Dhimmi NJ Gov. Chris Christie Goes Sharia – Defends Appointment of Muslim Judge Linked to Terrorists

If there is one thing that absolutely rubs me the wrong way with Chris Christie it’s his consistent track record of supporting Islam—even to the point of trampling on the Constitutional rights of individuals to exercise their Freedom of Speech whenever Islam is involved!  So, it doesn’t surprise me that Gov. Christie not only appointed a Muslim judge, but goes on record dismissing and berating citizens with legitimate concerns over the possibility that a Muslim judge might put Sharia Law above the U.S. Constitution:

Chris Christie Blasts ‘Crazies’ After Appointing Muslim Judge: The ‘Sharia Law Business Is Just Crap’
August 4, 2011 – Jonathon M. Seidl – The Blaze

I guess you can call Chis Christie the antithesis of Herman Cain.

The New Jersey governor appointed a Muslim judge this year, something Cain said he would never do (and then backtracked), and during a press conference yesterday answered questions about it. Or more appropriately put, he delivered a trademarked, passionate tongue-lashing of those who questioned his decision.

Mediaite has some of Christie’s most colorful quotes (which I’ve bolded):

“Ignorance is behind the criticism of Sohail Mohammed,” he told a reporter asking about the complaints that he may be inadequate to be a judge because he defended Muslim Americans who were wrongly arrested post-9/11. “He is an extraordinary American who is an outstanding lawyer and played an integral role in the post-September 11th period in building bridges between the Muslim American community in this state and law enforcement,” Gov. Christie argued, adding that he was “disgusted, candidly, by some of the questions he was asked… at the Senate judiciary committee.”

But it was a follow-up question on the fear of Sharia Law that set the governor off. “Sharia Law has nothing to do with this at all, it’s crazy!” he cried. “The guy is an American citizen!” He concluded that the “Sharia Law business is just crap… and I’m tried of dealing with the crazies,” adding with disgust and frustration that “it’s just unnecessary to be accusing this guy of things just because of his religious background.”

Watch it unfold below:

Mohammed is an Indian-American who was appointed as a Superior Court judge back in January. He has just now been sworn in.

I wonder what Herman Cain will say.

For troubling information about Judge Sohail Mohammed’s links to terrorist organizations, CLICK HERE.

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15 Comments on “Dhimmi NJ Gov. Chris Christie Goes Sharia – Defends Appointment of Muslim Judge Linked to Terrorists”

  1. 1MuslimUmmah Says:

    I love the way Americans get worked up when they hear about Muslims in America placed in positions of power. This is laughable because it shows their ignorance to how many Muslims are and have been in such positions for a long long time. There are high ranking Muslims all around the world actually including Americas own armed forces. So why the rant? Oh I know. Because the media tells you to rant. Many here wouldn’t even know if they’ve met a Muslim and may have even had their child or spouses life saved or treated by a Muslim. What many Americans don’t understand is that there are Arab, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, European, African, and many more ethnic Muslims in America so before you go venting think about who you’re ultimately offending: the whole of humanity since all of mankind have the choice to worship or not worship as they see fit. May Allah have mercy on those who only live to bring humanity down. I am Muslim, proud of it, and thankful that Allah has chosen me to follow Him, the Truth.

    • I am a saved sinner, redeemed by the most precious commodity of all, the precious blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, who takes away the sins of the world.

      • 1MuslimUmmah Says:

        Thanks Mullah,

        I fully support and appreciate those who can voice their own declarations of faith or lack thereof without trying to step on others to do so. Much more respectable, effective, and easily received.

    • Gonzo Says:

      @1MsulimUmmah, who writes, “the whole of humanity since all of mankind have the choice to worship or not worship as they see fit.”

      So why is it that polls indicate that most muslims worldwide, (with very high percentages in the mideast), believe that apostates from islam should be put to death?

      If islam is so righteous, why does islam feel the need to keep muslims in-line by threatening them with death for leaving?

      Only an islamofascist would suggest that only islam is the truth, and anyone else or any other ideal is adverse to humanity. Why pray to Allah for guidance on which way to travel, when you are unwilling to move your feet?

