A Rich ‘Opie Taylor’ Agrees With Buffet: Wants to Pay More in Taxes

Well then, if you personally think the government can spend your money better than you and want to pay more in taxes, there’s no law stopping you from writing that check to the IRS.

BTW – Since I think you are all talk and no action, I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for that check, Opie:

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6 Comments on “A Rich ‘Opie Taylor’ Agrees With Buffet: Wants to Pay More in Taxes”

  1. tgusa Says:

    Unfortunately this message will fall on deaf ears in Opies leftist circles. Might as well be preaching to Otis. There are two distinct groups on the left, Richie rich lefties and peter poor leftys. Richie seeks shelter from taxation as he asks the rest of us to pay more for peter. Take a look at where Richie is in comparison to peter? Hey Richie, we are sick and tired of paying for your morally ambivalent cluster****!

  2. Gonzo Says:

    Oh, so I wonder if Opie is part of the choreographed political jousting to impart distraction.

    The ultra-Libs want more of everyones money.
    The ultra-Cons say the wealthy are entitled to their money and already pay more.
    Reality is that the ubber wealthy pay more in salary taxes, but less percentage overall because of a low rate on capital gains.

    Meanwhile the tax burden on the big business is all but non-existent, while small businesses are stifled to the point of failure. Since small businesses are the backbone of the US economy, the problem is quite clear – fair tax by leveling the playing field.

    There is only two ways to accomplish that:
    1) lower tax rates for all and eliminate the loopholes – or
    2) flat tax rates with no loopholes.

    Either way, the big businesses and ubber-elitists will fight such an action tooth and nail. BTW, to the ultra-Cons who would raise a fit, you should remember that Reagan closed a lot of business loopholes, and he seems to be synonymous to God to the ultra-Cons.

    • tgusa Says:

      Reagan was not perfect, he make his share of mistakes but in spite of it all he remains a giant primarily because those he is measured against were and are, so small. It’s not his fault, may he rest in peace.

  3. tgusa Says:

    Driven largely by leftist pop culture hollyweird icons set out to create a morally ambivalent culture and to some degree they have it. Now they don’t like what they have.

    Of course most of us know that if modern Hollywood didn’t have old Hollywood to plunder and pillage they wouldn’t hardly have an original idea of their owI think the best reflection of modern Hollywood is portrayed by Andy Griffith, not in Mayberry but in, A Face in the Crowd.
    Total a******s.

    • Maybe we should propose a 90 percent tax on Hollywood. I mean, they say they support it, so why not let them put their money where their mouths are? We could call it the “Opie Tax.”


  4. Big Frank Says:

    This is typical group thought for the elitist liberals who think only ‘they’ know what is good and proper for us, that we the ‘confused and uneducated to their socialist mindset’ are unable to think, care, or govern ourselves. Oh yes it starts with the so-called ‘rich’ but when the government starts on a leftist, psychotic,rampage of wealth distribution, IMHO no one with even a few dollars in reserve will be safe. Our ‘dear friends’ at the IRS have all of the info on our hard earned wealth, CD’s IRA”S, 401’s, private pensions, etc money we chose to save rather then squander like the politicians do.Many of the socialists in the political class are scheming on how to confiscate or steal that large amount of wealth.

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