • John Williams said: Your reasons are beyond belief, You had a lot to say but didn’t say anything.”

          If you feel my reasons are beyond belief, then please, by all means, point out the flaws in my logic. Don’t just whine and thrash about like a wounded animal. Use logic to prove your point. Of course, as with any argument based on logic, it will require you to use less emotion and more verbosity.

          “I wasn’t trying to changed the mine of people like you

          Why not? If you have a tenable argument, you actually can change the minds of people like me; it’s been done in past on this very blog and it can be done again . Instead, you fatuously attempted to inject an emotional response into the debate by bringing up the poor little “vicious dog” scenario in an effort to support your emotionally charged position. Your assumptions were severely flawed. I merely pointed out the fallacies inherent in your attempt at using such a gossamery, bleeding heart liberal argument to make your case.

          “I wasn’t only telling the truth”

          Yes, I agree with you; you weren’t. You, much like Mr. Ersland’s jury, were condemning a man based upon credulous emotions rather than absolute truths.

          Here’s a radical thought for you: Don’t make us continue to suffer your perceptions and emotions; put us out of our misery with facts and the truth!

          “No i’m not a bleeding heart liberal, I’m a Christian that follow Jesus Christ.”

          Oh, I stand corrected then; you are a bleeding heart libtarded Christian. That is to say; you are a a Christian who has been indoctrinated by Bleeding Heart Liberals your entire life—and it shows.

          Here’s some Brotherly advice for you:

          “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

          In other words, renew your mind and cast off the capriciousness of liberal programming which relies more on exploitable emotions and perceptions rather than solid facts and truth.


          • john williams Says:

            It never surprise me to hear someone quoting the Bible and don’t understand what it mean. If you think it’s alright to shoot a unconscious person, that’s how the world think. You need to practice what you’re preaching and be tranformed. Fact, what happen happen on a video tape, not what he said or they said. I guess you are one that can be convinced don’t believe what you see, believe what you feel is right. Your opinions are completely useless to someone with clear thinking. And I’m sorry I made a mistake when i typed wasn’t, it should have been was. I sorry that was over your head, and please allow me to continue to live in your perfect world.

          • John,

            “See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ..”

            Again, you keep saying that the perp was unconscious.

            Where is the video proof of that?

            Although I have given you ample time and bandwidth to present a well thought out rebuttal, all you can do is twist and thrash about like a wolf caught in a trap.

            Until such time as you can formulate a factual, well reasoned, tenable rebuttal—or, until such time as you are blessed with the omniscient powers of God—YOU are STILL judging and convicting Mr. Ersland via credulous emotions, not fact.

            You, for some reason, “feel” that I am judging Mr. Ersland. Is defending someone just because the evidence clearly does not support the allegations and the conviction now considered an act of judging?

            What is more Christian? To condemn a man to life in prison for defending himself and others, or to give him the benefit of the doubt when he says that the perp was moving on the floor and that he was afraid the perp was still armed and dangerous?

            John, you really need to do some deep soul searching because you are NOT acting very Christian-like in condemning Mr. Ersland based solely upon your perceptions and feelings.

            What’s that verse in the Bible? Oh, yeah: “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.”


            “Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment.”


  6. Leatheneck Says:

    It appears the mistake was not capping the perp in the head as he assaulted through. I was always taught to head shoot the enemy when assaulting through the ambush so no enemy was alive behind us.

    • Big Frank Says:

      What the perp really needed was the traditional ’14 rounds to the dome’, lyrics from a rap song.

  7. Zoltar Says:

    I love guns and our 2nd Amendment rights, and this is SUCH an unfortunate case. This could have been such a good showing for gun proponents/carriers. Before I say this, have no doubt on my stance. I carry a Glock 29 (10mm) every day, indoors, outdoors, no matter what. I even have it on me at home. That being said, this man straight killed that little thug.

    The little thuggers deserved to be shot, especially the one with the gun, but only shot to stop their attack. It was OBVIOUS that the kid was no longer a threat. The goal should ALWAYS be shoot to stop the attack, not shoot to kill. If it takes killing them to stop them, then so be it, but the attack was over.

