Attack Watch Video

Well, in case you missed it, Obama has “fundamentally transformed” his “Fight The Smears” website and apparently combined it with his defunct, thus giving birth to  However, it wasn’t long before the Right latched onto it and turned it into one big joke:

P.S. – Our 4-year-old daughter is now running around the house shrieking, “Attack Waaa-a-a-aatch!!!”  Yup, it cracks me up every time.

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2 Comments on “Attack Watch Video”

  1. Big Frank Says:

    Our ‘Dear Leader’ and his sycophants, lackeys, and minions would love to turn ‘Attack Watch’ into a ‘Staz’i type of organization where neighbor could spy on neighbor, and family members could ‘rat’ each other out.

  2. tgusa Says:

    Attaaaaak Waaaaatch. As with all things from the left this ad starts off creepy but quickly becomes annoying. What’s with the three minute hate for white people, white obsessed, that’s what the fresh price of bill ayres is. Hey creeps, leave us alone. They have stolen our money, destroyed our job prospects and want to **** our kids in the *** and just like millions of others I am sick of it. If you have a leftist working in your company they are probably snitches and will no doubt try to kill your lively hood, that’s what they do, that’s all they really know.

    Don’t tell me no lies and keep your bombs to your self. I wouldn’t put it past these people to plan and execute an attack on America.

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