Alabama Governor Signs Law Upholding and Enforcing Existing U.S. Immigration Laws

The million dollar question is:  Is Obama and his brown-nosing lapdog, Eric Holder, going to freak out again like they did with Arizona?  Or, is Obama starting to realize that alienating entire states over an ideological love affair with illegal aliens (who can’t legally vote) is a bad re-election strategy?

Alabama governor signs tough new immigration law
By the CNN Wire Staff
June 9, 2011

(CNN) — Alabama’s governor has signed what he billed as tough illegal immigration legislation, requiring police to check the status of anyone they suspect may be in the country illegally when stopped for another reason.

The bill, due to come into effect on September 1, was signed into law by Republican Gov. Robert Bentley on Thursday.

Its passage makes Alabama the latest in a series of states, including Georgia and Arizona, to weigh controversial new laws aimed at tackling illegal immigration.

Civil rights groups and the Mexican government have been quick to condemn the move.

According to a factsheet presented by Alabama House Republicans, the bill will require law enforcement officers “to attempt to determine the immigration status of a person who they suspect is an unauthorized alien of this country”.

The legislation also makes it a criminal offense to provide transport or housing to an illegal immigrant. The state will have to check the citizenship of students and any business that knowingly employs an illegal immigrant will also be penalized.

A spokesman for Bentley told CNN that the governor had signed “a tough illegal immigration law”.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights group, criticized the move, saying Alabama had fallen “into a costly trap” by passing what it described as an “unconstitutional law.”


Yeah…  Nothing like using a Commie, Lefturd organization like the SPLC to comment on the constitutionality of a law…

It also warned the state stood to lose “millions more in lost tax revenue from Alabama businesses that will bear the brunt of boycotts of Alabama goods and services and lost sales to documented and undocumented immigrants who flee the state rather than deal with racial profiling and the state’s anti-immigrant climate.”

The Mexican government warned that the law could affect the human and civil rights of Mexicans living in or visiting the state.


Since when has the Mexican government ever been worried about violating civil rights?  Yup, just more BS from the reconquistadors.

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10 Comments on “Alabama Governor Signs Law Upholding and Enforcing Existing U.S. Immigration Laws”

  1. tgusa Says:

    Mexico is always the first to complain. Using the Obama doctrine an invasion of Mexico is not out of the question. We could convert the various states into provinces. We could even allow them to vote on their own state leaders and perhaps in US presidential elections. In the beginning there could be an evaluation of each state and its American state potential and then allotted a small electoral value. as states become more in the tradition of a US state they could be awarded more and more points. this would not only open up vast new territory for business, but jobs for many of those people, which would lead them to stay in regions where they are most comfortable. It would also make the Mexicans in the US feel safer living here. However, our modern welfare system must be changed to prevent new people from overwhelming the system.

    Of course if we are looking at potential and future, for not only us in the US but all Norte Americanos, continental security and prosperity I would lean toward going all the way to the panama canal.

  2. PB-in-AL Says:

    As an Alabama citizen I respectfully request that Mexico STFU until they can keep their own policemen alive for more than a few weeks in their post. I also expect that they will stop the live fire across the border at our Border Patrol and the Texas Rangers. Then, MAYBE, I’ll just courteously ignore them, as they haven’t got a right to say anything about this; it is Alabama State business, purely internal.

    I really want to see a state attorney general with the balls to stand up to Holder, Obama, etc. and press the fact that if the federal bureaucracies were doing their job and enforcing the federal laws already on the books, the states would be glad to not pass laws like this.

    SPLC, another STFU to you too! When you guys stop shilling for the socialist/communist power brokers, then you might be relevant and people would care what you say. Your name says “Southern Poverty…”, when was the last time you really, REALLY cared the least about the South, poverty, or southern poverty? You guys only seem to be interested in playing the race card as it is effective in advancing your commie manipulations.

    Aside from that, most of the folks that I’ve talked to around here, in the restaurants, malls, my workplace, wherever, aren’t even from Mexico. Most are from Guatemala, and may from the DR, Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, Brazil. (And don’t you DARE call a Brazilian ‘hispanic’!! You will be soundly corrected)

    Enough of the “poor brown people” crap. Most of the acquaintances I have from Central and South America are here legally and enjoy the benefits thereof. Friend, or not, if they’re here unlawfully and they get busted, well, sorry, but it sucks to be you. And ALL of the people I know that are here legally, support laws like this and enforcement. They had to jump through countless hoops and pay God-knows-what amount of money to be here rightly.

