Lefturd Defends UK’s Welfare State Rioters

Apparently, in Erica Payne’s little mind, the staunchly paternalistic government of the UK isn’t doling out enough welfare dough to keep the spoiled little brats happy:

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25 Comments on “Lefturd Defends UK’s Welfare State Rioters”

  1. Gonzo Says:

    Basics of living in many parts of Africa: bugs to eat for food.

    Basic living as defined by world standards: food, clothing, shelter.

    Basic living as defined by an ever increasing world socialist movement of ineptly named “entitlements”: pop, juice, bottled water, beer, wine, whiskey, energy drinks, coffee, tea, flavored yuppie water of the week, 3 changes of clothes a day, 50 pairs of shoes, hoodies, 17 kinds of shirts, 11 kinds of pants, coats, jackets, accessories, accessories, accessories, home like yer daddy has, w/better furniture, big screen TV, 2 other TV’s, 3 computers, internet, three phone numbers, seven phones, bicycle, car, cable/satellite TV, $100 in spending cash a day, and 1 whinny little voice that you are not well off enough.

    • Big Frank Says:

      A few members of my extended family work in social services (the welfare dept), when some clients come to the office many are rude, and demand services,with such a sense of entitlement they act as if society has been screwing them over since the beginning of time. Fraud is rampant, however there are few arrests and fewer convictions. No one should starve here in the land of plenty, however only those truly in need should receive benefits. The social safety net should be a rung on a ladder to assist one for a given time period, not a constant crutch and a way of life. The mentality among some 4th and 5th generation recipients is “why work when the ‘man’ will pay all of the bills.

      • Gonzo Says:

        Agreed Frank. I do understand that there are those who use the system as intended, one was a relative of mine who used it as a hand up after tragedy befell her.

        However, so many others are being socialized in to a lifestyle of welfare’ism for life, that the system is effectually breeding a new form of criminal who will justify in their minds any violence for any reason, and feel entitled to get away with it.

        Recently I was in a drug store and saw a person trying to first buy alcohol, and then cigs with a welfare debit card. He became quite indignant that he was not able to use the card for those things. He ended up buying an arm load of candy bars with it. The system needs fixed.

  2. This is typical of what socialism does to any country and it has been going on here lots longer than most realize. Going back and doing historical research you can find that socialism in this country really started before the Lincoln administration and that Lincoln had socialists and even outright communists both in his Union armies and in the early Republican Party. If you want to read about this get hold of the book “Lincoln’s Marxists” just recently published by Pelican Publishing Co. This will explain how the Republicans were in the beginning, really the party of big government.

  3. islams not for me Says:

    Despite her ‘defense’.

    Those in the UK who decided to ‘strike back’ at thier ‘oppressors’ in reality bit the hand that fed them. If they have such great benefits with monies, rent, food and more thier anarchy means jack s***!!

  4. Gonzo Says:

    Animals are animals.
    I’ve heard stories of swans being fed by people, and when the food runs out, the swan attacks them. The video below demonstrates such a thing, (last 10 seconds of clip show the swan become aggressive and hiss as food is not coming fast enough now).

    The socialists are creating generations of “entitled” people, who have been conditioned via positive reinforcement to be sucklings on the breast of the gvt, never lifting a finger toward self sufficiency, and only expecting to be given everything. And when they don’t get it, they use negative reinforcement to demand (hiss) that they should be fed more.

    Welcome to socialist utopia.

    • Gonzo Says:

      BTW, if you would like to see this in action, find a way to threaten Congress with the removal of their lifetime of “entitlements” after they leave office. Bet there would be some hissing then too.

  5. tgusa Says:

    So now it is patriotic for millionaire airheads to support the burning and looting of small businesses? Who knew?

    Erica Payne’s little mind,
    The understatement of the last hundred years.

  6. LIONHEART Says:

    Erica Payne dose this woman live in a bubble where everything is all nice and fluffy. I live in England and North London to boot where all this shit kicked off. It’s a very Black and Ethnic area, It has nothing to do with Rich, Poor, or Middle class, it was just what they like to do “cause trouble, Loot (steal stuff to you and me) smash up stuff (vandalize to you and me) Beat up innocent people that had finished an honest days work (people with Jobs to you an me) that actually want one I might add, Burn down business’s were people have Jobs and a lively hood plus Burning peoples homes. As I said it’s not Rich and Poor, example one girl looter was the daughter of a millionaire, another girl was a Olympic ambassador (not any-more) another a was a medical student but most were just unemployed black’s and ethnic’s with the od white wannabe Black. But if you look at all the main tabloid news paper front pages there was a white RIOTER the paper’s were pulled on it, but I must state not all Blacks and ethnics are Looters, arsonists, most still are drug dealers, rapists, and muggers. Funny how the film release Rise of the Planet of the Apes was on in London at the same time.

