New! Caveman Commercial 2011 | RAGE™ Expandable Broadheads

The Second Amendment isn’t just all about guns.  It’s about your right to “bear arms,” whatever they may be.

Sure, the Supreme Court has tried to limit your choices by claiming that you had no right to carry a non-military type of weapon, as was their ruling against the sawed-off shotgun in United States v. Miller (1939), and then, seemingly, contradict themselves in 2008 (D.C. v. Heller) by claiming that the Second Amendment protects only those weapons “in common use” and “typically possessed by law-abiding citizens for lawful purposes.”  However, one thing the Supreme Court doesn’t seem to worry about is the use of bows and arrows.  Hence, it’s going to be quite some time before the Lefturd Proggies get around to removing your bow and arrows.

Therefore, it only makes sense to purchase a nice compound bow or crossbow as a backup to your guns.   As with guns, frequent practices at the range and selection of proper, effective ammunition is essential for success.  Since many are unfamiliar with the technological advances in arrows and arrowheads, I thought I would introduce you to the world of RAGE:

Normally, I don’t like to pimp individual products, but I’m so impressed with RAGE’s expandable broadheads that I’m going to make an exception just for them. These RAGE broadheads aren’t like normal broadheads; what they do is pop out razor sharp blades upon impact, thus creating huge entry and exit wounds in whatever they hit.

Think of them as the hollow-point of archery.

Here is a nice little video someone uploaded to YouTube demonstrating the difference between a standard fixed broadhead and the RAGE broadhead using plastic soda bottles filled with water for the targets:

As you can see, the RAGE expandable broadhead opens up a huge, gaping hole which bleeds out at a much faster rate than conventional broadheads; thus, humanely killing your prey in a shorter amount of time and leaving a nice blood trail for tracking.

NOTE:  Since the RAGE Caveman Commercial automatically starts playing upon refreshing our page, I have moved it below the fold:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

You can learn more about these expandable broadheads by visiting RAGE’s website here:

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One Comment on “New! Caveman Commercial 2011 | RAGE™ Expandable Broadheads”

  1. LOL on the caveman vid!

    As a former compound bow guy. I’m doing some shopping for a compound bow and crossbow with a stead stock of ‘rage caveman’.

    These type of blade head arrows would come in handy ‘removing’ any human household threat long range or short range.

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