    Watch the video. The pharmacist walked by the kid, looked at him, went and got his Taurus Judge, and deliberately walked up and EMPTIED FIVE SHELLS into the kid. That’s either five .45 Long Colt or five .410 shotgun shells, as that pistol shoots both. If the kid were a threat, one shot would have ended the recurring threat.

    The kid was unarmed, and even if he was getting up, the pharmacist’s body language showed he was no threat. The first time he shot (when there WAS a threat) where was he? He was shooting from behind cover. If the kid was still a threat, it’s reasonable to assume he would again use cover, maybe duck behind the counter. But no, he callously and slowly approached the kid and shot him to death.

    This man was mad and wanted to kill the kid. I think first degree murder is a stretch, but second degree is possibly reasonable, and manslaughter sounds right to me. What a shame. It was obvious the kid that died was just a little tag along groupie, he had no gun, he was hiding behind his thugger friend, and kept fidgeting with his mask. He didn’t want to be there. The wrong kid was shot to death, and Ersland doesn’t deserve life. Again, what a shame.

    • Okay, Let’s ask the jury:

      Q: Did Mr. Ersland wake up that morning and say, “Gee, I’m going to kill me a punk, today?”

      A: Uh… Probably not.

      Q: Did the perp wake up that morning and say, “Gee, today my homies and I are going to rob a pharmacist at gunpoint!?”

      A: Uh… We don’t know.

      Q: Let me be clearer: Did the perp premeditate the robbery? That is to say, did the perp have prior knowledge that he was going to put his own life at risk by going into a pharmacy with an armed accomplice to rob said pharmacy?

      A: Uh… Yeah. That is correct.

      Q: So, the perp knew he was putting his own life at risk, right?

      A: Uh… Yeah, that’s right.

      Q: So, when the perp got shot, he has no one to blame but himself, right?

      A: Uh… Yeah, but Mr. Ersland didn’t need to unload on him after he was shot in the head and lying unconscious on the floor! He wasn’t a threat to Mr. Ersland or the two employees cowering in the back!

      Q: How do you know that the punk was unconscious and no longer a perceived threat? The camera doesn’t show the perp on the floor.

      A: We don’t. All we have is a coroner’s report that says the perp was unconscious and that the shot to the head was not immediately fatal.

      Q: Define “immediately fatal.”

      A: That means he wasn’t immediately dead.

      Q: Does that mean that the perp could have died from the head wound on the way to or at the hospital.

      A: Yes

      Q: So what you are saying is that the perp was a dead man walking, right?

      A: Uh… Yeah. Maybe.

      Q: And, since the coroner says that the head shot was not “immediately” fatal, then the perp must have been, at the very least, breathing, right?

      A: Uh… Yeah. That’s right.

      Q: And, since the perp was, at the very least, breathing, is it possible that Mr. Ersland saw this movement, thought the perp was playing possum, and shot the perp thinking that the perp was about to get up and shoot him?

      A: Uh… Yeah… That’s possible.

      Q: And, is it also possible that since the coroner’s report says that the shot to the head was not “immediately” fatal, the perp could have regained consciousness at some point?

      A: Uh… Yeah, that’s possible, too.

      Q: So, in essence, you admit that you are not 100 percent sure if the perp was lying on the ground unconscious or not and you are also not 100 percent sure that Mr. Ersland did not still perceive the perp as a threat when he shot him with the Desert Eagle. That’s called “REASONABLE DOUBT!” So, why then, did you convict Mr. Ersland of 1st degree murder and not the lesser charge of manslaughter?

      A: Because he looked “mad” when shot the perp on the floor.

      Q: How do you know that Mr. Ersland was mad? He doesn’t look mad to me. He looks pretty calm considering that he almost got shot himself.

      A: Uh… We “feel” that he was mad.

      Q: Based on what? Feelings?

      A: Uh… Yeah. Based on “feelings.”

      Q: So, you have convicted Mr. Ersland, a pillar of the community, of the cold-blooded murder of a criminal based on “feelings?”

      A: Uh… Yeah. But, Mr. Ersland was so casual about the whole thing when he walked back into the store and got another gun and walked back and fired it into the perp on the floor.

