Socialists Explain How They Worked With Muzzies in Mideast Revolutions to Turn Them Against the West

Yup, based on Tweets, we told you the little Marxist b@st@rds were behind the protests in Egypt.  Now, it appears that Glenn Beck has even more proof:

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8 Comments on “Socialists Explain How They Worked With Muzzies in Mideast Revolutions to Turn Them Against the West”

  1. tgusa Says:

    Socialists have made their choice, they are on the side of the muslims. We need to make sure they stay there no matter how sickening it becomes. Socialists can go to hell along with their islamofascist buddies.

  2. Gonzo Says:

    So socialists are going to free Palestinians from Jordan, the legitimate home of Palestine? Good for them – and that has to do with the free world how exactly?

  3. tgusa Says:

    I will have to tell you, I went to a memorial day event at the cemetery yesterday that featured many Americans from days gone by and I was humbled. On the other hand I found myself becoming sort of angry and disgusted when the event coordinators brought up more recent contributors to American freedom. More than anything I pity their sacrifice, they are and have been used in one of the most monstrous farces that America has ever encountered. There is no comparison with those who defeated the nazis and those who advance socialist/islamist alliance. My response going forward is, not in my name, keep me out of it, I am not on your side, I don’t care where you came from of what you have done in the past.

  4. tgusa Says:

    Throughout the cold war food and energy shortages/rationing were a staple of socialist regimes. We in the west avoided that horrific situation primarily because we were not socialists. We now see that same thing spreading in to the west. It is as if we won the cold war only to see the major players involved turned against us. Kids growing up today will not have what their parents had and they will be resentful, very resentful. Eventually the socialists who have done this are going to wake up to angry mobs of young people who’s futures have been blown up by these socialists. I would not want to be one of them when that morning comes. Watch Europe, they are about to be engulfed in riots and revolution. The million dollar socialists, not the capitalist producers will reap the whirlwind, just watch. The socialists think it will be the other way round but as usual they are completely wrong. In the future, it sucks to be them. Thats right ruby slipper socialists, they will be coming for you with a vengeance. They understand that you have created this situation and call it progressive. Oh yeah, be afraid, be very afraid.

  5. Big Frank Says:

    I have to laugh at these two ‘comrades’ if they know anything about revolutions by Marxists, Leninists, and especially Stalinists, that the facilitators of the revolution are the first to be ‘disposed’ of. If and when these ME countries are ‘liberated’ the Imams and the hierarchy will have little or no use for the ‘useful idiots’.

    • tgusa Says:

      Yes and we should get ahead of the game by deporting these socialists to the countries they helped to create. Of course they will squeal like stuck pigs if we ever decide to do that. Muslims are approaching the point where they are going to ditch these great satanists. Muslims will eventually realize that their usefulness has been all used up. Western socialists will end up in no mans land and despised by both sides. Socialism is unconstitutional in practice, socialists just voted to extend the patriot act, an act I think is a cowards way out but since they voted for it I say after a change of administrations we use it against them like a hammer to pound them out of existence. If you can’t beat em join em, for a little while at least.

  6. islams not for me Says:

    Despite the propaganda bulls*** of this commie. Here are some problems:

    1 socialism / commnuism failed. Its financial systems could no longer function and they want to bring that s*** back?

    2 moslems use them, commies use moslems…

    Even moslems in thier own documentation discuss using the left for THIER own purposes.

    Priorities of The Islamic Movement in The Coming Phase
    by Yusuf al-Qaradawi'%20An%20Unjust%20State,%20If%20The%20Occupant%20Would%20Alleviate%20Some%20Of%20The%20Injustice%20Or%20Curb%20Evil%20And%20Corruption

    Even moslems recognize the danger of commies (From the above ebook):

    “Is it because Marxism is not a religion, but fights all religions and regards religion as the opium of peoples?”

    “If so, then this should make it more imperative to reject Marxism, for if Islam does not agree to combine with another religion, even though a scriptural one, then how would it agree to combine with a doctrine that rejects all religions?”

    “However, Marxism, although denying all religions, has the nature of a religion that demands absolute devotion from its followers and would not have itself combined with any other religion or belief by any follower.”

    “Marxism is a dominating totalitarianist philosophy that, by its very nature, does not leave room for Islam or any other religion, except, under conditions of leniency and necessity, when such religion is allowed to take the place of the tail, not the head, and act as a follower, not a leader.”

  7. islams not for me Says:

    To continue: The book discusses the use of ‘workers’ IE Commies:

    “Or is it the success of Leftists, who had planned well for influencing and patronizing the workers as a prelude to using them for promoting their destructive principles and materialistic philosophy. Leftists are well-qualified for such a task, and they also possess means of temptation and use tools that the Islamic Movement could never bring itself to use. Whatever the reason, the Islamic Movement should review its strategy in this regard, for workers are a vital group in our Muslim community. Islam is still a strong driving power and stimulant of the masses, particularly when they realize that Islam is the religion that best recognizes work and does workers justice. Islam’s economic, social and legal rules protect workers and workers rights and support workers against those who do them wrong or try to exploit or manipulate them. It also calls for providing work for every unemployed worker, and social care for every disabled member of society who cannot work.”

    “Perhaps a new factor is now at work in the Islamic Movement’s favor among workers: that is the collapse of the Communist philosophy and system which has consequently led to the foundering of dictatorial regimes in Eastern Europe. The workers have rebelled against the dictatorships that had spoken in their names. Even Mother Russia, the cradle of Socialism, has set itself on a new course leading to reconsideration and reconstruction of its community according to the philosophy of “perestroika” .”

    “The Marxist, socialist regimes, which had been built by workers for workers, have failed to bring about the happiness that workers were aspiring to – that happiness which workers have revolted on feudal and capitalist regimes to attain. even been established than they do under communist rule.”

    “A very good example to illustrate this point is the tow parts of Germany fare and feel in each of them? the people of East Germany felts as if they had been living in a large prison: as soon as they had half a chance to defect to west Germany, they fled en masse.”

    “What better evidence could we ask for?”

    In other words both groups will use each other and when thier ‘jihad’ is done… kill one another off.

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