Wisconsin Police Put On Their Libtard Glasses: Deny Racially Motivated Hate Crimes Against Whites at State Fair

Yes, you read that headline right:  Despite numerous witnesses who saw unruly “black youths” targeting whites at the state fair, the local law enforcement agency has bought into the Liberal and Lame Stream Media  lie that blacks can’t be racists.  And, as such, no hate crime has taken place.

Of course, had this been a mob of whites targeting blacks at the fair, you can bet your sweet patootie that the local law enforcement agency would be charging them with hate crimes.  Leading the charge, of course, would most certainly be Attorney General Eric “my people” Holder:

Police: No hate crimes in these State Fair arrests
AP – via TwinCities.com

WEST ALLIS, Wis.—West Allis police are releasing new details about some arrests on the opening night of the Wisconsin State Fair, but say none of those incidents possessed elements that would prompt their prosecution as hate crimes.

WTMJ-AM reports the Police Department issued a statement Tuesday with new information about a handful of the more than two dozen arrests made last week.

Witnesses reported the opening night attacks seemed to be racially motivated with young African Americans beating up white fair goers, but police say as of now there isn’t enough evidence to support those claims.

The State Fair has since stepped up security with the help of local and state officers. There have been no reports of similar widespread incidents since opening night.

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10 Comments on “Wisconsin Police Put On Their Libtard Glasses: Deny Racially Motivated Hate Crimes Against Whites at State Fair”

  1. Gonzo Says:

    I am a white man, and I feel absolutely no guilt whatsoever for being so.

    I feel no guilt over slavery, as it was not the white man who started it or even continue it yet today.

    I feel no guilt over slavery, as the white man has worked hard to end it.

    I feel no guilt over the short history of slavery in the USA, as there has not been any here for a very long time, and no one alive was either a slave or a slave owner.

    I feel no guilt over prejudices, as all races of people accept and are influenced by prejudices. I control only that which is in my own conscience.

    I feel no guilt when as a young man in college in a southern po-dunk town, the police would stop and watch me, but only when I was walking with my black friend. It was not me who was doing the profiling.

    I feel no guilt over the portrayals of stereotypes of the various races of people that you see on TV, whether that portrayal is one of white people (as wealthy self-absorbed drama queens), black people (as angry, mouth wided-open animals), asian (as submissive yet intrinsically intelligent), latino (as lazy and uncivilized), or the indigenous indians (as TP dwellers, smoking pipes and recalling stories of the glory days). I feel no guilt over this, as I make the effort not to be influenced by what the media and modern music portrays people as.

    I feel no guilt over being annoyed at those people who DO fall for hype, for I am not the white person who buys the media stereotype because they see *some* black people who also fall for the stereotypes and media hype who walk around all angry and “victimized”, and then as a nonthinking white person, attribute that stupidity to ALL black people.

    I feel no guilt over the legitimate differences between the sexes, or the fact that women have to be the ones to be pregnant and bear children.

    I feel no guilt over my hires and the make up of the people around me at the workplace, for I’ve treated everyone equally. I can be just as annoyed with someone regardless of the color of their skin or their gender, just like I can appreciate work ethic that rises to my standard, again, regardless of who they are.

    I feel no guilt over my religious beliefs.

    I feel no guilt for believing that the liberal propaganda that only white people can be racist, is full tilt BS.

    I feel no guilt for believing that the recent rash in various cities around the country of flash mob attacks on white people by mobs of black youths is cowardly, injustice, and bona-fide hate crimes.I further feel no guilt for believing that this is the result of the liberal agenda, coupled with irresponsible journalism and media programing, and that more than likely, the youths are getting their heads filled with messages of hate from music, media, and at home.

    I feel no guilt over believing that anyone, regardless of skin color, who attack others violently over racial hatred, should be caught, charged with a hate crime, and “spanked” hard for their offense, regardless of their excuses, and regardless of whether they are white, black, brown, or purple.

    Finally, I will feel no guilt for asking my black son to do chores around the house – they were good enough for me to be asked to do by my loving and caring parents, they will be good enough for him to do too. And I won’t feel the least bit of guilt for not taking any lip from him over having to do chores. The character of a man, regardless of his skin color, is molded by the expectations others put before him, and then chosen by him as being that which will *be* him.

    I know the character of the man my parents raised, and I feel no guilt over my chosen self.


  2. tgusa Says:

    The West Allis police,
    Motto, To un-nerve and deflect. wth?

    I agree Big Frank. Nice job Gonzo.

  3. I feel NO guilt:

    Because I am white

    Because I accept people as they are without worrying about race, religion etc.

    Because slavery happened before my birth and had nothing to do with my family.

    Because racism, sexism, exsisted before my birth and donot make up my ideology.

  4. And I have no guilt over Christianities past, present or future.

  5. gene willis Says:

    okay SO YOU DONT FEEL NO GUILT BECAUSE OF WHAT?WHAT DOSE YOU’R TERMINALOGY HAVE TO DO WITH POLICE THAT SAY BLACKS CANT BE RACISES EXCEPT FOR WHITES ONLY.bad anology,who writes you’r term papers,dr. peper?libtards there on every thread.

    • Gonzo Says:

      Hi Gene. You have to read all of the comments in succession to understand each point more thoroughly. Thank you, though, for recognizing how lib-tards can have such a negative affect on just about everything they touch. One of which, no doubt, is education.

      Speaking of education, since you brought up the proper writing of a term paper as a point of interest, I’d like to help you out with your own writing, (note, the word is ‘your’, being possessive, and not ‘you’re’ which is like saying “you are”).

      Besides the host of other grammatical and spelling errors in your post, to say, “blacks cant be racist except for whites only”, is like saying that the only blacks that can be racists are the white blacks. I’m fairly confident that you intended to say something else. If you were writing a term paper, you would want to write your comment something like this:

      “Okay, so you don’t feel any guilt, why? What does your comment have to do with the notion that police are influenced by the liberal mantra that only whites can be racists and blacks cannot be racists? You presented a bad analogy. Who proof reads your term papers, Dr. Pepper? It is a pity that I find these liberal comments on every thread.”

      Gene, if you want to chastise people for their writing styles, you may want to first enroll in, and achieve great success in, a good writing class.

  6. Why thank you gene for your response. Although you have a few problems with your comment.

    1 ANY race can be racist. This INCLUDES blacks…

    2 I am NOT a libtard nor do I associate with such persons.

    And no I donot attend college or write term papers.

    libtardism creates the so called ‘white guilt’ because of the long history of teaching in public schools that ‘whites ALONE’ are responsible for slavery and the abuses therein. ALL countries and socities have had slavery.

    Which means NO ONE is guiltless of slavery or its abuses.

  7. tgusa Says:

    The thing that will surprise me most is if these retards are not enslaved in the very near future. I am tired of these people making the rest of us look bad around the world as they drool the racism meme. Vote democrat and you too can become a moron.

    If we don’t embrace a culture of hate and criminality we are racists, okie dokie. Sorry, we are much smarter than that.

  8. gene willis Says:

    i pinched fingers here.

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