A look back and a look forward

A look back and a look forward

I wanted to do a piece on the ten-year anniversary of the attacks on 9-11. After several attempts, I erased them all and started over. Not to take away from the significance of the date, I see it as one blow in a long struggle.

What follows below is a series of thoughts, lessons learned and comments. It is a look back and a look forward.

By Ronin, 11 Sept, 2011. Islam is not limited to armed terrorists. The political arm and taqiyya masters have done more damage to the USA and the world than the so-called fighters have. People too weak to look for themselves at the mountains of evidence that islam has been nothing but a blight on humanity, continue to preach that somehow it will change, adapt and modernize. They are wrong.

Despite the thousands of people (many of which have been muslims) that have attempted to prove Doctor Bulldog and myself wrong on islam and the other threats facing this country. We are still here, still committed to this fight and will remain so, Islam has never been the main focus of this site, it has however, taken much needed time for other threats.

Muslims in the USA face increased scrutiny and suspicion. Many are teased daily and at some level realize that they will have a hard time earning the trust of neighbors, friends and co-workers, if they ever can.

Sharia is now a four-letter word, just the mentions of the term is quick to incite a powerful backlash. The guiding form of islam is seen for what it it is, a primitive, sexist, oppressive, racist and violent series of rules governing a massive cult. It has no place in free society.

Americans have learned to distrust all things islam, despite their allies in the left of center and a few misguided religious groups on the right the average American is more islamicaware than ever.

American politicians are seen as corrupt, incompetent and in some cases traitors. They are seen as pro islamic and anti Christian. They deserve the scrutiny, the simple fact that any of them want to limit free speech is proof that they fear the truth. If their records did not show them to be slaves to special interests and committed to bending, breaking or ignoring the principles and protections quarantined by our founding fathers, they would welcome a look at their records.

Powerful forces have allied themselves with political islam, the green, liberal, homosexual and other left of center movements have willing sought out allies that want the USA destroyed in order to build their versions of utopia. None of these groups have the right to force you to change.

Having served proudly in the American military I have a hard time with this one but I have recently talked able bodied young men out of joining. I explained the upper ranks of our military are weak, pro islam and cowards. Yes, I said cowards. I have no other term that captures the distaste in my mouth for the men and women so scared of looking PC that they push the homosexual, pro islamic and green agendas. Our military is not now should it ever be, a vehicle for social change. Thankfully most of these low life’s will retire soon and be replaced by young men and women with ten years of combat experience gained on the ground and not in DC. They fully understand islam and the evil it represents. They understand that homosexuality has no place in a foxhole. They understand that the green agenda does not win wars.

The USA has more combat experience than it has had since WWII. All of our major COCOM’s have been involved in the global war on terror. That is not a statistic anyone wants to see but it has made us even more powerful and more committed.

To those serving, I can only ask you to outlast those with the power to force you to support anti American values, principles and to follow our core values. The very ones you took an oath to protect. Soon you will be in charge and can make policy changes, use that power wisely.

My advice to the young, is to avoid the military, join law enforcement, they seriously need people willing to take the time to read and understand what we face. Most of the law enforcement that I know face such a wide variety of threats the forces of islam are seen as new and ineffective, less of a threat than other groups. This misunderstanding will change slowly unless young people stand up.

My advice to the readers, continue to resist. Resist anyone that has all the answers, humanity is flawed and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Check and double check the records of those you vote in power. Never vote for anyone that does not hold the values and principles that you live by and teach your children.

Americans have always been slow to anger and a force to be reckoned with when that line has been crossed. We have lost some of our best, brightest, bravest and most committed. The price has been incredibly high and it will get worse.

To our enemies, your time will come.

Ten years into the War on Terror, we look back at the governments that have fallen, the families on both sides that were destroyed, the top terrorist names are dead, their global support severely weakened, their allies on the ropes and we are just now entering the warm up phase. Get ready, there is more coming.

The war against freedom did not start on 911. What started on 9/11 was our will to resist. God Bless America.

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7 Comments on “A look back and a look forward”

  1. What Sept 11th means to me:

    It is Americas wake up call that islam is not a mere religion or culture / ethnic group.

    islam means to have no freedom.
    islam means death to all religions and philosophies.
    islam means to remove all races and replace them with being ‘arab’.
    islams means no safety, individuality, peace, prosperity, wisdom.
    Islams means access to a superstitious mentality that is worse than all other religions.

    Sept 11th means that we are now aware and fighting a ‘war on terror’ not only by Military force, but by philosophy, ideology, Religious morality-philosophy and more…

    May God give us the victory!

  2. Gonzo Says:

    Nice article Ronin.

    A friend of mine commented that a relative of hers told her on 9/11, that it was her generations Pearl Harbor.

    The main difference is, this time, most Americans seem to be embracing the enemy, rather than setting about fight those that would destroy America.

    If someone can explain to me when exactly, and by what means, our society totally lost its focus, I’d be all ears. But I’m guessing it has been a slow process with many pinnacle moments.

    • tgusa Says:

      After Pearl, Guadalcanal became what we could call the Afghanistan of WWII. The first major combined strike at the enemy on occupied territory. Of course on the Canal we didn’t stop until every Imperial Japanese was wiped out. There were no Bridges on the River Kwai being built on Guadalcanal.

  3. tgusa Says:

    Pearl Harbor was an attack carried out by uniformed Imperial Japanese military forces on American military targets many of which were brisling with guns. A dastardly and deliberate stab in the back for sure but an overt act of war by a nation as well. 9-11 was an attack carried out by uninformed muslim civilians on Airline stewardess, unarmed passengers and office workers. Not exactly an act of war by a nation but a war crime committed by a cult of murderous mohamicidal maniacs. Except for that, yeah they are similar/s.

    With all of the mourning and memorials we have lost the true message of 9-11 which was demonstrated on Flight 93. The Americans on Flight 93 were more like the Minutemen of the Revolution, rushing to confront the enemy, than Pearl Harbor. Of course pearl Harbor was supposed to be three waves of attacks but the third was called off for several reasons, one, the IJ believed they had done enough damage and two, they were beginning to suffer more and more casualties each time they attacked. And that’s the way it should be.

  4. Leatherneck Says:

    I have been on weekend contract, and unable to write on the above subject.

    Thank you ahead of time for allowing me freedom of speech.

    I had to peform a ultrasound exam on an individual from the middle east on 9-10-11. The family was there, and the women had a big head covering. My mind could not get away from the fact they were part of the enemy ranks. However, at a Hospital there is no room for lack of compassion. I had a hard time.

    The mission was completed, and a little boy offered me some candy in pretty wraping. I accepted, because I am suppose to love my enemys, and I saw them as my enemys.

    I do not make war on women, and children. Plus, I have hope for peace.

    Friday the 9th, I cleaned my weapons, and squared away my H-harness, BDU;s, and weapons. I can not stand moon god worshiping POS that worship a false moon god called allah.

    There, that was my 9-11 day.

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