Save the Hypocrites

By Ronin, 28 Aug, 2011. It occurred to me earlier today, as I was asked to donate to a missions group that responds to natural disasters that they had zero business going.

Keeping in mind, that I live deep in the Bible belt and see Christian organizations doing things for the homeless, the addicted and the less fortunate all the time. I am used to seeing this, good on them, Christians help, that is what they do.

I can understand helping your own; I have no issues with that. I can even (slightly) understand helping the people that got themselves into the situations that required them to seek help.

I know the Christians are out to save the world and they would love to see the people they help clean up their acts and join with them in service to others. All of those things, I have grown up around and I am used to them.

Here is what I do not get. I know that right now dozens of Christian groups are already responding to the latest crisis. Even more of them are out gathering supplies, taking up donations and praying for the victims.

A hurricane in Florida we can handle but them folks up north, well let us just say that they are a little softer than we are. I know they need help and someone should maybe save um but why Christians?

I just wanted to ask the Christians if they realize that some of the people north of the Bible belt hate them. These people demanded winter break replace Christmas vacation and that all Christmas plays stop completely.

Pray in school and Christians are condemned, voice any opinion based on Christian values like gay marriage being immoral or wrong and be condemned, shunned and occasionally worse. Follow the PC line and you are an exceptional human being, one with intelligence and tolerance. In short, only one side gets to have an opinion and it is not the Christians.

The Christians are scoffed at, talked about and face an endless barrage of hate from some of our northern neighbors. Christians are reminded that all religion is bad and that they are guilty of just as many atrocities as the Taliban and al Qaeda. That they have absolutely no right to question anyone ever or even to discuss why such hate is not warranted. Heaven forbid they discuss why our northern hypocritical neighbors need to change and adopt values that are more sensible.

The same folks look down on the rugged individuals headed towards them on an ad hock rescue mission. They see them as backwards and ignorant. You know the type, they bring their own chainsaws, power tools, generators and massive 4×4 trucks that have little problems pushing debris, fording swollen creeks and flooded roads. The same trucks that they wanted to make illegal. All this and more, they will do to help people that think the vast majority of them are a danger to our country.

I wanted to ask the Christians those questions and a few others but they are busy. Busy, preparing to go help people that will welcome them over the next few hours and a few days after.

The same people will taunt their rescuers when their sad pathetic lives are back to normal and those Americans that still have a spirit of community and a desire to help, have returned home, ordered replacements for the supplies they used and sit down to wait for another crisis.

I am glad that this crisis was not as severe as expected and the hordes of under appreciated workers will not have to work very hard to save a bunch of hypocrites.

If you want to know why, I live down south, away from the big lights of the northern cities and the hustle and bustle of the educated and cultured; just compare my neighbors with theirs and I think that you will understand.

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17 Comments on “Save the Hypocrites”

  1. Gonzo Says:

    Therein illustrates the difference between those with a spiritual sense that quite often accompanies Christianity, and the folly of the self absorbed. Those who choose to drive to afflicted areas to give of their time and of themselves do so out of service to God by helping those in need. It is not about who gets the help, it is about doing what is right. There are some who will remember and appreciate those who help.

    There are others who will feel as though they were entitled to the help of others, all while doing nothing to help themselves nor other people. I pity them most of all. I know that with such a shallow existence comes an even more shallow sense of fulfillment in life. In the end, they will, in fact, have gotten exactly what they deserve.

    • Big Frank Says:

      I Agree too many folks in our society have been conditioned for many decades by the ‘nanny state’ mentality, and are too wrapped up in themselves. Many times in my life I have heard or witnessed folks waiting for the government to act, or come out with more wasteful, useless, bureaucratic ‘government programs’. In my family we still practice self reliance, and helping others. As I type this my 2 adult sons are rendering aid to neighbors and friends, one with a generator powering 3 households, the other already ripping up floors and carpeting just as the waters recede We call it the ‘loop’ it’s a loose organization of extended families and friends, it’s what’s missing in our society today.We help each other out of goodness never keeping score. There are no bounds weather it’s loaning tools, equipment, referring honest tradesmen, or just pitching in and helping out.

    • Ronin Says:

      Excellent points, I pity them as well but I try and remember that they are a sorry lot and cannot help it.

      When is the last time that anyone heard of a southerner working two jobs for a lifetime just to retire up north?

      • Big Frank Says:

        BTW I had to work two jobs just to be able afford retirement up north. The liberal establishment made sure of that. Cheers!

        • Big Frank Says:

          BTW My Dear Southern friends, there is still some Christianity left in Northern NJ. Today (8/3/11) I drove by the 1st Reformed Church in Pequannock , Morris County. Although the other churches were dark and shuttered this one had a lighted sign stating “free meals for flood victims”, “clothing donations being accepted and distributed”,” volunteers wanted”. They also had 50+ members of the youth group rendering any help needed in the flood area. A local fitness club and gym is providing free hot showers until utilities are restored. It did my heart good to see such compassion and caring, my friends that live there call it ‘Mayberry RFD’ .

  2. Because the ‘north’ Christianity in Canada is liberal and not Spiritual.

    The ‘pc’ nature of liberal churchianity is based off of mans philosophy and not Jesus. They perfer thier sickening pc buttkissing to those who are homosexuals in politics, being ‘multi-cult-ural’ for muslims budda-hists and so forth.

  3. Chris Says:

    This is the answer to your question: ” You will know them by their fruit.” A fruit tree doesn’t produce good fruit just because the gardener has been nice to it. If it is a good tree, it produces good fruit. You don’t see orchards of thorn bushes, even in the northeast. If you want to talk about ideologies — whatever ideology — you have to reflect on the fruit that ideology produces.

  4. Ronin asks: “I just wanted to ask the Christians if they realize that some of the people north of the Bible belt hate them. “

    Yes, we realize that. But, we aren’t a bunch of Muzzies who are ordered by their false god to kill infidels at the drop of a hat:

    “On the contrary: “If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.” Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

    – Romans 12:20-21 (NIV)

    You see, we kill our enemies with kindness…

    There’s your answer.


  5. Big Frank Says:

    I’m one guy who never judges folks where or how they worship, dress, or live, It’s the entertainment media, MSM, and popular culture that demonizes, and degrades various groups of people in this country. I’ll take a ‘bible toting Christian’ as opposed to a liberal,leftist. commie, bed wetter any day

  6. Leatherneck Says:

    It is better to give, than receive. Charity makes up for a multitude of sins.

    I’m having a hard time with loving my enemys. It’s tough being a Christian.

  7. Gonzo Says:

    Of course, this is also a perception difference.
    When Florida is hit with a Cat-1 hurricane, Floridians are pleased, as they need the rain.

    When NY gets hit, its Armageddon. When no chariots and trumpets emerge from the clouds to rescue the deserving, its the Christian’s fault.

  8. tgusa Says:

    You gotta show people what you are and to heck with what they may think about you. The hardcore haters will still hate but there are many others who need to understand just what we are, as Americans, and Christians, because American Christians are a special breed. Anything else and we end up just like them.

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