Malaysian ‘teapot cult’ loses to islamic Pedophile cult

Did anyone ever really think that the pedophile cult would just let her leave?

19 July, 2011, BBC
Malaysia’s civil court has refused a woman permission to leave Islam to avoid being jailed for apostasy.

Kamariah Ali, 60, says she should not be tried under Islamic law because she is no longer a Muslim.
-Personally, I welcome anyone smart enough to leave islam, it doesn’t matter to me where they go just as long as they break free. In her case, she failed, that is just an opportunity to try again.

She follows the Sky Kingdom sect, known as the teapot cult because it built a giant teapot to symbolise its belief in the healing purity of water.
-She might be onto something, it worked for New Orleans and Indonesia.

But judges ruled that only Malaysia’s Islamic courts could decide on the case because Ms Kamariah was born a Muslim.

Malaysia’s Islamic courts have authority over only Muslims – the rest of the population are not bound by their rules.
-What??? Muslims have their own rules?? Who knew??

The BBC’s Jennifer Pak in Kuala Lumpur says Ms Kamariah’s case is one of a growing number of legal challenges brought by those caught between the Islamic authorities and the civil courts.
-Unfortunately the we just want sharia to apply for islamic religious matters scam has doomed muslims even in western countries. The pedophile cult is relentless.

Ms Kamariah had asked the civil courts to declare her freedom to worship, as guaranteed by the constitution.

But the judging panel said she had to go through the Islamic courts system in order to renounce her faith something that is rarely granted, our correspondent says.

The dual-track system has created problems for people who want to convert to another religion from Islam, or in child-custody battles involving Muslims and non-Muslims.

The most high-profile case involved a Muslim father who secretly converted his children to Islam. He gained custody through the Islamic courts while the mother, a Hindu, was granted guardianship under civil law.
-LOL, what a strong male muslim. The coward was so scared to ask his wife he joined the cult secretly.

The Sky Kingdom sect, based in the strongly Muslim state of Terengganu, is regarded as heretical by the Islamic authorities.

It claims to promote harmony between religious groups, and its leader Ayah Pin believes he is the saviour of the world.
-Well at least he doesn’t give that power to a seventh century pedophile. I want to encourage all the rest of the muslims to switch cults. If you are not into tea pots and sky kingdoms, buy a Jeep and go worship mud. Just get yourself free. If you want to drop cults all together, I can hook you up with a few experts on a real religion. Whatever you do, flee islam before while you can.

In 2005 many of its members – including Ms Kamariah – were prosecuted by the Islamic authorities. Ayah Pin is believed to have fled to Thailand.

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One Comment on “Malaysian ‘teapot cult’ loses to islamic Pedophile cult”

  1. Of all the religions on this planet. Islam is the one that allows its former followers to be killed.

    Yet another reason to stay away from it!

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