Our Dark Overlord Says You WANT Your Taxes Increased

I don’t know about you, but I don’t recall asking for higher taxes!  However, I think the numbers that Obama is busy abusing here are polls which indicated that about 80 percent of Americans would support a higher tax on the rich.  Of course, 47 percent of Americans don’t pay taxes, so that leaves about 33 percent who are obviously ignorant and/or insane:

“You have 80% of the American people who support a balanced approach. 80% of the American people support an approach that includes revenues and includes cuts. So the notion that somehow the American people aren’t sold is not the problem. The problem is members of Congress are dug in ideologically.”

Dug in ideologically?  Hey, Obama, what about you?  YOU are the holdup here.

My grandmother called me up yesterday and asked the question:  Where was Obama last year when the Democrats controlled the House and Senate and yet decided to punt the budget down the road for the Republicans to deal with when they took over the House?

That’s a fair question.  If Obama is so concerned about raising the debt-limit, why didn’t he force the the House and Senate to pass a budget while the Democrats were in the majority?  Where were those daily budget negotiations?  Why wasn’t this a major concern last year in 2010 when the budget was actually suppose to have been passed?  I’ll tell you why, because this is all part of Obama’s plan to make the Republicans look bad and to blame any economic problems on the Republicans.  It’s really that simple.

So, who’s ideologically dug in?  Obama, that’s who!

What’s the solution?  Well, the solution, as Charles Krauthammer has elucidated, is for House Republicans to call Obama’s bluff;  Ignore Obama and just go ahead and pass a budget in the House—it’s the House’s responsibility anyway and they are not Constitutionally obligated to receive any input from Our Dark Overlord in crafting a budget—Then, the ball rolls into the Senate’s court.  The Senate doesn’t want to be in the spotlight on this issue, so they’ll pass the budget.  Then, the budget goes to Obama’s desk for a signature.  If Obama is really serious about the dire consequences associated with not raising the debt ceiling and all that jazz, he will be pressured to sign it. 

If Obama doesn’t sign it, then ALL of America will come understand that he is actually the one who is dug in ideologically and they will vote him out in 2012.

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5 Comments on “Our Dark Overlord Says You WANT Your Taxes Increased”

  1. CavMom Says:

    I was speaking to a woman about the possibility of congress eliminating the mortgage interest tax deduction. She has just purchased a brand new 3,500 sq ft home.

    I was shocked (shouldn’t have been) that she was not even remotely concerned about it. As it turns out they were approved for the loan even though neither person has a job. They are both on welfare, SSI, and workers comp for some ailment or another. It seems that they get a job for a week or two and then mysteriously are injured.

    They don’t care about any proposed taxes because they have never had to pay in.

    I am so damned sick of paying for leeches to live like kings.

    • Gonzo Says:

      Agreed. Welfare recipients should not be allowed to live in single family homes. Small roomed, dorm style living centers is my vision. Public transport, provided food, clothing, and social service doctors offices. No need for food stamps or debit cards, as the necessities are provided on the cheap.

      Don’t like it? – get a job.

      Act criminally while living in such cost effective housing? – see how you like living on the street.

      12-18 month tech degrees for free for those needing a good education. You want a 4 year degree, do like I did and work while attending school.

    • And then, predictably, the “welfare state” DemonRats will blame the Republicans for destroying the economy when this woman defaults on a loan she should have never been allowed to get in the first place!


  2. Big Frank Says:

    Excessive taxation is confiscation of our hard earned wealth which many of us still work for. Comrade Obama just wants to pick our wallets clean to buy his way back into the White House, and ‘change’ the US into a ‘Socialist Workers Paradise’.

  3. Durkothy Says:

    you say “dark overlord” alot. seems a little racially charged.

    also, you seem to care about taxes for millionaires and billionaires a great deal. Is this website run by an independently wealthy person?

    also, taxes are at 60 year lows… so I think the responsible thing to do is 1) Lower our expenses AND 2) pay off our debt with (drum roll) TAXES.

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