Is Cain Able?

Well, he certainly has a nice, folksy video which is somewhat reminiscent of Ronald Reagan’s down-to-earth campaign ads, but with an updated music video feel to it:

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2 Comments on “Is Cain Able?”

  1. tgusa Says:

    Whether or not Mr. Cain gets elected there is plenty of room at the table in the new coalition that we are building. Cain as well as Palin and even Trump, before he chickened out, appear to come straight out of the Reagan era in terms of going against the status quo and I like what they are doing. I like a person that wants to be a leader who tells me about them self and their ideas rather than the modern, back biting and attacking your opponent in an effort to label them the worst person in the world. That is what the republicrats want, to divide, ridicule and them silence any others that are not part of the crew on the republicrat ship.

    One of Reagan’s big mistakes was after that he was elected he surrounded himself with DC republicrats and as a result Reaganism almost died after he left office. In 88 when Bush 1 took over there was nary a Cain in the republicrat lot. What we are seeing today is a picking up of the Reagan torch that had been absent for the last 20 years leaving us right where we are today. We need men and women with ideas and not all of them can be president in 2012. If I could give any advice to these people, really all people on our side it would be to
    Keep Pushin. Its going to be a prolonged fight requiring all the resources we can muster from all segments of our society. As I see it we are getting a second chance, in real life you don’t often get second chances. Popularity breeds copycats and people like Cain can do many good things for our nation even if they never make it to the White House, and that goes for all of us.

    • Big Frank Says:

      Whomever gets the nomination will have a tough battle on their hands , they must not only run against BHO or a DemocRAT but the Liberal, Leftist MSM as well.

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