Muslims insult Christians in Australia

mohammed in hell

Anyone that has done even a half-ass comparison between the Jesus of the Bible and the Jesus in the koran already knows the two are not one and the same.

You will notice that even when the group responsible for this blasphemous attack on Christianity was informed that it was insulting, they not only continued it they accelerated it.

By Daniel Blake, 1 Jun, 11, the Christian Post
Billboards have emerged across Sydney, Australia, carrying the slogan “Jesus: a prophet of Islam.” The advertising campaign is being run by Islamic group “MyPeace,” which has said that the purpose of the campaign is to encourage interfaith relations between Christians and Muslims.

Yeah, well then it is an epic failure. The Biblical Jesus would never play second fiddle to a known freak and pedophile like mohammed. That sick twisted bastard (mohammed) deserves all the scorn and condemnation that I can muster up. I know that I dumbed down my contempt for islam’s prophet but I am trying to build bridges of tolerance and encourage interfaith relations between Christians and Muslims.

However, a number of Christians in the region have condemned the controversial campaign and called for the billboards to be removed, labeling them as provocative and offensive to Christianity.

So get off your asses and behead a few muslims, burn a few mosques and riot after services. Oh, yeah, never mind, do not act like muslims, you are better than that.

Catholic bishop Julian Poreous, of the Archdiocese of Sydney, has clarified that for Christians Jesus was “more than a prophet” as the campaign suggests.

He said: “He is the Son of God. He is acclaimed Lord and Savior of humanity.”

MyPeace has claimed it means no offense by the campaign and that it simply is trying to show to everyone that Islam follows the teachings of Jesus too. By encouraging this common ground to be found between the two faith groups, the organization hopes closer interfaith communications can come about.

-I can relate, I expose the truth about islam as a sign of respect, it is not my fault that the minions are sometimes confused, insulted, outraged and annoyed (dripping sarc).

Bishop Poreous, however, commented: “In Australia with its Christian heritage a billboard carrying the statement `Jesus A prophet of Islam’ is provocative and offensive to Christians.”

-That would be why they placed the ad. Counter it with:  “Mohammed, the false prophet I warned you about. -Jesus.

Interestingly, Diaa Mohamed of MyPeace, has reported to Fairfax, one of Australia’s leading media groups, that the campaign has received an “overwhelmingly positive feedback from Christians, atheists, Muslims, everyday Australians.”
-Consider the source.

MyPeace has said that it has decided to extend the campaign beyond the original four weeks, and follow-up billboards will carry even more controversial slogans such as “Holy Quran: the final testament,” and “Muhammad: mercy to mankind.”

-I can’t wait to comment about those lies!

It is planned that the campaign will spread to buses running throughout Sydney.

Clayton Hinds also contributed to this article

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15 Comments on “Muslims insult Christians in Australia”

  1. Gonzo Says:

    Of course, should a Christian organization try this is in an islamic nation, there would be riots in the streets, church bombings, arrests of several Christians who would then be executed for breaking the law. Peace and tolerance hmmm?
    If the purpose of the advertisements is meant to bring about mutual understanding, then why the extension of something found to cause controversy? It is a clear attempt to antagonize animosity so that muslims can cry foul and play a victim card.

    Just wait and see, I’m certain AMCRAN is already gearing up for a counter campaign to any inevitable backlash over the insult to Christianity. And btw, AMCRAN’s (Australian Muslim Civil Rights Advocacy Network) main activity at this point in time is to reverse Australia’s anti-terrorism initiatives, as Australian muslims complain that they are not able to contribute money to who they want – IOW, to terrorist networks. Read in between the lines on their publications, you’ll get the gist.

  2. Ronin,

    “I know that I dumbed down my contempt for islam’s prophet but I am trying to build bridges of tolerance and encourage interfaith relations between Christians and Muslims.”

    You had me rolling on the floor with that one!

    Too funny!


  3. Gonzo Says:

    BTW, interesting aspect of the pic of fire.
    Is that the ‘Poodle From Hell’ in the upper right hand corner of the pic?


  4. tgusa Says:

    How bout instead of muslims trying to harness the power of Jesus Christ they just go ahead and convert? I mean, what they are basically saying here is, we need Christ to make us credible. The Lord works in mysterious ways. muslims are in the Bible, Revelation, and yes, what the Revelation describes as the anti Christ is Islam.

  5. Having read the quran and hadiths. muhammad was lying. He is not Gods prophet. and the quranic ‘isa’ is not my LORD Jesus!

  6. 12th Imam Says:

    I’ll see you guys on the 5th, and Jesus will be with me to destroy the Infidels, and Jews.

    Before I forget, someone please tell Leatherneck thanks for all the beer, and hot pork skins the walls close in down in this well sometimes. I really love that stuff, and the evil e-mails to him about murder all who oppose Islam, and Infidels will go to hell, was just show so my hommies did not think I was Apostate.

    Anyway, great blog here. This is where I will attack first for street creed.

    Peace out!

  7. islams not for me Says:

    LOL Ronin strikes again!!

  8. islams not for me Says:


    I thought moslems would get beer dipped and deep fried in thier hell first and then us…

    Damn it! Iron Maiden lied to me! I thought hell was like a bar / party…

    (Sarc off)

    The Quran on Muslims Entering Hell
    Sam Shamoun

    Will Muslims Enter Hell?
    An Analysis of the Conflicting Hadith Reports
    Sam Shamoun

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