      Q: Sheesh! First you say he was mad, now you say he was “calm?” But, I digress. You do know that Mr. Ersland was wearing a back brace at the time because of a bad back and a recent back surgery, right?

      A: Uh… Yeah, we seem to remember something about that. But his back seemed just fine when he chased the one punk out of the store.

      Q: True, but that can be attributed to pure adrenaline, can it not?

      A: Uh… Maybe.

      Q: If you’ve ever had a bad back and just re-injured it chasing after someone, the slow, deliberate walking back to get another gun and then slowly walking back over to the perp makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

      A: Uh… Yeah… I guess… Maybe…

      Q: According to Mr. Ersland’s version given immediately after the event, the perp on the floor was moving. Mr. Ersland assumed that the perp also had a gun like his buddy, so he unloaded his Desert Eagle on him to protect himself and the female employees cowering in the back room.

      So, what do you want him to do? Bend over—bad back and all—and take a pulse? Maybe sing Kumbayah?

      A: Well… We wanted him not to shoot the perp on the floor again.

      Q: Why not? Mr. Ersland didn’t know for absolute sure that, unlike like his buddy, the perp on the floor didn’t have a gun. Is Mr. Ersland a mind-reader?

      A: Uh… No? No, we don’t think so.

      Q: Are you mind-readers?

      A: Uh… No.

      Q: So, you admit that you can’t read Mr. Ersland’s mind and know what he was thinking at that moment, right?

      A: Uh… That is correct.

      Q: And, according to Mr. Ersland, the perp on the floor was moving—remember, the camera does not confirm nor deny this—The immediate course of action to alleviate the threat is clear: Shoot the perp until he stops moving. Was not Mr. Ersland merely taking the appropriate immediate course of action?

      A: Uh… Yeah. Maybe.

      Q: Well, that’s a LOT of “maybes” i.e., REASONABLE DOUBTS, from a jury who just convicted an outstanding member of the community of cold-blooded murder!

      Members of the jury, let me share my “feelings” with you: You make me sick!


  8. Zoltar Says:

    I posted the above before reading all of the other posts. Wow, am I gonna get bashed. No, I’m not a bleeding heart liberal. I was raised conservatively in Alabama. I LOVE guns, and I LOVE gun rights. But the simple fact is, KILLING is NOT good for gun rights, unless it’s ABSOLUTELY unavoidable. Shooting to stop attacks is good. If Ersland would have just shot the kid once (remember it was a KID, not a big, scary MAN), he would have been a hero, and it would have been a win for OUR GUN RIGHTS. But, the way he is shown going over and shooting an UNARMED KID to death, just makes us gun carriers/owners look like we are out for death.

    I am NOT out for death. I carry a gun to save myself and my loved ones from possible attacks, and I would have no qualms about using it. However, as soon as my attacker is no longer a threat, I will stop shooting. If you are one of those people that says he will keep shooting all 14 rounds (or whatever) until the perp is dead, well, good luck. I hope you never have to use your gun, because you are gonna have to answer for your excessive force, and you’re gonna make us look bad to all the “lefties”. Maybe you’ll need 14 rounds, but if the perp hits the deck on number 2, and you walk over and pump 12 more into him, get your suit cleaned, because you’re going to court.

    It’s cases like this that are threatening our gun rights. How can you guys not see that? YES the kids deserved to be shot, YES the owner has the right to defend himself with LETHAL force, but only until there was no longer a threat. I’m sorry, I don’t care what Ersland said, but a 16 year old unarmed kid with a bullet wound to his head is not a threat to me, especially if I have a gun in my hand, and he’s lying on the ground bleeding. Why not hold him at gunpoint until the cops arrive? How can you argue with this logic? Mr. Ersland should have stopped. He would have been a hero to EVERYONE, he would have helped gun rights, and he’d be a free man today. But he just had to go dump five (FIVE!!!) more rounds into a KID ON THE FLOOR WITH A BULLET WOUND TO THE HEAD. Thanks, Mr. Ersland, for helping to fruck up my 2nd Amendment rights.

