Ireland: Gay Presidential Front-Runner’s Campaign on the Brink of Collapse After Revelations He Supports Pedophilia

Yeah…  The truth of the matter is that homosexuality is a sexual deviance.  Because of this, I fail to see why so many are surprised when they discover that many activist homosexuals also want to reduce, if not eliminate, the age of consent laws:

‘No age of consent law’: Gay Irish Presidential candidate digs in deeper

by Hilary White, Rome Correspondent

DUBLIN, June 9, 2011 ( – Homosexualist Irish presidential hopeful David Norris is fighting to maintain his candidacy amidst even more revelations that he supports “classical pedophilia” and opposes any law specifying an age of consent for sex.

On its front page yesterday, the Irish Daily Mail ran the headline, “I don’t believe in an age of consent,” and said that Norris had given an interview last year in which he said (in the words of the paper) that “prostitution and all drugs should be legalised,” and “he was pro-abortion and advocated pederasty.”

“And in the shockingly frank interview that raises serious questions about his suitability for the presidency,” the paper continues, “he said: I don’t believe in an age of consent.”

Norris has responded in a letter, asking his supporters not to judge him according to “a couple of sensationalist headlines,” and saying that he abhors child abuse and that all perpetrators should face “the full rigours of the law.” In the letter, however, he confirmed that he does not support any legal age of consent.

Norris also denied being “pro-abortion,” but added, “I do certainly believe that access to information is the best way to reduce the incidence of abortion.”

Norris was a front-runner in the Irish Republic’s Presidential campaign until last week, when a ten-year-old interview was unearthed in the media in which he made comments supporting pederasty, calling it “classical pedophilia.”

Norris told the magazine Magill, “There’s a lot of nonsense about pedophilia.” “I think there is a complete and utter hysteria about this subject,” he said, insisting that children were capable of giving informed consent to sex, saying, “The law should take into account consent rather than age.”

He also said that child victims of sexual abuse are sometimes more harmed by the condemnation of the abuse, and said that incest should only be banned in cases where a victim could be impregnated.

In his recent letter, on the subject of pederasty (sexual relations between an older man and a teenage boy) Norris confirmed his support for the practice, saying again that speaking from his own experience as a young gay man in Dublin, he would have preferred to have engaged in such a relationship as his “introduction to sexuality.”

Citing Plato’s work The Symposium, he wrote, “The greatest philosopher ever argued that physical love was the gateway to spiritual love, very movingly it concludes with the most beautiful young man in Athens, Alcibiades admitting that he has offered himself sexually to Socrates in return for sharing in Socrates’ wisdom. This text was preserved throughout the middle ages.

“I saw this enlightening approach and experience as a much more interesting and preferable introduction to sexuality than my own experience. That is my own personal opinion.”

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8 Comments on “Ireland: Gay Presidential Front-Runner’s Campaign on the Brink of Collapse After Revelations He Supports Pedophilia”

  1. Nothing involving politized gayness suprises anymore.

    Here’s more on this story. Norris is doing ‘fire control’ on some very stupid answers to the reports questions back in 2002.

    David Norris attacked after age of consent interview
    Gay Irish presidential candidate battles media furor
    By CATHAL DERVAN, Staff Writer
    Published Thursday, June 9, 2011, 9:03 AM
    Updated Thursday, June 9, 2011, 11:16 AM

    Presidential hopeful David Norris slams ‘sabotage’ over pedophilia comments
    Says this is an attempt to slur the campaign
    By ANTOINETTE KELLY, Staff Writer
    Published Thursday, June 2, 2011, 8:14 AM
    Updated Thursday, June 2, 2011, 10:12 AM

    Irish Presidential favorite David Norris defends underage sex interview – POLL
    Writer says she found his views on sex with minors ‘deeply disturbing’
    By JAMES FARRELL, IrishCentral Staff Writer
    Published Tuesday, May 31, 2011, 7:08 AM
    Updated Tuesday, May 31, 2011, 11:20 AM

  2. ciccio Says:

    In English the term “fag” refers to cigarettes although the American meaning is slowly coming into use. Whilst the house passed legislation lowering homosexual consent to the age of 16 from 18, it was also debating the possibility of increasing the permitted age of smoking from 16 to 18.
    The moral of the story : At 16, fags are butt end only.

