Soldiers Bible Ministry Reaches Christian Pakistan Military through Humanitarian Partnership.

I know that this is a departure from my usual articles on the evil known as islam but this makes an important point. Despite all the tens of millions of murdered and threatened Christians facing danger daily from muslims, the Christians still only want to save muslims. There are no radical Christians attacking muslims, no calls to ban their evil ideology (that is left up to us few bloggers) and no calls by Christian aid agencies to punish muslims for their crimes by banning much needed aid. The sad truth is Christians willingly walk into danger to help anyone.

We see muslims calling for even more attacks on non-muslims on a daily basis. I cannot remember the last time I saw an honest attempt by any mainstream muslim group to reach out and defend the Christians. There are no muslim groups helping protect Churches, no calls for the muslim criminals to be punished. No western country is stepping up and demanding the Christians be given a safe and secure place to live. Western nations through inaction, passively support the murderous rampage of islam. Passive support is still support.

Just by doing what they do and despite the danger, lack of support and over whelming odds the Christians show by deed that they are the best of humanity, it should surprise no one that the muslims are so threatened by them. Islam depends on fear and violence to survive, the Christians risk everything to show muslims a better way.

Willard, Ohio USA / PRBuzz / June 10, 2011 – – Through a trusted Pakistan based humanitarian non-government organization (HNGO), Soldiers Bible Ministry (SBM) ( reaches several Christian Pakistan military members with Bibles and Bible study materials. “Pakistan is 97% Muslim and 3% other faiths,” said John Hoben, Volunteer Executive Director and Co-Founder, SBM. “We underwent a rigorous six month due diligence process in choosing a qualified, trusted partner to reach Christians in Pakistan. Through the unique assistance of the American Bible Society, we provided resources to our HNGO on the ground in Lahore via the Pakistan Bible Society,” Hoben added.
-Do not dismiss the impact of this, Pakistani Christians are in real danger and would rather die on their feet than live on their knees bowing to islam’s false god allah.

“Pakistan has been a mission field that’s weighed heavily on my heart for years,” said Jan Ross, President, Heart of God International Ministries (HGIM) and Co-founder, SBM. (See http:, keyword: HGIM for details.) “When Dan Wooding of ASSIST Ministries ( helped us identify trusted reporting resources on the ground in Pakistan, we were able to engage in due diligence with our chosen HNGO to secure a trusted partner with proven integrity who shares our vision,” Ross added.

While maintaining full compliance with non-proselytizing rules of the US Military and especially the Anti-Blasphemy laws in Pakistan, SBM has successfully equipped soldiers of the Pakistan military with Bibles and Bible study materials. Such materials, which are in high demand, were presented only to those individuals making a request to receive copies either in their native language or in English. Christians are severely persecuted in Pakistan, suffering rapes, beatings, murders, abductions for black market organ procurement and other atrocities we, as citizens of the United States, can barely comprehend. This is the first phase of a comprehensive program to provide Bibles and Bible study materials to fellow brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ Jesus oppressed in Pakistan.
-I left the link addresses in the article so that you all can help spread the word. These people need your help.

Dan Wooding is the founder and international director of ASSIST based in Lake Forest, California, and is the president of ASSIST News Service (, a daily news service that sends stories to 2,600 media around the world.
-And yet we did not see many U.S. media outlets pick this story up.

HGIM is an Ohio-based 501c3 not-for-profit parent organization of SBM and other international and domestic initiatives. SBM exists to provide free Bibles and Bible study materials to U.S. and allied military personnel and their families upon request with the assistance of Biblica (, Koinonia House (, and a myriad of other important strategic partners. SBM will be releasing The Military Heritage Bible ( on Veteran’s Day 11/11/11. This 400th anniversary edition of the King James Version of the Bible highlights America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and the key roles faith and Christianity have always played in the US military.
-Although I was not a believer, I took Bibles offered to me while I was a young soldier and carried them on deployments. To be honest, I still have a few of them, they look new, I never opened them but I understood that the people that gave them to me only wanted the best for me. Before you all chastise me for not using them, I do have a one that I have read.

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2 Comments on “Soldiers Bible Ministry Reaches Christian Pakistan Military through Humanitarian Partnership.”

  1. I whole heartedly agree that we need to bring Jesus to the moslem peoples of Pakistan, Afganistan and many other places. My local Church has many flags of the world hanging in the Sanctuary as a reminder of the many Missionaries they support all over the world.

    As your ally Ronin I would not attempt to ‘chastise’ you. But I would try to teach you some basics about Christianity. And then let you chose your own path. I am not called to be anything more than to tell people about Jesus and counter islamic and leftist propaganda that has saturated the internet with lies.

  2. Gonzo Says:

    I’m amazed that any Christian materials were not briskly confiscated and burned like they have been under Bush and Obama’s regimes in Afghanistan.
    I like a comment I read in an article about just that, by a soldier who distributed bibles after buying something from a merchant. The comment was something along the lines of, “the person’s eyes would light up after I gave it to them. They are hungry for anything from the rest of The World”.

    I think there is a good reason why mideast governments fear the internet. There is only one thing more scary to a totalitarian government than informed citizens – informed and armed citizens.

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