      • Ronin Says:

        His name explains everything my friend. One muslim world, the how and why change with the individual cult member but all the pedophile worshipers want the same thing.

        Our exposure is what they fear. Don’t mention anything bad about the pedophile mohammed, his crimes, his lies, abuse of children. Nope, that is all hate speech.

        They are all different, do not see muslims as a group. Just because they all worship a madman with a violent ideology designed to abuse non-believers, its all good. They are just like us-only different.

        Loyal er muslims, loyal to what again? Oh yeah a seventh century criminal.

  2. Gonzo Says:

    And so it begins.
    Soon, the White House may be leading the charge to clamp down on criticisms of islam: http://dailycaller.com/2011/08/04/anti-terror-plan-allies-white-house-with-muslim-groups/2/

    “It also discourages criticism of Muslim groups, even when they share common beliefs with terrorists. (1) the United States is out to destroy Islam; and (2) this justifies violence against Americans.” C

    “Advocates from MPAC, CAIR and other Muslim advocacy groups have met with Obama administration officials during the last two years, but leaders in Jasser’s council of Western-oriented Muslim groups say they were frozen out of government discussions.” — gee, now why would actual moderate, democratic Muslims be left out of discussions in favor of those who support extremism?

    “Strong religious beliefs should never be confused with violent extremism … [and] officials and the American public should not stigmatize or blame communities because of the actions of a handful of individuals.” True, the only time that would be appropriate would be if in nearly every community that is ran by the political system of islam that the prevailing culture resulted in injustice through mob justice incited by religious leaders, oppression of women, child rape, censorship, apartheid against other cultures and religions, forced conversion, forced adherence to dogmatic practices, and systematic and violent injunctions against any form of opposition, THEN it would be appropriate to stigmatize an entire community that would either partake in, or allow such atrocity to happen.

  3. The problem is that sharia laws are part of islam. After all… islam is a theocratic system and the use of ‘ummah’ in your screen name means that you stupidily support such madness.

    It is not Americas media that cause us to comment on this story but the equal stupidily of the muslim sharia-ists and thier leftist allies that are caught up in saving thier own asses by destroying the rest of us politically and lawfully.

    You 1muslim dont like our rants, comments and so forth but you cant stop us from reading aboput islam from people like you and other islamic sects and recognizing that islam is not a mere religino but a system that destroyed the middle east politically, religiously and so forth.

    • 1MuslimUmmah Says:

      While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I find it absolutely amazing that arguments against Islam are always profane, abusive, slandering, offensive, degrading, and moreover FALSE.

      Reference your rigged polls, watch your biased and agenda-driven media, and keep bashing the Muslim population based on misinformation, lies, and intentional misleading in order to make Muslims out to be the bad guys the SAME EXACT WAY NAZI GERMANY DID TO THE JEWS.

      You guys kill me the way you act as if you’ve got it all figured out only to resort to degrading comments when you run out of the false fuel you think you have to keep your propaganda band wagon rolling.

      I need not to resort to any degrading comments whatsoever. By my dialogue, grammar, and use of the English language, you should be able to tell I was born and raised as an American. I am proud to be American but if I were born elsewhere I’m sure I would be proud to be whichever nation I was born a citizen to. For the most part I believe that. IT’S CALLED LOYALTY.

      So now that I am Muslim, or a revert to Islam, however technical you choose to get with it, I do have to say that my ultimate loyalty is to Allah as should anyone place their god above country, as the laws of countries change, are governed by men, and easily corrupted. Does that make me a threat to America or does that make me a religious man who also happens to be a realist.

      Any Christian Pastor, Jewish Rabbi, Buddhist Monk, or even Muslim Sheikh in America would ALL SAY THAT THEY PLACE THEIR GOD ABOVE THE LAWS OF ANY NATION.

      But Sharia law is the issue? Oh okay. So because Islam has a political system, legal system, and religious system within it’s “infrastructure” it is a threat. Got it.