  7. Janus Says:

    Compared to racist America, Britain is a ‘welfare state’. However, compared to other West European countries Britain is definataly not a welfare state. A lot of white American Christians incorrectly believe that only those who work shoud be able to eat. Since when do Americans really care about Christian principles when they never prohibited interest/usuary and never paid for the slaves they hijacked from Africa?

    • Anus says: “A lot of white American Christians incorrectly believe that only those who work shoud be able to eat”

      Careful, your Biblical illiteracy is showing:

      “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.” – 2 Thessalonians 3:10

      “Since when do Americans really care about Christian principles when they never prohibited interest/usuary and never paid for the slaves they hijacked from Africa?”

      The fact of the matter is that white Americans have already paid for slavery with their own blood; does the U.S. Civil War ring a bell?

      Are the lives of over 600,000 human beings still not enough recompense for you?

      I find it laughable that you fatuously attempt to lay the blame for slavery at the foot of America. Have you never heard of the Atlantic Slave Trade?

      —The slave traders were, in order of scale: the Portuguese, the British, the French, the Spanish, the Dutch, and Americans.

      Seems to me that the UK, as the number 2 trader of slaves worldwide, was doing more than their fair share of hijacking blacks from Africa…

      So, go pander your slander somewhere else, Anus.

      • Nalik Says:

        Americans, notably those who are white, have never paid any compensations for their crimes of being the main conductor of the transatlantic slave trade. You are dillusional if you think compensation that has matched the crime has happened. In the unlikely event of David Duke becoming president he will reduce/abolish the little welfare America has. However, one thing he will never do is abolish interest even though this is prohibited in Christianity. In other words, white Americans only care about Christian principles as long it benefits the economically. Right, dog?

        • tgusa Says:

          The first slave owner in America was a black man, his slave, black.

          Make no mistake, Americans will have justice. The day will come in America where Americans sue these racial groups for contaminating our country with tribalism.

        • Phallic, err, Nalik said: “Americans, notably those who are white, have never paid any compensations for their crimes of being the main conductor of the transatlantic slave trade. “

          What are you, stupid or something?

          I reiterate:

          1) WHITE Americans paid with the blood of over 600,000 fellow Americans.
          2) The Americans were NOT the “main conductor of the transatlantic slave trade.” The UK was ranked as the number 2 trader of slaves in the entire world, America wasn’t even in the top 5. Where’s the UK’s compensation for their crimes?

          You are a moron if you think money is worth more than a life—times over 600,000 lives, to be more accurate.

          Where’s your blood? Where’s your list of dead ancestors who died fighting so that blacks could live free?

          I thought not.

          “You are dillusional if you think compensation that has matched the crime has happened.”

          What’s the total dollar, err, pound, err, Euro amount you would ascribe to that “crime” as adequate recompense?

          Is not the blood of over 600,000 human beings worth more than all the gold and silver in the world?

          Since you folks in the UK were the number 2 slave traffickers in the world, and NEVER paid with your lives to end slavery, perhaps it is YOU who are the ones who actually owe us blacks some money.

          Again, I am EXTREMELY curious as to what amount of gold and silver could ever liquidate the balance sheet along and finally satiate your obvious cupidity.

          Once you have that figure in mind, I suggest you contact the queen and ask her to fork it over.

          BTW – I’m part black, so be sure to make that check out to “Doctor Bulldog.” :-/

          “In the unlikely event of David Duke becoming president he will reduce/abolish the little welfare America has. However, one thing he will never do is abolish interest even though this is prohibited in Christianity”

          I’m sorry, but you obviously have me confused with someone who gives a flying fart about your little homosexual obsession with David Duke..

          Sure, I believe that lending money at interest exploits the needy by making them submit to ruinous conditions; not very Christian-like at all.

          If it were up to me, I would eliminate, or, at the very least, scale back the interest charged on a loan.

          So, what’s your point?

          Of course, even if the interest charged on loans is outlawed, the money lenders will always find another way to gouge their customers (as Obama has discovered when he tried to tackle the interest problem). Since actual real world experience shows that one can NEVER truly eliminate interests charged to the customer if a money lender wishes to stay in business, it’s a waste of time and effort to even try.

          Best to let the customers regulate the interest rates; The customers will let the money lender know when he/she is charging too much interest by doing business elsewhere.

        • Gonzo Says:

          Hey nalik, speaking of paying due compensation for wrongs committed regarding slavery, when will the UK finally formally apologize for their involvement in supporting the southern confederacy during the American Civil War, in which the UK actually built and manned two warships for the South? Thats right, the British supported slavery in America back then because of the British appetite for American cotton.

