The Muzzie Blame Game

Robert Spencer penned an interesting piece over at Human Events which I thought you might like to read and comment on:

N.J. Murder the Latest Outrage in the Islamic Blame Game
by  Robert SpencerHuman Events

On Friday, a young Muslim man in New Jersey named Kashif Pervaiz was charged with the murder of his wife, Nazish Noorani, who was shot dead Tuesday night while pushing her 3-year-old son in a stroller on a street in Boonton, N.J.

Although the case apparently has nothing whatsoever to do with jihad terrorism, Islamic honor killing, or any such matter, it has been illuminating of the Islamic supremacist strategy to suppress free speech about Islam and jihad in the U.S. today.

Pervaiz, you see, was walking with Noorani when the shooting took place.  He had allegedly set up the whole thing with his accomplice mistress, a Boston woman with whom he apparently shares an apartment.  And according to the New York Post, Pervaiz initially told police that “three men, one black, one white and one of an uncertain race, called the couple terrorists before opening fire.”  That was enough for police to investigate the possibility that the shooting was an anti-Muslim hate crime—that is, until Pervaiz began changing his story, and began to emerge as a suspect.

Islamic supremacists never miss a chance to position Muslims as victims so as to deflect attention away from jihad terror and try to place Islam and the Muslim community beyond reasonable scrutiny.  And so even as Pervaiz was starting to equivocate and spin ever-taller tales, the blame game began.  I received a tweet from a certain Jawad Rasul, containing a link to one of the initial stories about the murder:  “If you have any humanity, you might ponder over this!”  Meanwhile, a well-placed source told me that Ibrahim Hooper of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was “salivating and waiting to jump all over” the Noorani murder story.  “They are waiting to blame you for everything.”

I wasn’t anywhere near Boonton last Tuesday, so why would CAIR want to blame me for this murder?  Because in CAIR’s world, my work exposing the activities of Islamic jihadists and the ways in which they use Islamic texts and teachings to justify violence and their supremacist beliefs constitutes “hate” and “incitement to violence.”  The network thinks they’ve found confirmation of this in the murder spree of Norwegian psychopath Anders Breivik, because he cited me (along with John Locke, Thomas Jefferson​, Charles Darwin, Barack Obama, the New York Times and a host of others) in his lengthy and ideologically incoherent “manifesto.”

Another Hamas-linked Muslim Brotherhood front group, the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), wants Obama to take action on this:  “The rise of Islamophobia fostered by individuals such as Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller has threatened our communities and prompted such acts of violence.  ICNA calls upon the international community and the Obama administration to take action against hate groups and so-called ‘experts on Islam’ who promote this kind of bigotry.”

In reality, the idea that any of the counter-jihad activists and writers whom the mainstream media and Islamic supremacists have blamed for the Norway attacks is actually responsible for them is absurd, and not just because we have never called for or justified violence.  When two people or groups share a belief or perspective, and one of them starts killing, the other is in no way responsible.  Otherwise Martin Luther King Jr. would be responsible for the Watts Riots—and CAIR and ICNA for Islamic jihad terror.  Indeed, it is ironic that the Islamic supremacist groups that are trying to shut down the counter-jihad movement by claiming that our views lead to violence, at the same time hotly deny that there is any connection between Islamic teachings and jihad violence—even though Islamic jihadists routinely point to those teachings as their motivation.

The CAIR/ICNA Islamic supremacist blame game, including the unseemly eagerness to blame me for a love triangle murder in New Jersey, is part of a larger initiative.  The 57-government Organization of Islamic Cooperation has been working for years to compel the governments of the U.S. and Europe to criminalize all critical discussion of Islam, thereby rendering them unable to investigate the motives and goals of jihad terrorists, and thus become mute and defenseless against the advancing jihad.  A key component of this effort in the U.S. today is to demonize and marginalize all the voices speaking out for the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience and the equality of rights of all people—all denied by Islamic law.

This blame game is an outrage to the memory of Nazish Noorani.  And it’s a threat to the freedom of every American.

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7 Comments on “The Muzzie Blame Game”

  1. tnr Says:

    VIDEO : Pakistani man accused of killing his wife had a bizarre relationship with an older gay man :

  2. Big Frank Says:

    I line in northern NJ and am familiar with the Police in Boonton and the investigators from the Morris County Prosecutors Office, they are very professional in the discharge of their duties. Initially It was the MSM in their haste who could not wait for the facts to come out. Investigations take time, patience, cooperation, and diligent painstaking effort. The first reports were constant barrage of ‘possible hate crime’ over and over ad nauseam, most of us did not buy that story for a second. In less than a half day the sordid truth came out, The investigators shot his story full of holes. This dirtbag set up his wife and tried to make himself a victim . The story on this despicable criminal is still unfolding. His whole life is a lie .No engineering degree or Phd, on top of that the NYPD are investigating his conning an elderly person out of a 2 million dollar share in an apartment building. As time goes by more dirt will come out on this criminal. The investigation is by no means over. The MSM and the political class always blame someone or something other than the perpetrator of the crime.

  3. tgusa Says:

    “anti-Muslim hate crime”

    The oh so disgusting truth is that pro muslim westerners (yes, we know who they are) are guilty of hate crimes against us all. United in hate and criminality. They have turned our once great country into place where people live in misery and without much hope and the number is increasing with every passing day. They all deserve to be banished to somewhere like Libya.

  4. Leatherneck Says:

    Somewhere tonight there is a three year old child that needs his mother, but his mother was murdered by a moon god worshiping POS.

    Just another reason why this Jarhead will never turn the other cheek to Islam, and those who worship the false moon god Sin again. Ever.

  5. Ah I see… It’s “my fault” for muslims to fall out of love or lust with thier wives… and to go committ murder either for the sake of adultery or ‘honor’.

    Yet another primates example of why darwins laws kick moslem ass.

    Evolve or die moslems your choice…

  6. tgusa Says:

    “They are waiting to blame you for everything.”
    Even many Americans on the right will and do fail to understand the islamofascists, all the way past the point where the Lincoln Memorial is blown up.

  7. Drabengi Says:

    Throughout history –as everyone knows– men & women of all races & creeds —who are caught-up in the middle of a love triangle— have committed murder for a variety reasons; including lust, jealousy, revenge, & monetary gain….etc.

    However, I really wonder what Kashif Pervaiz’ true motives —psychological reasons– (ie: narcissistic-psychopathic) were in orchestrating his wife’s murder. Just how much did his muslim beliefs (Islamic law) dominate his thoughts and actions?

    Perhaps he secretly felt he was entitled to more than one wife, —as is his right as a muslim man– but obviously our constitutional laws do not allow this. Was Nazish Noorani too westernized in her thinking, manner of dress, and behaviors, leading Pervaiz to argue with her over how the children should be raised?

    Perhaps Kashif was upset that he couldn’t have sex with her on demand (as mandated in the Qur’an), and found in Antionette Stephen –the woman who killed Nazish– an obedient, submissive, “good” muslim woman. (not to mention naive, and gullible).

    It has been reported that Nazish “dissed” Pervaiz’ family. Was it because his family are strict adherents to the fundamental dictates of Sharia law and she mocked their antiquated (seventh century) beliefs? This would make her an apostate (disbeliever)— thereby setting her up for an honor killing.

    Was Pervaiz practicing deception –as is encouraged in the Qur’an— in the befriending of Martin Ragusa —a homosexual— eventually hoping to inherit his millions?

    There are so many questions to be asked and I doubt truthful answers will prevail.

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