“All This Over Folding a Flag?!” – UPDATED

Yesterday, one of our readers, mom_of_2_girls, told us about having watched the flag folding ceremony on 9/11 and seeing Mrs. Obama asking asking her hubby a question while the ceremony was in progress.  To which, Barry smugly nodded in the affirmative, prompting Michelin Man, err, Michelle to close her eyes and shake her head in disgust.  Needles to say, mom_of_2_girls was VERY upset over this.

At first, I was unable to make out exactly what Michelle was asking, but after watching the video over and over again, it appears that she asked, “[All] this over folding a flag?!”  Note:  I placed “all” in brackets because her mouth is slightly obstructed during the first part of the sentence, however the gist of it in context can best be encapsulated by the word “all.”

Here’s the video which was uploaded to YouTube by another sharp observer, pleasevote2012:

As we have pointed out before, Obama and Michelle have Zero respect for the American flag. 

To each of us, the American flag has different meanings.  Undoubtedly, the American flag evokes a sense of pride and patriotism in those of us who actually do love our country and Her heritage.  To Lefturds like the Obamas, it is just another political prop to be pulled out of the closet when votes are needed.

Well, the American flag isn’t just a prop; nor is it just some antiquated relic undeserving of respect and honor.  To me, the American flag is a symbol of America, of Her Freedoms, and of those who have fought and died for Her so that We may all live a better life!

In answer to Mrs. Obama’s question, YES!  Because of ALL the people who have laid down their lives for you and I, because of ALL the freedoms that We have been blessed with, because of ALL those who died on 9/11, and because of many, many more untold reasons, ALL of this over folding a flag!

Furthermore, regardless of what, exactly, was said by the Obamas during the flag folding ceremony, by their body language and disrespectful actions, they have once again demonstrated to Us that they have no respect for America, Her symbols, and Her traditions.

In short, the Obamas actions during the flag ceremony are a disgrace to ALL Americans and especially to the memory of those who died on 9/11.

Shame on the Obamas!  And, shame on the Lame Stream Media for continuing to ignore this and other disgraceful and disrespectful acts committed by the Obamas!

UPDATE:  It has been suggested that Michelle Obama might have said, “He needs to be more careful with that flag.”  I am willing to entertain this as a legitimate possibility.  If that is in fact what Michelle was saying, then I wish to apologize to her and commend her for finally showing some concern for the American flag.  However, that being said, a word to the wise:  It is ALWAYS disrespectful to speak out of turn during a flag folding ceremony unless  it is an absolute emergency.

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8 Comments on ““All This Over Folding a Flag?!” – UPDATED”

  1. Ronin Says:

    If it were any other couple, I would be amazed but not this one. They are high on power and forget that not everyone has fallen for their lies and believe in them, trust them or consider them loyal Americans. The sooner we vote them out, the better off we will be.

  2. Cyndi Says:

    My grandfather was buried with full military honors as he had been awarded the Bronze Star in WWII. I distinctly remember leaning over to my husband during the flag folding ceremony and saying “that amazes me every time.” I certainly didn’t mean any disrespect to my grandfather. The fact that someone would try to read her lips and then use what they THINK she said against her is disgusting. Why anyone would put a negative light on what was a beautiful ceremony is beyond me! It does such a disservice to the thousands who lost their lives on that day!

    • Gonzo Says:

      hi Cyndi.
      I find your sense of honor and that which is honorable to be quite admirable – it is a trait that is commendable.
      I also think that it is important, especially these days, for people to pay careful attention to our leaders so that we might understand where their sensibilities lie. If, as it appears in the video, the Obama’s feel no connection to the US flag as a symbol of that which so many love and cherish about this country; if they don’t feel in their hearts that America represents a land of freedom; if they don’t recognize that the world needs a country where the laws from freedom should always reign supreme, then we have the right to question whether or not America benefits from having them in the White House.
      Cyndi, from what I’ve observed, Obama has little regard for the Constitution, and wishes to transform America into another socialist country – like Europe. Given Europe’s decline because of the inevitable and increasing pressures that a socialist model always puts on a nation, I have cause for concern, as do others.

      • Cyndi Says:

        All that is needed to get Obama out of the White House is a MODERATE Republican on the ticket in 2012. All ridiculous, personal attacks such as these made on a day that was meant for honor and rememberance do is make the person making them appear small. There is a time and place for everything. JMHO

      • tgusa Says:

        LOL Gonzo. the Obamunist is being tossed under the bus. We now have people wishing for a moderate republican to win. How bout McCain, oh that’s right, we already tried that. I think I will vote for the American this time around. I am not sure it really matters, the damage done is done and the future sucks for many young Americans, no hope, break out the dope.

        • Gonzo Says:

          “We now have people wishing for a moderate republican to win..”

          Yeah, I caught that too.
          Of course, my next thought was whether peoples definition of moderate for repub is the same for a moderate muslim.

          Symantecs, symantecs.

          As long as the next elitist controlled leader doesnt throw America under the bus…

  3. Spence the Elder Says:

    According to 970WFLA, who had a lip reader look at the video you are correct in your innital post.

  4. tgusa Says:

    Democrats, as well as others, namely Boomberg and his ilk, that attend the 9-11 ceremonies are like a murderer attending the funeral of their victim. It’s BO, beyond obnoxious.
    Americas chickens…have come home to roost!
    My advise to these people, go baby go. Go, go go!

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