Ohio Cop Threatens to Shoot Man for Not Immediately Informing Him of a Concealed Carry With Permit

Look, I have a lot of respect for police officers and the job they do.  However, this abusive, foul-mouthed cop needs to lose his job! 

The video clearly shows the driver trying to inform the cops that he has a conceal carry permit and is carrying a weapon.  However, the cops didn’t want to hear what he had to say. 

That’s the problem with many cops today; they want you to keep your mouth shut and “respect” their authority like a dumb cow being herded into the pen.   Then, when you try to tell them that you have a concealed weapon with a permit, they freak out like you just raped their little baby sister!   It’s absolutely symptomatic of the fascist police state America has been dragged  into via the Progressive Commies who have destroyed America and shredded the U.S. Constitution:

WARNING!:  This video contains language absolutely NOT suitable for younger viewers.  And, all that abusive, filthy, foul-mouthed  cussing isn’t coming from any of the suspects, it’s coming straight out of the mouth of those who are suppose to be professionals!  So, be sure to keep the audio down if you have any small children nearby:

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6 Comments on “Ohio Cop Threatens to Shoot Man for Not Immediately Informing Him of a Concealed Carry With Permit”

  1. Ciccio Says:

    Were the states a civilized country, we would have watched a cop digging his grave.

  2. Gonzo Says:

    I see from the updates on the associated webpage that the cop was fired, as well he should have been.
    I understand the initial approach of the vehicle in a suspicion of prostitution. Everything after that was a pathetic display of unprofessional bullying. The cop wasnt angry, he was getting his jock strap off by bullying the suspects – and “suspects” is the key word. The cop did manage to ask a couple leading questions, but he was so busy being an a-hole, that he messed up the investigation too.

    I saw in that video an illegal search, as the driver was not asked if they could search the car, and there was no cause to look for drugs if the reason for the pull over was related to prostitution, and no indication of drug use nor drugs found on any suspect.
    I heard the cop threaten assault against the woman and the driver, and the threat of murder against a suspect that, to that point, had done nothing provably illegal.

    I think LEO’s have a tough job, and like any profession, some are decent people and others are idiots – like this cop. What I wish to see is this cops name posted everywhere this story is published, so that potential employers, if they perform a prudent search, will know what this idiot is like. I’m not able to find his name.

    As for the gun laws in Ohio and the way legal gun owners are being treated, this is most certainly an abomination against Constitutionality. Individuals do not get CCW’s if they are felons. Getting a permit should signal to a cop that they are fairly upstanding citizens at that point. To make the act of not commenting about a legal carry a felon, just so the gvt can remove the right to carry, is a deviate totalitarian move by a gvt run amok.

    BTW, having committed felony intimidation against two suspects, that cop should never again be given a license to carry a weapon. He is just to plain stupid and irresponsible of a human being to be walking among other people with a weapon.

  3. CavMom Says:

    The officer’s name is Daniel Harless. According to WKYC news in Canton

  4. CavMom Says:

    I just found this video.. Of an appropriate response by LEO to a report of a man with a gun.

    There are good cops and bad cops. I pray that I am never pulled over by the crazed type in the initial video.

  5. tgusa Says:

    Right now in Afghanistan the Taliban are rounding up, lining up and gunning down groups of policemen. There were probably some good cops among those unfortunate men. Too bad we could not have exchanged one if them for this Ohio guy.

  6. Mike Ebner Says:

    I work in Canton on a regular basis and have a CCW permit although the majority of the time I do not carry a weapon. When I saw the video of the Canton officer I was speechless. Harless aka (RoboCop) is no better than a common criminal himself. The best thing the Canton PD can do at this point is to rid themselves of this individual and make a public apology to the community for his actions.

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