    • Dukem Says:

      Welcome to the forum Zoltar. Yes in today’s society the second shooting is viewed as excessive force for restraint. As a CHL carrier, he was taught only to the extent to halt the threat which he apparently exceeded. Yes, this may be one of the cases the 2nd Right lovers may have been dreading. Hopefully the gun haters will not run with this case because they will continue to wait for the unprovoked case. Yes, it is sad to see Ersland endanger our unalienable Right. It would have been better if Ersland left the killing to the State.

      Some of the frustration you noticed is due to the propensity of the Statists to heal a bad seed just to turn that bad seed loose on the public again just like the Statists did with Antwun’s 31 year old career criminal mentor Emanuel Dewayne. The dilemma is whether a citizen lives in fear of Antwun’s release until the police or an inmate terminates Antwun, or does the citizen end it quickly himself. When the Statists are failing their responsibility to protect and serve, a discussion of alternatives occurs.

      There is also frustration with Ersland’s sentence being disproportionately harsher than given to more violent career criminals. Seems there is prejudice by the Satists in dealing out harsher sentences for gun use by citizens who have paid for a license for their unalienable 2nd Right. It will be interesting to see if the sentencing is more severe for Jevontia Ingram and Emanuel Dewayne since they were the criminals in the illegally armed heist of controlled substances.

      Yes Zoltar, you wisely give the correct legal and NRA recommended advice, once the threat is eliminated, wait for the authorities. Ersland made a mess of the situation when he tired to redo the shooting.

      Thanks for your reminder to not forget to be legally compliant. Yes we need to remember, if we don’t get it right on the first shoot, then wait for the authorities.

    • Zoltar,

      Thank you for your great commentary.

      Hey, I don’t think you are a bleeding heart liberal.

      Although you still can’t say for certain that the perp was indeed unconscious and you also somehow seem to expect Mr. Ersland to read minds and know that the perp didn’t have a gun and wasn’t playing possum, you made your case quite cogently.

      And, unlike John Williams, you didn’t attempt to pull at everyone’s heartstrings by fatuously playing the “poor little puppy” card. Yeah, that would have instantly labelled you a bleeding heart liberal.



      • john williams Says:

        I wasn’t going to reply anymore because talking to you is like talking to a wall. No, it’s worse because I know a wall can’t understand, but after this I will wash my hands with you. You said I wasn’t acting like a Christian, how would you know if you’re not one? Christian means Christ like, if Christ was walking on the earth now do you think He would say you’re right, Ersland is innocent and Parker deserved to be killed.In other words what would Jesus do?
        When did I use “poor little puppy”?, That was an example and you twisted what I said, but even with that how can you explain to the people in prison now for killing or mistreating an animal. You’re saying this guy killed a human, but he shouldn’t go to prison because the “perp” deserved it. Also you keep saying the video don’t show he was unconscious, but it’s clear to see he laying in the same spot where he was first shot.

        A gun in someones hands that don’t know how to use it is a dangerous thing, so is the word of God. The Bible say the word of God is sharper than a double edge sword. You reference about the thief on the cross, “we are punished justly, for we are getting what our deeds deserve”. You think this only apply to Parker and not Ersland?

        “Do not judge, or you too will be judged”
        Wow, don’t you realize that’s what you’re doing to Parker. You have condemned him as being deserving of death, and the guy that killed him, oh well. You aiming these Scriptures at me and shooting yourself and don’t even realize it. I know I’m wasting my time saying this to you.

        John 3-16, I know you know this one, please put your passion into knowing Jesus like you have for ersland.

  9. organizim Says:

    I believe that if Ersland had told the truth from the beginning, he would not have been charges with First Degree; however, he lied constantly too the police about the initial shootout, about being wounded, and about being in combat in the First Gulf War and having flashbacks. This case has nothing to do with being a liberal bleeding heart, it has to do with law and order. His first shot, great no problem with it at all. Then he chased the other moron out of the store and walked right by the first moron. Grabbed the other gun and then calmly walked up and shot the moron five more times and then calls 911. He was not moving/trying to get up, Ersland just executed him.

