‘Perfect storm’ looms for world’s food supplies

At first glace, this might not look like a subject for a conservative blog but read on. There is no “global hunger” this is about control of the world’s populace, redistribution of wealth and an attack on the west (mostly just the evil white people).

Most of this drivel mirrors claims that blacks should be given “reparations” because of their long-suffering. Reality is people need to do more to improve themselves and end the blame game and constant whining for other peoples stuff. Most of the countries with poor and starving populations export food.

A look at any map will show there is usable, farm-able land everywhere. There is no interest in developing a lasting, replaceable food source. Governments (even the NWO) need the people to be dependent and under their “leadership.”

Richard Ingham, 31 May, 11, Sydney Morning Herald
Oxfam called on Tuesday for an overhaul of the world’s food system, warning that in a couple of decades, millions more people would be gripped by hunger due to population growth and climate-hit harvests.
-Great lead in-impending global disaster. Sound familiar to anyone? The sky is falling, the sky is falling, sorry I got carried away.

A “broken food system” means that the price of some staples will more than double by 2030, battering the world’s poorest people, who spend up to 80 percent of their income on food, the British-based aid group predicted.
-And the cure is for rich westerners to send them all steaks?

“The food system is buckling under intense pressure from climate change, ecological degradation, population growth, rising energy prices, rising demand for meat and dairy products and competition for land from biofuels, industry, and urbanization,” Oxfam said in a report.
-Damn and I thought the objection to birth control, calls for multiple wives and the crushing of small time farmers by oppressive regimes all played a role.

It added: “The international community is sleepwalking into an unprecedented and avoidable human development reversal.”
-Code for: folks is gonna die.

Noting that some 900 million people experience hunger today, Oxfam said the tally of misery could rise still further when a “perfect storm” struck a few decades from now.

By 2050, the world’s population was expected to rise by a third, from 6.9 billion today to 9.1 billion. Demand for food would rise even higher, by 70 percent, as more prosperous economies demanded more calories.
-Anyone notice the millions of dead people littering the globe? Here is a shocker-poor people eat. They eat mostly crap but they are not starving. Most of the worlds poor will never be given an opportunity to work themselves out of poverty, they will remain malnourished, hungry and under the control of rich politicians and religious leadership. If you really want to fight world hunger, arm the poor and let them have a talk with local politicians and rich, fat imams.

But by this time, climate change will have started to bite, with drought, flood and storms affecting crop yields that, after the “green revolution” of the 1960s, had already begun to flatline in the early 1990s.

The price of staple foods such as corn, also known as maize, which has already hit record peaks, will more than double in the next 20 years, it predicted.
-No question about it, everything will go up in the next 20 years.

“In this new age of crisis, as climate impacts become increasingly severe and fertile land and fresh water supplies become increasingly scarce, feeding the world will get harder still,” Oxfam chief Jeremy Hobbs said.

The report, Growing a Better Future, trails a campaign for reform that Oxfam is launching in 45 countries, supported by former Brazilian president Lula Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, South African Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu and actress Scarlett Johansson.
Solutions envisaged by Oxfam focus on cutting out waste, especially of water, and to encourage the growing of food in a sustainable way.

The “Western” lifestyle — characterised by over consumption and emphasis on beef and dairy which kilo for kilo (pound for pound) use up far more natural resources than cereals — is given a hammering.
-“Western” is code for evil white people. They get the blame for everything. One of those bastards caused my oak tree to crack, now I have to trim the damn thing.

“In more than half of industrialized countries, 50 per cent or more of the population is overweight, and the amount of food wasted by consumers is enormous — quite possibly as much 25 per cent,” said Oxfam.
-Gee they missed the link between obesity and junk food. Damn the poor for eating all that steak. Did you ever notice the US used to be the breadbasket of the world? We could grow and send fresh food everywhere. Now we import much of our food.

The report also calls for prising open closed markets and ending the domination of commodities and seeds trade by a handful of large corporations.

Small farms — traditionally dismissed as a hindrance to food productivity — could in fact drive the renaissance in yield with the help of investment, infrastructure and market access, it argued.
-This one is tricky, American families alone could save much needed money if they grew a few things for themselves. Try it and the guvment will be all over you. Can’t be messen up our neighborhoods with gardens. It ruins the view and animals smell bad, just go to Micky-D’s if you are hungry. Here, grab a few food stamps on your way out the door.

Just as important, said the report, is to set up new global governance to tackle food crises, including the creation of a multilateral food bank.
-Finally, after identifying the evil west, calls to control food and setting the blame, we get to the real issue-a need for global governance and international control over food. You know if the governments would only control food, shelter, fuels and employment, we would all benefit-oh-crap.

“During the 2008 food price crisis, cooperation was nowhere to be seen,” lamented the report, saying the disarray ignited a “grab” for agricultural land in Africa by parched countries in the Gulf and elsewhere.

“Governments were unable to agree on the causes of the price rises, let alone how to respond. Food reserves had been allowed to collapse to historic lows,” it said.

“Existing international institutions and forums were rendered impotent as more than 30 countries imposed export bans in a negative-sum game of beggar-thy-neighbour policy making.”
-Face it folks, the fix is in, start stockpiling while you can still buy food and remember the spices, ionized salt and seeds.

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4 Comments on “‘Perfect storm’ looms for world’s food supplies”

  1. Gonzo Says:

    Perhaps I’m missing something here, but does not the excessively high price of fuel as set by OPEC contribute to the desire for “food for fuel” initiatives (aka converting of corn to biofuel)?

    Again, perhaps I’m missing something, but how does a country that does not have a population level beyond its capability to sustain its population bear the brunt of the blame for those countries who do have population expanses beyond its sustainability?

    Lastly, how do you suppose small farmers will help when Monsanto creates genetically modified crop seed that cross pollinates small farmers crops (via the wind), and then Monsanto sues the small farmer for patent infringement? In fact, how does this type of food seed profiteering lend toward any kind of earthly food stability?

  2. Big Frank Says:

    IMHO the designers of the ‘Orwellian new World Order’ are chomping on the bit as to the ‘coming’ or ‘future’ food and energy crisis. the article correctly states that if food, energy, and basic needs are tightly controlled by the government everyone is totally dependent upon the state. This I fear is the goal of the present administration of our ‘Dear Leader’ Socialist/Communist cabal.

  3. ciccio Says:

    Fact 1:

    Take a very close look at the procurement section of the UN’s world food program. In Uganda they bought $50 million worth of food from the not-starving-Ugandans to feed the starving-Ugandans. Ditto in Ethiopia. The Pakistanis are starving because they are the biggest supplier of food ($270 million in 2009, the last available figures) the the WFP. Even Mugabe’s farms sell them maize to feed the starving Zimbabweans.

    Fact 2:

    1950-2010-and projected 2050 population figures for the worlds poorest countries, all have the following in common: starvation, Islam, the world’s highest birthrates and decades of civil war.

    Afghanistan : 8 – 37 – 69million
    Somalia : 2 – 10 – 39million
    Yemen : 4 – 23 – 84million

    I can only conclude that food aid causes the population to explode to the point of civil war which causes the population to explode even more which leads to more and more poverty and war. So in the interest of world peace and plenty for all aid must be stopped and Islamic doctrine be followed: Allah knows all and he will provide.

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