How to Spot a Vaccine Zombie

Poking fun at the CDC’s Zombie Apocalypse (which is, I am told, an idea they probably stole from others like, Zombie Splatter and Zombie Hunters ), NaturalNews has created a little video entitled, “How to Spot A Vaccine Zombie and Survive the CDC’s Zombie Apocalypse.”

As many of you already know, Mrs. Bulldog and I are, how shall I put this…anti-excessive-vaccinations.   Many states are now even requiring immunizations against chicken pox!  It’s just crazy, out of control over-immunization and at some point, as a parent, you just have to put your foot down and decide which vaccines you will allow and which ones you won’t.

Mrs. Bulldog and I came to this realization when we had noticed that after our daughter’s 2nd year of vaccines, her speech development stalled and then receded.  It took more than a year before she got back to the level she was at before she received her vaccines.  There is something going on there.  We don’t know what, exactly, but there is something.  In fact, my grandson just had a round of vaccinations and my son is now reporting that my grandson’s speech development has just stalled…  Way to go, CDC ; You’re turning our children into zombies:

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3 Comments on “How to Spot a Vaccine Zombie”

  1. Gonzo Says:

    I didnt know that about you – good for you and Mrs Bulldog.
    I share your concern.

    In fact, in many States, a person by law is required to subject their child to an unprecedented barrage of vaccines in order to be allowed to enter them in to school. The latest quackery relates to Hep B vaccines. While the WHO only suggests this vaccine for high risk areas, various States now require it despite the fact that they are not high risk areas. The sad part is that there will be a larger number of kids who will suffer from the ill effects of the vaccine than would get Hep B. The vaccine of which will wear off before the kids turn 16, and would start to become active in sex and drugs that would lead to Heb B.

    Who wins?

  2. PB-in-AL Says:

    Dr. B., I’ll tell you what we’ve heard from doctors and “professionals” many times when asked about immunizations with regard to autism:

    “that’s just anecdotal, there’s no real scientific evidence to support that.”

    uhm, yeah, isn’t one of the cornerstones of the scientific method observation? Regardless of the source, might there be something worth investigating further? OK, so the Brit fudged the study that the Lancet ran years ago, but does that logically destroy the basic supposition? Does the fact that some people file fraudulent insurance claims mean that all insurance claims are fraudulent?

    Unfortunately, it’s just like the gorebull warming “science”: this is the result we want to reinforce, make the “science” to support it. I really feel bad for all the true, dedicated scientists who have to now justify themselves in the face of this fraud and distrust.

  3. Awwww crap…

    1 fast food
    2 tv news
    3 pharmacy chems

    Looks like Im almost toast…

    Ah well… I perfer eatting pu*** than brains…

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