I am not forgiving islam

By Ronin, 7 Sep, 2011
As we approach the ten-year anniversary of the 9/11, terror attacks on our homeland, you will notice the supporters of the religion of pedophile worshippers are spending an incredible amount of Bull droppings to distance their cult from the attack it inspired.

Even if you have not noticed the pro islam propaganda in the media, you will get a chance to experience it first hand when the president gives a speech at the Washington National Cathedral. Forgetting that Sunday’s 9/11 anniversary memorial ceremony was not opened to Christian evangelicals, somehow the inclusion of a Buddhist nun and an islamic imam went unnoticed by most of what purports to be mainstream media (Fox ran the story).

I have no problem with the Buddhist but a sunni imam speaking at the event is the equivalent of asking a Nazi Party official to speak at a holocaust memorial. Unless the imam is going to kneel and beg forgiveness, his appearance is an insult.

I do not need anyone to remind me that islamic ideology inspired 19 pedophile worshipers to attacks innocent American’s just because we value individual freedoms more than the rants of a seventh century pedophile, thief, warlord, rapist and murderer.

I do not need anyone to remind me that islamic ideology has inspired tens of thousands of additional attacks all over the globe since 9/11.

I do not need anyone to remind me that islamic imams, clerics and supporters have praised the 9/11 terrorists as great heroes for the last ten years.

I do not need anyone to remind me that tens of thousands of young muslim men were inspired to join in the numerous jihads around the globe by the actions of 19 terrorists.

I do not need anyone to remind me that our military and others have responded to the call of freedom and continuously crush the best the cult of islam can send against them.

I do not need anyone to remind me that our government talking heads have begged me to forgive and forget. Or that they hold islamic awareness classes, celebrate islamic holidays despite the low numbers of muslims living in the US and simple fact that the attacks by radicalized muslims living in the US have grown since 9/11.

I do not need anyone to remind me that no other ideology has shown a pattern of sniping citizens, attacking military bases, planning attacks, attacking recruitment centers and soldiers preparing to deploy to help a muslim country fight terrorists.

I do not need anyone to remind me that I keep hearing people say that not all muslims are terrorists without first conducting a study to determine what percent are. I do not take such claims at face value. I measure them as if I do muslims, by actions and not words.

I do not need anyone to remind me that daily some act of violence is committed in the name of islam and the act is praised by senior and respected islamic clerics, leaders and businessmen.

I do not need anyone to remind me that the united nations condemns anyone that reminds anyone else that islam has a very dark side.

I do not need anyone to remind me that some Americans have taken up the cause of protecting the ideology that has inspired more sexual abuse, murders, rapes and terrorism than all others and want to silence voices like mine, like yours, like ours.

I do not need anyone to remind me that there are two types of muslims, radicals and backsliders. You cannot be a half muslim anymore than a half nazi.

I do not need anyone to remind me that anyone that claims the title of muslim shares in the crimes committed in its name and will do so until they chose a side and stand side by side with others to force the cult out of the seventh century and into the twenty first.

I do not need anyone to remind me that muslims should be scorned, ridiculed and condemned until they can honestly show that islam has changed.

I do not need anyone to remind me that despite my distrust, contempt and awareness of the role that islamic ideology influences muslims, I would never lower myself to senseless violence nor follow a prophet that demanded it of me.

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15 Comments on “I am not forgiving islam”

  1. While I have learned to forgive those who hurt me… The major issues about islam for me are the following.

    1 allah is not God nor does IT equate to the same God as Judaism or Christianity.

    2 muhammads laughable claims to ‘prophethood’ donot equate to Judaism or Christianity and thier prophets.

    3 isalm is NOT a reliable political, religious system that can bring ANY good to the world and any claim by muslims that it can are filled with either ignorance or lies!!

    The political-religious system named islam is a failure and its followers follow not God nor his Prophets by ignorance, lies, superstition and foolishness!

  2. Gonzo Says:

    Clearly the individuals involved in 9/11 felt justified in doing so.
    They were blinded by false religion. How do I know it is false? – simple:

    A true religion of Love and Peace does not use hate and violence as methods of spreading its word. Nor does it sanction deceit to get people to commit to it, and then threaten death for leaving it.

    A true religion of Love and Peace would not have 1,400 years
    (its entire life) of violent jihad to show for its spread, nor does it remove individual decision to embrace it by declaring the newborn an automatic adherent.

    A true religion of Love and Peace does not force on non-adherents laws and obligations, with strict penalties for non-compliance.

    A true religion of Love and Peace would not have resulted in this song, although, a true religion of Love and Peace would inspire IT’S adherents to song, rather than jihad: http://kluc.radio.com/2011/09/07/our-heaven-911-song-just-for-you/

  3. muslims and their cohorts are working overtime to airbrush islam’s involvement in “9/11” out of existence. The Dalai Lama says “If you criticize Islam due to the acts of a few mischievous people, you will need to criticize Christianity or Judaism, too” – implying that it was nothing more than a prank by Dennis the Menace or Ginger Meggs.

    CAIR’s video should be enough to induce projectile vomiting:

  4. Leatherneck Says:

    Those of the world will be loved by the world system. Those not of the world, but in the world will be hated.

    That, and the 19 POS had support.

    The enemy is coming here. BZO, or Die.

  5. Gonzo Says:

    I normally don’t promote a specific product, nor do I drink Bud, but thought some may enjoy this – Bud’s 9/11 tribute:

  6. tgusa Says:

    I am sick and tried of being treated like a potential terrorist because of muslims in the USA.