      Makes more sense to have a political, legal, and religious system that is forever becoming more corrupt. Like how do our congressmen and congresswomen get paid more than the American Troops on the ground? Aren’t they supposed to work for us? When was the last time we had a vote IN ANYTHING???

      And someone said that Islam has brought down the Middle East. Do your homework stud. The Middle East was brought down by external corruption and mass infiltration to deteriorate the strength of the Middle East from within.

      How’s that saying go?… Divide and Conquer.

      Yeah… that sounds about right.

      • Gonzo Says:

        1) A person most certainly does have the right to prioritize their personal life how they see fit. If you want to put God before anything else in your life, that is your right. The problem is when someone wants to put *your* god as a priority above anything else in *other* peoples lives.

        2) Understanding the history of islam, and the tactics used for creeping sharia is nothing like Nazi’s propaganda against the Jews. Interesting that you would use that analogy though, given islam’s own hatred and propaganda against the Jews.

        3) Yes, the fact that islam, unlike any other religion, is also an oppressive totalitarian theocratic political system is an issue, *because* its adherents not only have a 1400 brutal history of inflicting it on those who don’t want it, but also have a plan to take down the free world with it.

        4) The pay that Congress gets does not suggest corruption. The draft has not been used in a very long time. People who join the military agree to the terms of compensation.

        5) You apparently don’t understand a democracy, nor how it works. Legislatures are elected to enact laws, that is their job. It would be entirely too cumbersome to vote on every single piece of legislation. The American model of democracy may not be the best, however, it is still the best system out there.

        6) Islamic systems are strife with corruption. The reason so many dictators are falling is demonstrative of that fact. Corruption can also lay with clerics, as they abuse their position to rape and pillage. You need to read more islamic history, stud.

        7) The mideast *was* brought down by islam, via the sword. Most during a time when the US did not even exist, nor when Rome nor Christianity had any influence in the area. As for recent times, Mubarak of Egypt was voted in initially by the Egyptian people. HE became corrupt, as did his dictatorship.

  4. Big Frank Says:

    I reside in NJ IMHO this will become one of Gov. Christie’s biggest blunders, It shows how far most politicians will go down the PC route to garner more votes. It’s just another attempt to gain minority votes. How hard up could one become?

  5. Well… whats false about our statements 1muslim?

    I have read the quran, hadiths and read from MUSLIM websites and blogs. And yet according to you everything I know about islam is false and yet everything I know about islam comes from you moslems.

    None of my statements are untrue.

    As for your previous comments…

    Germanys nazis did indeed use false information against the Jews, JW, Handicapped and others and yet where is the so called ‘true’ information that can verify islam being mistreated without a cause in the West?

    After all islam was spread by its dahwahists by word and last by jihads swords. Or dont you know islams history?

    Though your an American… since you place your faith in islams allah that places you under the system of islam that is basically a Theocracy and un-American. By placing your loyalty under islam you have removed your own legal rights as a American and placed them under a foreign power.

    Under sharia laws Christians, Jews, Atheists, wiccans and many other faiths are either ‘protected’ or destroyed. And yet this is the system you perfer compaired to Americas system where we can all have a place at the table.

    And by the way I am a Christian and I frankly dont trust islam as a Theocracy, religion, system, doctrine or theology.

  6. tgusa Says:

    Dumb ****s sink ships, and countries.

  7. tgusa Says:

    I first realized the chivalrous (snicker) Christies destructive tendencies when he stood up to defend Meg Whitman from some lefty hack attack when they were both together on stage at a live event as she was seeking the guvnership out here. No real guvner needs another as a shield. She was unqualified, that I knew even before that happened, but that action really sealed the deal and doomed the Whitman campaign. And then along came the union housekeeping illegal ingrate to put the final nail in her already self made coffin. She may not have been qualified but she was not a clown, which is what we have toady, clowns in charge. Its not funny either.

  8. Bob Says:

    THe cult of islam is profane, abusive, slandering, offensive, degrading, and moreover FALSE.

  9. […] In fact, I still admire him to a certain extent. However, his fatuous support when it comes to Islam and Homosexuality at the expense of the individual’s Right to Free Speech has forever tarnished […]

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