Obama Losing the American Jews

Quite an interesting, well thought-out editorial from the Jewish World View that doesn’t bode well for Our Dark Overlord:

For the First Time in My Adult Life . . .
By Arnold Ahlert – Jewish World View

First, a disclaimer: this is not an op-ed column in the traditional sense. Call it more of a feeling. With a nod to Michelle Obama, for the first time in my adult life, I’m beginning to believe that government is my enemy. Not a nuisance, nor a necessary evil, but a conglomeration of self-absorbed, self-interested people working directly against the interests of the American public. People who, if Americans ever got the courage to openly rebel, would instinctively seal off Washington, D.C., rather than seriously address the source of the peoples’ discontent.

Americans are being subjected to the most lawless president and administration in the history of the nation. Can’t a get law through Congress? Screw Congress, the president will issue an executive decree and have it carried out by an agency, cabinet official or an unelected czar. He’ll have his tax-cheat Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner, take to the airwaves and literally blackmail the entire nation, telling Americans that if this gangster government can’t raise the debt ceiling without any pre-conditions, they’ll trash the entire economy as payback. Why? So all of this administration’s crony-capitalist Wall Street and banker buddies can keep making money hand over fist, without having to share it with Main Street America. So they can continue being immunized from the consequences of their momentously greedy and stupid behavior, the single worst example of which was bringing the entire world’s economy to its knees based on a single, ridiculous premise:

Real estate only moves up, not down.

As for QE2, which is now coming to an end, even as QE3is being contemplated, how many Americans really know what “quantitative easing” really is? Here’s what it really is: America is printing money to buy its own debt. This keeps interest rates low, as anyone else we would borrow money from would want reasonable assurance, aka interest, that the most profligate nation in the history of the world won’t leave them hanging. Low interest rates — as in zero, currently — allow the banks to borrow money for nothing, and artificially props up the stock market.

What does it do for small businesses who still can’t borrow, and ordinary Americans who want to save money, but can’t get more than two percent interest in anything other than the stock market? Not a damn thing good. But as many Americans are discovering, trashing the dollar is causing energy prices to “skyrocket,” just like this president and his administration wants them to, so he can wean us off fossil fuels. Yet it’s also causing food prices to skyrocket.

Are we being weaning off of eating too?

Pick an arena, any arena, and eventually the administration’s corruptive nature rears its head. Health care? The administration picks waiver “winners” and non-waiver “losers.” The Justice Department? U.S. Attorney General Eric “My People” Holder will investigate — or not investigate — whomever he wants, irrespective of impartiality. National defense? The administration will bleed American soldiers dry, making them fight endless and politically correct wars with one hand tied behind their backs, attempting to win the hearts and minds of people who couldn’t care less.

Foreign policy? Obama will spend hundreds of millions of dollars community organizing a Libyan opposition we know nothing about, even as he thumbs his nose at the War Powers Act of 1973 requiring Congressional approval for military operations which exceed 60 days. And he and his Democratic cohorts will sell Israel down the river, even as clueless DNC head, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz demands that Republicans “pledge to refrain” from bringing it up during the 2012 election campaign.

A sidebar: Debbie topped herself yesterday, saying Republicans believe illegal immigration “should be a crime.” Does a movie entitled “Debbie Does Demagoguery” have a nice ring to it?

This administration deliberately plays Americans off one another for the purpose of creating resentment and envy. The moochers and the slackers are told nothing is their own fault, that they shouldn’t have to pay a nickel for America’s upkeep, and that the only thing keeping them down is the free-market capitalist system. The genuine wealth creators (not the crony capitalists) are told they’re not paying their “fair share,” even as they already pay the lion’s share of taxes — and even as those telling them to do so are the most irresponsible stewards of American finances the country has ever known. The middle class? They’re told we’re in an economic recovery, even as housing continues to crater, they can’t find jobs, and the cost of everything keeps going up.

And above it all, we have a mainstream media so corrupt, and so willing to get on their knees for progressive ideology that virtually every story they produce can be whittled down to one idea:

Who are you going to believe, us — or your own lying eyes?