  7. tgusa Says:

    We all have our own preferences now that the USA has forsaken the title of the land of the free. My preference, Britain, I see a fight developing there, first, and in the not too distant future. I am considering a return, just to help out, you know, do my part.

  8. tgusa Says:

    When an American hijacks a plane you get DB Cooper, he jumped out, they’re still lookin for him. When muslims hijack planes you get 9-11. But there were other muslim hijackings in the past, how did they end? Many times with a Boom!

  9. Muslim Says:

    1 in every 5 people are muslim (20% of the world), also not a single country in the world follows shariah law. Remember that the billion muslims that aren’t extremists and believe in love among all the world (we are all brothers) are a bit tired of the ignorance and having to account for the crimes of criminals (9/11) because the media labels them as muslims

    I forgive you and I love you all! Mohammed, Jesus, and Moses taught me that.

    • Gonzo Says:

      …also not a single country in the world follows shariah law.

      I will have to disagree with you on that one. Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Iran, Kenya, Tanzania, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, others, have sharia courts, and thus follow sharia law. Other countries, such as Egypt, have Constitutional laws that disallow secular laws to override sharia law, hence making sharia the dominant legal consideration in the land.

      The issue for the most strict muslims seems to be that secular considerations, (and common sense), seem to interfere with sharia utopia, whereby sharia is the only, and the strict, law of the land. But then, with globalization and modern forms of government, such barbaric measures as mandated by sharia are hardly compatible to any human with even a shred of humanity and decency, (ie…cutting off a hand for common thievery when all countries can now afford jails; marrying off 9 year old girls to perverted old men; punishing rape victims, etc).

      Sharia is also applied at the community level, by clerics and imams, who incite followers to act toward others for perceived grievances against islam. So your comment that sharia is not followed anywhere, is fallacious at best.

      As someone who has studied islam, and most all other forms of religion in the world, and as one who has seen one example after another of muslims acting out the violent and hate filled passages from the koran and hadiths, I forgive you and the other passively jihadi supportive muslims for your lashing out when us dhimmi’s point out the folly that is islam. I only hope for you that you will get past the brainwashing you have endured and realize what a true peaceful religion looks like.

      • Don’t forget Afghanistan:



        Article One
        Ch. 1. Art. 1

        Afghanistan is an Islamic Republic, independent, unitary and indivisible state.

        Article Two
        Ch. 1, Art. 2

        The religion of the state of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is the sacred religion of Islam.

        Followers of other religions are free to exercise their faith and perform their religious rites within the limits of the provisions of law.

        Article Three
        Ch. 1, Art. 3

        In Afghanistan, no law can be contrary to the beliefs and provisions of the sacred religion of Islam.


        Article Forty-Five
        Ch.2, Art. 24

        The state shall devise and implement a unified educational curriculum based on the provisions of the sacred religion of Islam, national culture, and in accordance with academic principles, and develops the curriculum of religious subjects on the basis of the Islamic sects existing in Afghanistan.


        Article Fifty- Four
        Ch.2, Art. 33

        Family is a fundamental unit of society and is supported by the state.

        The state adopts necessary measures to ensure physical and psychological well being of family, especially of child and mother, upbringing of children and the elimination of traditions contrary to the principles of sacred religion of Islam.


        Article Sixty-three
        Ch. 3, Art. 4

        The President-elect, prior to resumption of his/her duties, performs the following oath of allegiance in the presence of members of the National Assembly and the chief justice:

        “In the name Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate In the name [Allah], in the presence of you representatives of the nation of Afghanistan, I swear to obey and safeguard the provisions of the sacred religion of Islam, to observe the Constitution and other laws of Afghanistan and supervise their implementation; to safeguard the independence, national sovereignty, and the territorial integrity of Afghanistan and the fundamental rights and interests of the people of Afghanistan, and with the assistance of [Allah] and the support of the nation, to make great and sincere efforts for the happiness and progress of the people of Afghanistan.”


        Article One Hundred and eighteen
        Ch. 7. Art. 3

        A member of the Supreme Court shall have the following qualifications:

        The age of the Head of the Supreme Court and its members should not be lower than forty at the time of appointment

        Shall be a citizen of Afghanistan.

        Shall have a higher education in law or in Islamic jurisprudence, and shall have sufficient expertise and experience in the judicial system of Afghanistan.


        Article One Hundred and nineteen
        Ch. 7. Art. 4

        Members of the Supreme Court take the following oath in the presence of the President before occupying the post:

        “In the name Allah, the Merciful and the Compassionate I swear in the name of [Allah] Almighty to support justice and righteousness in accord with the provisions of the sacred religion of Islam and the provisions of this Constitution and other laws of Afghanistan, and to execute the duty of being a judge with utmost honesty, righteousness and nonpartisanship.”


        Chapter Ten

        Article One Hundred and forty nine
        Ch. 10, Art. 1

        The provisions of adherence to the fundamentals of the sacred religion of Islam and the regime of the Islamic Republic cannot be amended.



  10. Thats quite nice of you muslim.

    But that still doesnt change anything…

    Islam is still a theocratic system that has publically admitted through many moslems that they want that type of system in the West.

    While many moslems arent jihadis the teachings and system of islam still require them to spread islam through dawah and jihad.

    We non muslims are fact checkers. We bother to read islams website posts, blogs and the quran etc. We are not ‘ignorant’ but educated about a system that has destroyed the middle east and now focuses on the West.

    And speaking of Jesus and Moses. I have read the quran. Isa (Jesus) is not the same according to the quran and the same with moussa (Moses)…

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