Herman Cain Leads Pack by Double Digits in New Zogby Poll

Nice!  Go get ’em, Mr. Cain!

Now, the question on my mind is, will the Lame Stream Media continue ignoring Mr. Cain?:
IBOPE Zogby Poll: Perry Plummets to 18%; Trails Cain For Lead Among GOP Primary Voters

UTICA, NY–Rick Perry has tumbled by more than 20 percentage points over the past month among Republican presidential primary voters and is now second to Herman Cain, who leads the field with 28%.

Mitt Romney received little benefit from Perrys fall, garnering 17% of the vote for third place.

As for President Barack Obama, both his job approval (42%) and the percentage who believe he deserves re-election (37%) are little changed from recent polls, but he does seem to be winning back some supporters who have been disappointed in his job performance.

These results are from an IBOPE Zogby interactive poll conducted Sept. 23-26 of all likely voters and of likely Republican primary voters.

Announced GOP Candidates (GOP primary voters)

If the Republican primary for President were held today, for whom would you vote?

Candidate Sept 26 Sept 12 Aug 29 July 25 July 11 June 30 June 21
Herman Cain 28% 12% 8% 18% 16% 15% 15%
Rick Perry 18% 37% 41%
Mitt Romney 17% 14% 12% 17% 15% 14% 15%
Ron Paul 11% 11% 11% 11% 13% 11% 13%
Newt Gingrich 6% 2% 3% 1% 4% 2% 2%
Jon Huntsman, Jr. 5% 3% 3% 3% 4% 4% 2%
Michele Bachmann 4% 7% 9% 25% 28% 34% 24%
Rick Santorum 2% 3% 3% 5% 3% 7% 5%
Gary Johnson 1% 1% <1% <1% 1% <1% 2%
Fred Karger <1% 1% <1% 1% <1% 0% 0%
Other 2% 2% 8% 3% 4% 1% 4%
Not sure 6% 8% 2% 9% 10% 8% 13%

Totals may not add up to 100% due to rounding

This poll was conducted after Perry’s most recent subpar debate performance last Thursday, but the survey was still in the field when Cain won a Florida straw poll on Sunday. Cain was the top choice of only 8% a month ago.

Michele Bachmann continues her drop in our polling, falling from a first-place 34% on June 30 to just 4% now. While some other announced GOP candidates have had large fluctuations in their standing with party voters, since June 21 Romney has remained steadily between 12% and 17%.


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3 Comments on “Herman Cain Leads Pack by Double Digits in New Zogby Poll”

  1. tgusa Says:

    I can see Obama fumbling with a set of ball bearings while talking about how the rich have made a copy of the storeroom key and eaten all the strawberries. I guess we could call this the Cain Mutiny.

    It is nice to finally see a few black men surfacing in politics that are not racists.

  2. Pete Says:

    I was at my cousins house watching TV when Herman Cain first announced he was a presidential candidate. I turned to my cousin and told him, obummer has so screwed up this country that I doubted another black man would be elected president of the US in this century, I am glad Herman Cain just might prove me wrong.

    There are fantasy football teams fantasy baseball teams this is my fantasy presidential team —

    Herman Cain -President

    Newt Gingrich -VP, Newt’s contract with America brought considerable prosperity to the US and he has a handle on foreign affairs that Herman might not have.

    John Bolton -sec of State

    Rudy Giuliani – atty general

    Mitt Romney – sec of treasury

    Tom Tancredo or Ray Kelly -sec of homeland security (I really hate it when I can’t make up my mind.)

    Donald Trump – sec of commerce (I don’t think he would take the cut in pay)

    Robert Gates – sec of defence

    The rest I’ll let Herman Cain fill in.

  3. tgusa Says:

    White as the bottom side of a saltine cracker and poster girl for skanks everywhere appoints herself The blackulator (FR) Herman Cain, are you black enough? I’m blacker than you are, Obama.

    We havent yet elected a black American to the presidency. So far all we have done is eleced a phony, a son of an black African father and a white wandering communist mother. Might as well have selected a random alien.

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