Kentucky: Two Iraqis Charged in Terrorism Case Exposes Janet Napolitano’s Lax Screening Process

Obama’s Dept. of “Homelawn” Security assures us that the security gaps which allowed these two terrorists into the United States two years ago (April 2009 and July 2009)  have been closed…  Yeah, like I believe that.  Here’s a thought:  Don’t let any Muslims into the United States until you’ve worked out all the kinks in your screening process.

God only knows how many more terrorists have been precipitately allowed into the United States under Obama’s watch:

H/T – Islams Not For Me

Note:  CBS News doesn’t allow for embedding of this video.  So, until I can figure a way around this, just click on the video box below:

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2 Comments on “Kentucky: Two Iraqis Charged in Terrorism Case Exposes Janet Napolitano’s Lax Screening Process”

  1. tgusa Says:

    Homegrown insecurity. I don’t think there is any question who they are providing security for. Thanks to western liberals every nation has a palestinian problem. I do support the virginity checks for liberals including Napolitano, thats my one contribution to winning friends in the islamofascist world. Many people today are setting the stage for their own trial for treason against the USA. It won’t happen tomorrow but it will happen. In lieu of imprisonment I suggest the yanking of their citizenship and then deportation, call it repatriation as they have demonstrated that they do not deserve to live here any longer. And I don’t care if the guilty party turns out to be George Washington’s long lost brother.

  2. tgusa Says:

    American liberals want to create a situation where there are bomb sniffing dogs on every corner. Import enough of these people and pretty soon we will all be accosted just for walking down the street. In American law this type of behavior is called accessory to murder. Can you believe these liberals? They don’t give a damn if your friends family or business is blown up, body parts scattered all over the street, its sick.

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