Small Business Owner Calls On Obama to Apologize to America!

Good stuff.  Well worth the time to watch:

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One Comment on “Small Business Owner Calls On Obama to Apologize to America!”

  1. Gonzo Says:

    I believe that the most logical solution is a flat tax rate. Granted, the elitist rich have been against this, (namely because they pay less % wise than middle-Americans by a slight margain), but I believe that can be addressed too.

    17% flat income tax on all income, regardless of source, (including from welfare), legislation that freezes that rate forever, and legislation that requires the fed gvt to spend within the income…end of story, period. Business would be taxed, (not at the stupid 35%, minus all of the loopholes), but at an internationally favorable 6%, also locked in forever.

    Then, get out of the business of being a governmental p.i.t.a.
    No more minimum wage increases – that only affects inflation.
    No more market interferences, such as pushing banks to give loans to those who can’t afford them.

    If the feds want more income, they have to implement strategies that put people to work, can make capital gains, and/or sound investments.

    The backlash would be that ppl would then know exactly what to expect.

    Overall risks should decrease, which should spur economic outlooks.

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