  10. Big Frank Says:

    After reading all of the above comments I still think the perp got exactly what hew deserved. I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s the most feared person or persons were your mom or dad not the police or the justice system. If a shopkeeper or neighbor uttered those dreaded words “I’m going to inform your parent as to your behavior” we were struck with fear. My folks were not cruel of sadistic but firm and loving, this seems to be lacking or totally lost in some parts of our society. The family and it’s extended network of support has been eroded and replaced by the welfare state full of lame excuses with no personal accountability or consequences for one’s actions or anti-social behavior. The bleeding heart mentality always tries to focus the guilt or blame away from the individual and blame society as a whole, an entirely false premise.

  11. Big Frank Says:

    BTW a pharmacist with a concealed carry permit was terminated from his job at a Wallgreens in Benton MI for protecting himself and co-workers during an armed robbery.

    • tgusa Says:

      Sue the businesses that make us victims. I would like to know the name of that pharmacy, so I won’t accidentally shop there. Vote with your wallet and your feet.

      • Big Frank Says:

        I’ll second that, we as a people do not realize the power we hold in our wallets and our purchasing preference. Not patronizing a business and then phoning their corporate offices and stating why will go a long way if enough folks will take a few minutes to do it.

      • Tracy Says:

        it was “reliable pharmacy” and they have supported jerome 100%. this pharmacy had been robbed numerous times, the whole area is crime ridden. Antwun Parker had a pretty sizeable rap sheet for a 16 year old, the two men that talked antwun and friend into robbing the pharmacy, well one of them was parkers mothers boyfriend. They got less time than Ersland did.

        • Gonzo Says:

          Thanks for the followup info Tracy.
          Thats what this thread needed – context.
          It is easy for those to criticize Ersland, but you cant expect someone to be in a calm and collected state of mind when you’re staring down the barrel of a bunch of guns as a bunch of hoodlums are screaming death threats at you. Folks, lets not forget that it is not Ersland tht is walking around pointing guns at people in the course of committing crimes. Had these low life hoodlums never walked in to the pharmacy waving guns around the whole thing never would have happened. Ersland was not one of the willing participants in creating the situation in the first place.

  12. brs Says:

    Good – I’d give him the chair, frankly.

    The first shot alone and he’d be a hero.

    The subsequent shots make him a murderer.

    literally that simple.

    • jeromequigley Says:

      And what would you give to the kid that pulled the gun brs??? See no one wants to talk about that part. Everyone wants to talk about how Evil JE is because of shooting and killing that kid. But since the kid with the gun was also charged and found guilty of 1st dergree Murder my “what if” is not really a “what if” but reality! So the 2 robbers beat JE to the quick draw and shoot and kill him. Now Jevontai Ingram (the one with the gun) was convicted of 1st degree murder,and will skip the rest of charges. But since he convinces police the 2 adults made them do it (yeah right) he gets a plea deal. Which he would of got as well as Antwun, since the deal was to testify against the 2 guys. So Jevontai is now serving 2 1/2 yrs in Juvy and then will be on probation. So Please F-ing explain to me “brs” how Jerome’s conviction was Justice??? But if Jerome did not fire faster and was killed, his murderer would of, and did, get 3 yrs and probation!! So how do you justify that?? I normally keep my kool but your little “give him the chair” made me want to show you just how Jerome felt when a gun gets shoved into your face. I was shot point blank range with a 38. (went into my right jaw and exited just on the left side of my spinal cord on the back of my neck) So were as most try and “guess” what that does to some one, I KNOW!! And yes I did black out as soon as I was hit. But I also came to about 2-3 times (only for seconds each time) before being picked up by Helicopter. So even with the wound Antwun got, it is possible that when jerome walked past him when coming back into store that his eyes were closed. And just as possible that once he was past Antwun he looked back saw Antwun’s eyes open and thought “oh crap he’s still alive” and bust the other rounds into him!! So you can take your uneducated and inexperienced “literally that simple” statement and go out and gain some Real Life Knowledge and grow up! Then you can join the Men for a discussion about Real Life!!