          Don’t you feel a bit foolish now, knowing that while America was trying to end slavery via civil war, the UK was trying to keep slavery going over low cotton prices? Quite the hypocrite there, arent you Skippy? 🙂

      • tgusa Says:

        What an Anus. The late 1400s is when Europeans began exploring the African coast. By the time of the US Declaration of Independence and the first “Americans” the African slave trade was well established. No one can even name an American that participated in the rounding up and shipping off of slaves African slaves. The British did introduce forced servitude, or, white slavery to the North American continent though. A lot of the world seems to think we are the Spanish! Sorry, that is South America, you can tell the difference even today.

        Spain, Portugal, England, France, Holland, they were all there early. The Italians even had a monopoly on trade with the Arabs.

        • tgusa Says:

          The continent of Africa can truly be considered the land of racism and racial murder. Racism, racial murder, were going on when white Europeans first arrived there and it still continues today. Who knows what the world could have been like without Africa.

      • tgusa Says:

        The first European to cross the Sahara desert on foot had to do it disguised as a muslim.

        No ****.

  8. As far as I am concerned janus and nalik…

    ‘White’ Americans have already paid for slavery of Africans in the following ways.

    1 We asked for thier forgiveness.

    2 We AGREED that racism is wrong and our laws and attitudes have changed over 200 years!

    3 WE FREED them!

    4 We allowed them to marry whomever they will.

    5 We allowed them to train for employment / careers, use thier money to buy property, raise thier children in whatever religion they chose.

    6 The Christian church and other religions feed the poor in the USA and the rest of the world.

    So my question to you is WHAT HAVE YOU in the UK done to ask forgiveness the Africans, Indians, Spanish and everyone else your kings, queens and other gov officals have wrong in the 1000 years the UK has exsisted?

  9. Gonzo Says:

    LOL, Janis and Nalik have altered my perspectives a bit.
    I am now starting to give weight to those folks who claim that the UK is the source of much mental illness in this world. With political correctness, white guilt, and now discussions of compensation to dead people, the ridiculous nature of UK liberalism seems to know no bound.

    Slavery, having dated back thousands of years in the mideast, is not an anglo-sapien issue. In fact, there was a time that Arabs took white Europeans as slaves. Nalik, here is your opportunity – demand from Saudi Arabia recompense for your relatives having been made slaves. LOL

    Neigh, the slave trade was not anglo-thievery of Africans, it was the trading of a commodity, where African tribes traded their slaves for other types of goods. African tribes have been engaged in tribal wars resulting in the taking of slaves for thousands of years, including active slavery TODAY. Islam supports it, (figures coming from a mideast tribal region that has been involved in slavery also for thousands of years, and still is).

    But you will have America believe that in her extremely brief period of slavery, that she is the sole, or even main, perpetrator of servitude injustice? LOL

    A land that has made freedom a tenant and inalienable right such that peoples from all over the globe wish to live here, and flood our nation with requests to citizenry like no other nation or time in history.

    Take your white guilt trip BS somewhere else please. Its asinine and irrelevant, particularly since no slaves of the white man exist today. The only slavery in America today is hidden and as the result of immigration where immigrants hold others in servitude until American authorities find out.

    Oh, and btw, we don’t believe that black people are innately inferior and need to be taken care of in this country. That is why we treat them as equals, and hold them to equal levels of accountability. So please, also take your UK liberal racism and hold it above your head while staring in a mirror. I hope that you will suddenly become appalled at what you see.

    But thanks for the laugh. Stupidity can be quite entertaining.

    • tgusa Says:

      Whites have the reputation they have because no one but a madman even considered taking white males as slaves. White males usually were killed outright except in cases where they could be used as hostages in extortion attempts. But still, doing that might provoke the ire of their white brethren.

      • Gonzo Says:

        I have a feeling that most of the slave trade in the 1600’s from Africa related to generational slaves. If that is the life you have always known, it may not be so easy to recognize something else.

        Certainly someone who has always known freedom, and is old enough to appreciate it, is not going to accept such a subservient position so easily.

        I have a hard time believing that there is a such a wild discrepancy between races of ppl with regard to innate desire for freedom, all else being equal.

        However, in the case of the slavery of white Euro by Arabs, if I recall correctly, it was white females that were mostly taken, as sex slaves.

        • tgusa Says:

          white females that were mostly taken, as sex slaves.
          That would have been right after the few males who didn’t fight to the death were summarily killed.

  10. tgusa Says:

    white females that were mostly taken, as sex slaves.
    No way! /s

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