Colorado Elementary School Disrespects American Flag with Saudi Flag

Gee, you would think that an elementary school which teaches American History would know a little bit about flag etiquette; but then, you would be under the false assumption that your children are somehow being educated and not actually indoctrinated by a bunch of commie Lefturds and Muzzies who have no respect for America and Her traditions:

Perhaps Public Law 94-344 of the Federal Flag Law needs to be included as part of the curriculum:

“[…] No person shall display the flag of the United Nations or any other national or international flag equal, above, or in a position of superior prominence or honor to, or in place of, the United States at any place within the United States or any territory or possession thereof […]”

Colorado School Comes Under Fire for Hanging Saudi Flag Higher Than American Flag

An elementary school in Colorado has come under criticism after they lowered the American flag and elevated a Saudi Arabian flag.

The principal at Bauder Elementary School in Fort Collins said they did not mean to disrespect the American flag, according to a report in the Greeley Gazzette.

Principal Brian Carpenter told the newspaper that the American flag was immediately returned to its proper and prominent position at the school.

Yeah, after the fact when it was pointed out to them.  You mean to tell me that NONE of the teachers even gave it a second thought when they

He explained that other flags are posted around the school to recognize the nationalities of students from other countries.

A photograph showing the raised Saudi flag alongside the lowered American flag was first posted on the Greeley Report, a local blog. It generated lots of local debate.

“We realize this is an extremely sensitive time with us getting close to the 10th anniversary of 9/11,” Carpenter told the Gazzette.

“There is an increased amount of alertness and sensitivity, but if someone is concerned about something to do with our flag I will settle the issue right away.”

Here, let me contextualize the hidden subtext in that statement:  “There is an increased amount of  Leftism, outright ignorance, “multiculturalism,” and dhimmitudeness in our faculty, but if someone catches us with our hands in the cookie-jar indoctrinating your children and makes a big enough stink about it,  I will immediately mitigate any fallout and provide cover for my ‘fellow travelers’ and Islamic cohorts.”

Be sure to read the original article from the blog which first broke the story, the  Greeley Report, by CLICKING HERE.  And then, for updates, be sure to check out their home page.

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2 Comments on “Colorado Elementary School Disrespects American Flag with Saudi Flag”

  1. tgusa Says:

    Headline; Colorado School voluntarily submits itself as a prime candidate when considering trimming the fat off of the institutionalized guvmint lard. Not only is the Saudi flag displayed over the US flag but it is bigger as well. I’m pretty sure there is a flag display code that applies to guvmint institutions and this violates every statute of that code. But then, who cares about rules, codes, laws, those are for the SOB’s, only.
    Saudi flag
    US flag
    Red flag

  2. Very simple…

    Remove ANY flag that is raised above the USA and either other flags or remove them to another location.

    Of course these ideas are totally politically INCORRECT and we just cant ‘offend’ some little snot that is VISITING the USA.

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