At what point does one see those who would purposefully bring this country to its knees, not as political opponents, but as genuine enemies of the nation? What is one to make of those who deliberately would turn millions of Americans into wards of the state in order to ensure their political loyalty? What is one to make of an administration that continues to allow millions of illegals to flow into America, even as they sue those who would try to prevent it? What are we to make of an administration that tells us certain entities are “too big too fail,” and that a government takeover is the only remedy for their unconscionable excesses?

Republicans are far from blameless. They have gone from irresponsible stewards of the nation’s finances, to running a pathetic candidate for president in 2008, to becoming semi-enablers of the nation’s demise. When the most strident “Republican” presidential candidate to date has been an ego-inflated blowhard with bad hair, that is a testament to Republican timidity.

The 2012 election is the most important one in modern history, and someone had better emerge from the ranks who is able to articulate that reality. Someone willing to call out this socialist/marxist president and his crony capitalist, gangster government for exactly what they are — policy by damnable policy. Someone willing to not only withstand a media as determined to destroy them as the president and his administration is, but dish it right back to both in no uncertain terms. A man or woman with the smarts to realize that it’s all a play for the independents who broke for Obama in 2008.

A warrior, not a wimp.

The Founding Fathers were smart enough to realize that no government can, or should be, loved. But I’d bet dollars to doughnuts there are more and more people like me out there who are feeling more than just a bit alienated from their elected representatives. Self-interest hacks who, day in and day out, are making a mockery of our nation.

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5 Comments on “Obama Losing the American Jews”

  1. ciccio Says:

    The only reason people are putting money into the stock market is because putting it into the bank does not pay anymore. The minute the interest rate is a more reasonable historic 4-6% the bottom will drop out of the market. And because even the US stock market looks shaky to the rest of the world, money is going where it has traditionally gone during bad times, into gold and silver. People keep asking why gold and silver keeps going up, surprise surprise, it is not. You have all heard of £ sterling, that is exactly what it was to start. One pound Troy sterling silver was the official pound decreed by Henry II in 1158. 5760 grains make a pound, 24 grains a penny, 12 pennies to the shilling, 20 shillings to the pound. Government being government, be it King, Tyrant or President whenever they ran out of money they kept adding base metal to the penny, the quantative easing of 1500. By 1558 it was only a third silver and it went downhill from there. At the current price of $40 an ounce a pound should be $ 480, it is in fact $1.60.
    So the price of silver did not go up 30 times, it is just that the money is only a 30th of the value.

  2. tgusa Says:

    Losing democrat Jews, cry me a river! Its all just a bit late for me. It is fairly clear that these democrat groups are anti me and I don’t need a piano to fall on my head to figure that out. These people really should have thought before they voted but now it is too late. My view of these people has been permanently altered and as it stands any good faith I might have had is now long gone. Actions have consequences.

  3. tgusa Says:

    Whether or not you choose to see it these leftists are a threat to our entire way of life. These leftists will thrust our country into a situation not unlike 1930s/1940s Europe, and that my friends should be unforgivable. We are now hearing that anti semitism is on the rise in Latin America. Many of these people, I won’t even call them Americans, voted for the anti semite of the year, Obama. They voted for a man that stated that he would stand with the muslims. This will eventually go down as one of the greatest crimes against Americans in the history of our country. These leftists groups, many of them having fled their own homelands are, IMO, a total frigging disgrace and really, not worthy of the country that they have sought sanctuary in.

  4. tgusa Says:

    Texas so called judge; Get them Christians need to shut up or I will throw them in jail! The left gets away with this because we tolerate it. The absolute best way to get back at leftists is to disengage and ban them from participating in anything that we do. Not being allowed to participate is the worst thing a leftist can encounter, they go insane if we try to exclude them. From now on we need a counter graduation, etc etc, we need to refuse to show up at theirs. They will have pathetic number of people at their ceremonies, getting smaller and smaller every year until there are just about four or five of them showing up.

  5. tgusa Says:

    Never in the history of our country have we had so many immigrants come here only to try to change us. America has had immigrants coming here for hundreds of years but these recent immigrants seek to change us from a country that people risk their lives to come to into a place more like somewhere else. They basically want to ruin America for all future immigrants as well as we the people, and they ALL join the democrat party.

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