Obama Circumvents Guantanamo and Military Trials – Provides Full Legal Protection for Somali Terrorist

Terrorism suspect secretly held for two months
Ahmed Abdulkadir Warsame, a Somali, is the first detainee known to have been secretly held by the Obama administration outside the criminal justice system.

By Ken Dilanian, Washington Bureau – LA Times

A Somali militant linked to Al Qaeda was held and interrogated for two months on a U.S. Navy ship — the first publicly known example of the Obama administration secretly detaining a new terrorism suspect outside the criminal justice system.

Senior administration officials revealed the case Tuesday after an indictment against the man, Ahmed Abdulkadir Warsame, was unsealed in federal court in New York. The indictment, which does not mention Warsame’s military detention, charges that he worked to broker a weapons deal between Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Yemen and the Somali militant group Shabab. It alleges that he fought on Shabab’s behalf in Somalia in 2009, then went to Yemen in 2010 for explosives training and took part in terrorist activities there.

Did you catch that?  The military captured him, therefore he is a military prisoner.  Yet, Obama and Eric Holder have pulled rank and snatched him away from the military, placing him into the American legal system and “forgetting” to mention in the legal brief that he was captured by the military…

According to administration officials, Warsame was seized April 19 by U.S. forces in international waters while traveling between Yemen and Somalia. He had been identified by U.S. intelligence as an important target, the officials said.


Warsame’s detention marks a significant new step for the administration in its handling of terrorism suspects. President Obama pledged during his campaign to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, which was designed during the Bush administration as a place to hold detainees outside the reach of U.S. law. Although the administration has not succeeded in closing Guantanamo, it has, until now, not disclosed the existence of any new detainees.

Not succeeded?  That’s an interesting phrase.  Obama could have closed Guantanamo at anytime; he has the authority to do this.  However, somewhere along the way, Obama realized that he needed to keep these terrorists in military hands.  Therefore, he has purposely kept Guantanamo open for business.  Obviously, the author of this article is either ignorant or just trying to spin Obama’s own decision as somehow being the fault of Republicans.  I’ll go with the latter.


Although the Warsame case shows that extrajudicial detentions have resumed, the administration officials who discussed the case were at pains to note the differences between his case and those carried out under Bush.

Officials said Warsame’s interrogation was conducted under the rules of the U.S. Army Field Manual, which strictly limits the techniques that can be used. After the High-Value Interrogation Group had completed its questioning of Warsame and transferred him to FBI custody, he was read his Miranda rights, the officials said. Warsame waived his right to a lawyer and continued talking, the officials said.

Yup, Miranda rights for terrorists, courtesy of Obama.  [LINK]


Warsame is in federal custody in New York, where he was flown. Currently, no terrorism suspect is being held on a U.S. ship, the officials said. But they pointedly did not foreclose the possibility of similar detentions in the future. They declined to say how often such detentions had happened.

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One Comment on “Obama Circumvents Guantanamo and Military Trials – Provides Full Legal Protection for Somali Terrorist”

  1. Ciccio Says:

    I have never been fond of Somalis, their average of 6.7 children per wife in the midst of starvation, their complete and utter lawlessness wherever in the world they may be but today takes the cake.

    There is now on the BBC’s website another of of those sob stories about the poor Somalis having to trudge 100’s of miles to get to a refugee camp. There is another about the UN thanking the Shahab movement for allowing aid into their country. Thank you for letting us spend millions to feed your people, please don’t shoot us.Thanking a bunch of savages for being allowed to feed the same savages without being bitten. That story is bad enough but it was the first that got my goat.

    This poor woman had to trudge so far, she was so exhausted she could no longer carry her three year old daughter and had to drop her off at the side of the road (to die) so that she could make it to the camp. Do you remember that photo of the little African child and the vulture waiting for it to die? Photo of the year, epitome of the hunger and cruelty of Africa. Shortly after shooting that photo the photographer shot himself. In the fight of fame against humanity fame held out for a little while but humanity won. And the mother, the poor mother. She went on to talk to the BBC about the horrors she went through.

    Mothers work their fingers to the bone for their children.
    Mothers leave their homes for their children.
    Mothers leave their husbands for their children.
    Mothers starve to feed their children
    Mothers die fighting to save their children.

    Animals leave theirs at the side of the road.

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