Pawlenty Explains Climate Past: I ‘Flirted With’ Cap and Trade

What?  Flirted with Cap & Trade, you say? Then you, sir, are a moron.  It really is that simple.

Pawlenty Explains Climate Past: I ‘Flirted With’ Cap and Trade
June 14, 2011 – Billy Hallowell – The Blaze

Is he reversing course — or was he just “flirting?” Tim Pawlenty’s views on climate change and cap-and-trade are certainly evolving. The former Minnesota governor, it seems, has been trying to change perceptions about his past environmental record. According to Politico, Pawlenty appeared on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” to chat about his take climate change and green policymaking:

“I’ve said that cap and trade would be a bad idea for the country, Jack. It’s a mistake,” Pawlenty said in response to a question from guest host Jack Welch, the former General Electric CEO.

“I looked at it, like most of the other leading candidates did, some years ago — flirted with it, for sure — but I’ve just admitted my mistake and said I was wrong,” Pawlenty added. “It would be harmful to the economy. It’s based on flawed science, and we should throw it out the window.”

But, just a few years ago Pawlenty was recording ads in support of this same “flawed science.” Below, you can watch the CNBC interview. What do you think? Flirtation or flipflop (or a mixture of the two)?
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4 Comments on “Pawlenty Explains Climate Past: I ‘Flirted With’ Cap and Trade”

  1. tgusa Says:

    Translation=I’m ******* stupid.

  2. PB-in-AL Says:

    Would that be something like if Ronin ‘flirted’ with the big burly bouncer down at the watering hole? It’s just wrong, and should have been as much against his nature…. were he a real conservative. (apologies, Ronin, it was the first comparison of such opposition to come to mind) 🙂

    The problem with Pawlenty and pretty much everyone else up there in DC, with a few exceptions, is that they’re not conservative; they’re self-servative.

    I think if Barry O and his boys are already starting to campaign, it’s time to crank up the “throw them all out” campaign again, as well.

  3. Big Frank Says:

    As usual the ‘country club’ and ‘checkered pants’ republicans are being too polite and nice to the opposition. Where is the fire and the passion? The 2008 campaign was over in the first day, McCain’s wimpy approach with all of that ‘nice guy’ crap made me cringe, it’s almost as if the towel was thrown in during the first round. I want to see a rough and tumble political battle, not a ‘polite’ pillow fight. Politics in the US has become a blood sport, the DemocRATS can only be defeated with a hard fought campaign projecting the truth and exposing their treachery and gross fiscal mismanagement placing the US on the path to ruin.

    • The problem with the ignorant Republicans is that they still think Democrats are playing politics as usual when, in fact, the (now) socialist Democrats are internal enemies of the state who are hell-bent on destroying America at all costs. Hence, this is an all out attack on the United States of America which calls for vehement opposition at all times to save America. Until the ignorant Republicans get that through their thick skulls, we are all doomed to suffer their inutile flowers of political kindness and complaisance while loaded guns are being pointed at their heads.


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