Senior islamic Crybaby Cleric mad the truth about islam is spreading.

Islamic minions get violently mad about all sorts if things and one of them is insults to islam and its founder, the pedophile mohammed.

Since both Doc and I agree that honesty is the best policy, we always take the extra step to let everyone know just how ‘F-ed” up islam and its pathetic followers really are.

As part of my continuing program of building bridges of tolerance and understanding between islam and the west, I am here to help. I bet you can not name a single person in all the years that we have been here that was mislead about what islam was, what it is not and what it wants. For my muslim readers, you are most welcome, glad to help you out-way out.

7 June, 2011,
(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – “The arrogant world use negative propaganda to destroy the Islamic world,” said head of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought.
-Minion talk for “the truth hurts.” Like I have been saying for years now-islam fears exposure.

“ The arrogant world try to cover up the crimes committed by the regime of Israel and endeavored to destroy the Islamic world,” said head of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Taskhiri adding that they use negative propaganda against Islamic world to reach their malignant goals,”.
-Wrong, we do not want to destroy anyone but we also do not want to follow the teaching of a sick twisted, murderous, slave owning pedophile and seventh century thug.

“In the case of expanding Islamophobia, the Islamic world is also responsible,“ the grand Ayatollah said.
-What a crybaby, this idiot wanted the world to know about islam, we help his sorry ass out and he whines louder than a U.S. Congressional Representative caught in the cameras glare.

“Islamic World did not introduce Islam as it deserve to the world, “the senior cleric underlined.
-Almost true, there are places on earth that are so corrupt, sick, twisted and demented that they deserve islam, we call them the middle east. OTOH, the west should avoid the cancer called islam like the disease it is.

“For introducing Islam to the world, we should have enough media in European countries, “Ayatollah Muhammad Ali Taskhiri underlined.
-You are almost there in parts of the EU achmed but my little ol self will continue to expose islam until I can no longer type.

“European people want to know more about Islam, “said senior cleric stating that it is the duty of Muslims to show the real face of Islam to them and do not let the enemies mislead those who are seeking to recongnize Islam.
-Was it something I said? You seem angry; do you want a pulled pork BBq sandwich?

“We also should consider that the wrong behavior of Muslims in European countries such as diversion, week points, corruption which damages Islam,” head of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought underlined.
-You should probably also stop preaching death, destruction and world domination to your children. It is not only annoying those little inbreed bastards of yours actually believe that BS.

“Believers should do their best to obviate misunderstandings via different ways such as making movies, publishing and compiling books,” the grand Ayatollah mentioned.
-Have you thought about blogging? It doesn’t pay anything but if you really believe in your subject matter you will make time for it.

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9 Comments on “Senior islamic Crybaby Cleric mad the truth about islam is spreading.”

  1. islams not for me Says:

    You’d think that ‘Ayatollah Muhammad Ali Taskhiri’ would be the first moslem leader to tell his followers in islamic countries to stop hurting muslimas, get rid of jihad and jihadi groups, and bring to justice those jiahdis that murder moslems and non muslims alike.

    but no….

  2. Gonzo Says:

    Sometimes what is NOT said, is as powerful of a message is what IS said. In this case, please lend me the pulpit for a mere moment.

    First what he DOES say, which is that there are 2 different types of “worlds” on earth – islam, and the arrogant world. Apparently he does not believe that islam and the quest for world domination is arrogant. To him that is perfectly just and thus only considers the “arrogant” world as malignant – ie… spreading like a cancer.

    Next, he says that the West/Europe is the fault for misrepresenting islam. That is asserted by the comment that it is Europe that needs to change to the way islam should be to represent it right. Yet, the rest of the world sees the atrocities committed in the mid-east as proof of how islam is screwed up, NOT Europe.

    To me, this is a call to violence for European muslims. This is hate speech.

  3. tgusa Says:

    Historically, Christianity has been the only group of people who have refused to submit to islamic supremacy. The early Christians are the benefactors of all of the western rights and freedoms that we in the west have today. Without Christians the world would be completely islamified right now. Those Christians of the past fought a different group of muslims, thanks to a thousand years of inbreeding these muslims today are stupid but the drawback is even their so called brilliant scholars are completely insane. The greatest concern the world today should have outside the realm of muslim infiltration is muslims with the bomb.

    • Leatherneck Says:

      The moon god worshipers were cursed a long time ago, and they are living up to that curse. Their hand will be against every man.

      Wasn’t the 12th Imam suppose to be here on the 5th? I know we got an e-mail from him down in that well talking smack about this web site.

  4. Gonzo Says:

    Hence, the problem with completely abandoning Pakistan.

  5. Literate Says:

    “Wrong, we do not want to destroy anyone but we also do not want to follow the teaching of a sick twisted, murderous, slave owning pedophile and seventh century thug.”

    Didn’t the Founding Fathers own slaves? George Washington did, so did Thomas Jefferson. And they both banged their slaves– hell, Jefferson even fathered kids with them. Kids he never acknowledged…what an honorable man!

    And as far as murderous goes, didn’t the Founding Fathers murder the Native Americans? By the thousands if not millions? Small pox blankets?

    I guess when Arabs do it, it’s a crime but when white folks do it, it’s okay. Right? Manifest Destiny, right? RIght.

    • Ronin Says:

      Lol, that is what you went with? Just as I was writing this:

      Most of the islamic minions resort to the moral equivalency arguments: other religions do bad things, Israel or (name the country) picked on us and my favorite-you have to read what our book says and not comment on what we do. These are the adult equivalent of the child’s retort of “I know you are but what am I” they are really just sad; no adult should have to lower themselves to that level. Here is a hint minions; if you cannot actually defend islam then you should leave islam.

      LOL, thanks you made my point better than I could.

  6. Wow literate you sure showed us…


    Care to give evidence to Israeli crimes? No? And nice segway to defend islam by using the Founding Fathers of America. And how does thier use of slavery prove anything…

    After all it was not a religious ideology that allowed them to do so. Yet islam has a Theocratic authority to force others into enslavment and allow moslems to rtape women into servitude.

    Did Jefferson father children with his slaves? Thats still being debated.

    What happened to the Native Americans was long after the lives of the Faounding fathers. And yes that was a tragedy. But there was no Theocratic Guv that caused those people to be wiped out.

    With islam care to explain if you can how its ok for them to sweep through Africa and other countries. Murder Christians, Jews, Athiests and many other religions all because of the mindless rambelings of a immoral ‘prophet’ who still influences his followers to criminality? The sayings or writtings of muhammad are still guilty of the worst of artocity because they are still used to kill. Not so with the writtings of Americas Founders.

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