  3. Yep…. Dont wanna call our UK cousins a ‘fag’ they just look at you like your a freak.

    But say “your a wanker” or a “Bugger” and thats when the fights start…

    And by the way… Where did my comment go about the other news stories of this wannabe pedo-phile go?

  4. Gonzo Says:

    It is quite possible that Prophet Muhammad was a cross dresser, so, why not a mere mortal president. 🙂

    From Mishkat Al Masabih, Volume II
    Book XXVI- Fitan.
    Chapter XXXVIII,“The Fine Qualities of the Prophet’s Wives.”

    She told that the people used to choose:‘A’isha’s day to bring their gifts, seeking thereby to please God’s messenger. She said that God’s messenger’s wives were in two parties, one including ‘A’isha, Hafsa, Safiya, and Sauda, and the other including Umm Salama and the rest of God’s messenger’s wives. Umm Salama’s party spoke to her telling her to ask God’s messenger to say to the people,“If anyone wishes to make a present to God’s messenger, let him present it to him wherever he happens to be.” She did so and he replied,“Do not annoy me regarding ‘A’isha, for INSPIRATION HAS NOT COME TO ME WHEN I WAS IN ANY WOMAN’S GARMENT BUT ‘A’ISHA’S.” They then called Fatima, sent her to God’s messenger, and she spoke to him, but he replied,“Do you not like what I like, girlie?” She said,“Certainly,” so he said,“Then love this woman.”(Bukhari and Muslim.)(English translation with explanatory notes by Dr. James Robson, Sh. Muhammad Ahsraf Publishers, Booksellers & Exporters, Lahore-Pakistan, Reprint 1990, p. 1361; bold and capital emphasis ours

    See also the following:

    From the Sahih Collection of al-Bukhari, Hadith Number 2442
    Chapter 52. Book of Setting Free, VII: The one who gave a gift to his friend aiming for a time when he was with one of his wives rather than another.

    From Sahih al-Bukhari, Hadith Number 2393
    Volume Title,“Grace and its Virtues.”
    Chapter Title,“What was Granted to the Companions and the Wives.”

    … then the prophet said to her,“Do not hurt me with Aisha, for the inspiration did not come upon me when I was IN (fee) A WOMAN’S GARMENT (Thawb) EXCEPT THAT OF AISHA.”

    From Sahih al-Bukhari, Hadith Number 3941
    Volume Title,“The Book of Virtues.”
    Chapter Title,“The Virtues of Aisha.”

    Do not hurt me with Aisha; for by Allah, the inspiration did not descent on me while I was IN THE COVERINGS (lihaf) of any of you (women) except Aisha.”

    From the English translation of the Sahih collection of Imam Muslim, Book 031, Number 5984:
    The Book Pertaining to the Merits of the Companions of the Holy Prophet (Kitab Al-Fada’il Al-Sahabah)

    From the Sahih collection of Imam Muslim, Hadith Number 4472
    Volume Title,“From the Virtues of the Companions.”
    Chapter Title,“From the Virtues of Aisha.”

    “The wives of the prophet sent Fatimah, the daughter of the prophet, to him and she requested permission to enter while he was lying down on my bed (wearing) IN (fee) MY ROBE (Mirt). He gave her permission to enter and she told him that his wives had sent her to him seeking justice concerning the daughter of Abu Kahafa (Aisha). The prophet said to her,‘O daughter, do you not love what I love?’ She replied,‘Yes! I do.’ He then said to her,‘Then love her also.’ So Fatimah got up when she heard that from the prophet and returned to the wives of the prophet. Then the wives sent to the prophet Zaynab Bint Jahsh… who requested permission from the prophet to enter while he was with Aisha IN (fee) HER ROBE (Mirt) and in the same state that Fatimah found him in.”

  5. Big Frank Says:

    His public statements give him away, IMHO in that case his perversions and depravity are much deeper and more disgusting than a normal person could even hope to comprehend.

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