    • Big Frank Says:

      PB in AL, I agree there is scant if any mention of the folks that wait for years to either come here to work legally or live here legally and the large sums of money they must front and the years long wait for documentation. I ask what will become of those who have been waiting for years to come to the US? Under the liberal, leftist plan they will more then likely be screwed and tossed aside.

      • PB-in-AL Says:

        “I ask what will become of those who have been waiting for years to come to the US?” – Frank, I think you’re right! If the left ever passes an “amnesty” bill, what happens to those folks who are already in the naturalization pipeline, the ones who are more likely to be productive CITIZENS? I bet they’ll get bumped. Logically, if amnesty were passed, these folks should get a “come on in free” card even before the illegals. Of course that won’t happen.

  3. Leatherneck Says:

    Gov. Rick ( I’m a RINO) Perry in Texas better get on board this same agenda.

  4. Gonzo Says:

    The solution seems quite logical.

    South of the US border are thousands of persons just itchin to get jobs doing menial tasks.

    Historically, the most effective border walls were tall and wide, made of dirt and/or stones.

    The Mexicans are good at making walls from clay and dirt, and they will work real cheap.

    Use sonar imaging to seal up the inevitable secret passages later.

    Cheap, effective, poetic. Whats not to like.

  5. Ronin Says:

    Do not expect the media to get behind immigration control or the Republican Party. They are already working to split the party and pushing candidates that real Republicans do not want. The “news” is full of articles warning that the TEA party will split the votes and praising the Rino’s as the people’s choice.

    The flash mobs practicing now in Chicago are the next level. Create chaos and the people will call for stability from anyone that looks strong. If the polls do not turn around, they will call to end the election. Arm yourselves but sell any weapon that you ever owned that was registered in your name. I fully expect to see the left use mob attacks across the country. They will try it near me only once.

    This was never really about immigration, this is state rights vs federal, we have been here before and I seem to remember Alabama was quick to file succession the last time. I have yet to see calls for that but it will come. Prepare now. I plan to move to whichever state breaks away first.

    Preparedness takes practice, I just got back from a buying trip and while at it I recovered a cached weapon, I buried it two years ago. The weapon was not worth much and was just a test piece; it took maybe five minutes to get it functional. My point is this, plan for the worst case and you can handle whatever comes your way. If you like what you have then you will have to protect it.

  6. Mrs D H morris Says:

    KRM in Alabama
    I cannot believe that the state of Alabama is actually suggesting that since just because these laws have been created and approved by the governor and state law, that it’s actually going to happen!. September 1 will be here very soon, and we all know that these illegals have not made nor are in the process of trying to make other provisions for themselves and their families. So they should just up and disappear by September 1? .What does this state plan to do, round them all up, throw them into buses (at the state’s expense), or tie them up and throw them into jail (also at the state’s expense) . Many have been here so long that they have several children born here, making them thereby, American citizens, and that Federal Law protects these childrens’ mothers from being taken from them..People who have hired these illegals have not just done so because they knew they could get by with cheating them with unfair pay, but more importantly, because they are excellent, hard working people who only want to provide for themselves and their families. They are not trying to be rich, they just know that there are NO jobs in Mexico, a high rate of crime, and that their police and politicians are so crooked that it makes our worst ones seem like Abe Lincoln! In addition, we also all know that the state’s second highest minority could never have made the same claim about their work ethic (if they even bother to try and get a job) they’d rather sit at home and let welfare pay for everything. Someone is doing a lot of dreaming if they think this practice will ever change. Our main problem with Mexicans is that many have not learned English, and that scares us and makes us uneasy because we don’t know what they’re up to. As someone like myself knows (I am trilingual in Spanish and French, as well as English, my main language), English is one of the MOST difficult languages to learn, and Ebonics even more dificult, and it destroys all rules of standard English. And before you judge me for what I’ve said, I am neither hispanic nor caucasian.

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