      • organizim Says:

        Fist of all, I am glad you survived being shot, and I hope everything is ok. Lets say for the sake of argument, that Parker did have his eyes open when Ersland walked by. That does not excuse him getting a new gun and walking right up too Parker and shooting him five more times. Was Ersland’s life in danger when he shot Parker? No, Parker was not longer a threat. I think he knew that, and that is why he made up the story about the shootout when first interviewed by the police and press.
        I believe that if Ersland would have told the truth from the beginning, he would not have been in as much trouble as he is in now.

        • jeromequigley Says:

          Organizim. Thanks for the well wishes , it happened many yrs ago and but intervention not of this earth I came through with minimal permanent injuries. Since u are being factual and thinking I will do the same, which is what I prefer. 1st. I noticed u did not touch on my main point of how JE is getting way less time than the gunman is now or would have if he killed JE? how does a criminal get less time than a person who was put on defense by said criminal ? 2nd one of my other points I did not cover as deeply is when that happens to a person their body and mind will get an adrenaline rush like no drug could ever do. It has caused me in the past to black out completely, also to experience extreme tunnel vision which u end up watching urself do things that u can not control and etc. Since from the 1st shot to the last it took only 45 seconds that easily could be a huge impact on JE decision making and him not being able to describe the immediate events accurately would be consist with that situation . Still not saying JE did everything like people would of liked but 1st degree murder, NO WAY!!!!

          • organizim Says:

            The one idiot did not get the same amount of time because he was a minor at the time of the crime, I think he was 14, under Oklahoma law he can only be held till he 19 years old. He can get out then if he completes some courses and management classes in prison. Hopefully, he learns something from this and sets his life on the right path.

            I understand the adrenaline rush and that Ersland was still worked up when he shot Parker. After I saw the video, I thought they would get him for aggravated manslaughter or 2nd degree. from what I have read, his lawyer did not argue that and called only one witness. I thought he should have went with he was still worked up because of the robbery and shooting and shot Parker. His lawyer tried to get him totally off and said that Ersland did nothing wrong. That was a mistake.

  13. PJM Says:

    If the perp wasn’t so NAPPY HEADED STUPID !!! he would be alive today.

  14. fltxag Says:

    He’s going to need a gun in prison. Doesn’t look capable of defending himself without a firearm.

    • Gonzo Says:

      Leave it to an ideological liberal to assume that a person can defend themselves with just a smile against deranged hate filled criminals whose sensibilities relating to power come from carrying a gun and terrorizing people with it through assault and thievery.

      I suppose in your little ideological world all you would have had to do was apologize to the gunmen/thieves for all of the evil things white people must have done to them to get them so full of hate and despair, and you would have ended up out at a Starbucks enjoying lattes and singing kumbaya together.

      You’re the whinny type of idiot that we see on TV when such an event happens to them, ending up all shocked and crying “Whyyyyyyyyy?” I’ll tell you why – because the ‘reality’ fairy hasn’t paid you a visit yet, that’s why. Best get in line, you’re missing out on your available allotment.

  15. Jeff Says:

    Murder 1 clear as day. The pharmacists turned his back on the man in the floor twice before getting another gun and shooting him five more times.

    Only a damn fool turns his back on a man he views as a threat to his life.

    Nope the pharmacists was angry and murderous. The Jury done good.

  16. tgusa Says:

    Perhaps the pharmacist was afraid he was about to become the victim of a hate crime. He may have thought that this was just another black democrat mob attacking white people at work. It just doesn’t pay to try to run a business in many of these neighborhoods. And never, I mean never, talk to the authorities, ever.

  17. Tracy Says:

    The DA that brought charges against jerome ersland is David Prater. He only did so after the NAACP pressured him. there is a petition to remove him from office, don’t know if petitions work, but either way, David Prater has committed political suicide, he will not be re-elected IMO

  18. roxy Says:

    It comes town to this, a law abiding citizen runing a business, contributing to society and providing for his family just got his life ruined by criminals and this could happen to you too.

    • Leatherneck Says:

      That’s a neg. there Ghost Rider. We all learned to place a round in the head as we assult through the ambush. Not when we come back.

  19. V.E.G Says:

    Jerome Ersland is the direct descendant of the very first King of Norway, Harald I, the Fair Hair, the reign is the longest among kings of Norway! Jerome is the true son of Norway!

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