Ohio Pastor Has Atheist Billboard Removed From Church Property

Good for him!  However, if it would have been me, I wouldn’t have taken the billboard down; I would have simply climbed up there and changed the “can” into “can’t” and then, said nary a word about it:

Billboard removed from church land

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP – via Casa Grande Dispatch) — A billboard supporting atheism has been taken down from property owned by an Ohio church after the pastor complained.The ad put up in Columbus by the Freedom From Religion Foundation featured the beaming face of a local nonbeliever and the man’s message: “I can be good without God.”

The sign had upset Rev. Waymon Malone of Christ Cathedral Church. The church owns the land where the billboard went up. Malone was unavailable for comment, but his mother-in-law told The Columbus Dispatch on Tuesday that the pastor ordered the ad be removed.

Account executive Jay Schmidt with Matrix Media Services calls the billboard’s placement “an unfortunate oversight.” The ad agency says the sign came down days after it was installed last week and is back up at another site.

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3 Comments on “Ohio Pastor Has Atheist Billboard Removed From Church Property”

  1. Big Frank Says:

    BTW it’s freedom of religion not freedom from religion. Of course this basic concept is beyond the mental capacity of most of the lunatic, liberal, left.

  2. Leatherneck Says:

    Progressives believe one can evolve to a better person.

    Christians believe man is evil, but with G-d’s Holy Spirit can live a righteous life learning how to love others.

    It’s especially tough trying to love one’s enemy’s.

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