German Officials Planning to Spy on ‘Islamophobes’

Interesting how those who hate a destructive, barbaric ideology are singled out as the bad guys whenever Islam is involved:

German Intelligence to Spy on…’Islamophobes?’

Buck Sexton – The Blaze

Officials in Germany will meet [today] to decide whether right wing groups who are vocally critical of Islam– so-called “Islamophobes”– will be placed under domestic intelligence agency scrutiny alongside other extremists.

The German daily newspaper Der Spiegel reported […] that “Islamophobes” could be placed under surveillance by the BfV, the German equivalent of Britain’s MI-5 or, less precisely, our FBI.

The meeting to decide this designation will be held between “the president of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), Heinz Fromm, and the agency’s leaders in the 16 German states.”

The German states of Bavaria and Hamburg have already started to view “Islamophobes” and other “right-wing populists” as extremists who pose a threat to order and security. Hamburg officials have declared they monitor a German internet web forum with the less-than-threatening name “Politically Incorrect,” though they say the site is not technically under watch by spies.

Why are German authorities looking at the site then?

An unnamed German official told Der Spiegel it was “undemocratic” and meant to “incite young people.”

Der Spiegel summarized the question facing the intelligence agencies as whether:

“The hatred of Muslims is enough to endanger freedom of religion and international understanding — or whether it is a radical but legitimate expression of opinion by individual authors within the limits of the constitution.”

The German government already criminalizes political parties deemed offensive or threatening to public order. Last week, Germany outlawed what had been its largest Neo-Nazi party. The country also has stringent anti-hate speech laws on the books, which can call for serious criminal penalties.

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5 Comments on “German Officials Planning to Spy on ‘Islamophobes’”

  1. Malaysia goes a step further & proposes a “Global Movement of the Moderates” to counter islamophobia, demonisation of islam & all the rest …

  2. tgusa Says:

    Who gets blown up first, islamophobes or these ioslamophiles? My guess is the latter. Go ahead and take your eye off the ball dummies. I’m beginning to think that many of the smart Germans were wiped out during WWII. Same goes for much of Europe toady.

    In this day and age islamophobia is prudent while islamophillia is insane.

  3. For those in Germany…

    You now know your Gov is inflitrated by moslems and those in the leftist politics who now want to censor or remove any of you ‘islamaphobes’ not because you are a racist but because you are not allowed to question those dhimmi politicians who are ‘useful idiots’ who have sold out you all in German. You are also not allowed to question muhammads teaching, the quran, or the shariaists who have a perverted culture and relig-poli system.

    Time to remove all moslem shariaists, moslem politicians and those who support them in Germany.

    Otherwise Germany RIP!

  4. Gonzo Says:

    “..right wing groups who are vocally critical of Islam– so-called ‘Islamophobes’– will be placed under domestic intelligence agency scrutiny..”

    And history repeats itself.

    The key wording here is “right wing”, as in political affiliation. The exact same thing happened several decades ago by a socialist movement call the Third Reich, lead by a character known as Hitler. They too placed those opposed to them on “surveillance”. This is not a religion issue, it is a political power issue. Coining the term islamophobia is like using a term “marxismaphobia”, or “communismaphobia”. Since islam is a theo-political system, the issue is not fear of muslims, but having enough common sense to understand how oppressive and militant islam can be. Criticizing such a political system is incumbent upon those who wish not to see the return of a system such as the Third Reich.

    It is not a coincidence that the Nazi’s had several Arab islamic military companies as allies – they have some very similar ideals.

    To the German people, you best wake up. You are in for a world of hurt here.

    You know, I wonder how well islam would fair if a factual movie were made of the life of P.Mo,especially the last 23 years. Not a sanitized version, but totally truthful, including all of the brutal excursions and mass genocides committed by he and his P-Mo buddies. Nothing like cinema-reality to give perspective.

  5. tgusa Says:

    If we wanted to be really mean we could submit and embrace the tenets of islam. Not convert, just go along with them, for a little while, just long enough to expunge all the leftards. Ok, so it would be hard to be that mean, even to leftards. I said if we wanted to be really mean I didn’t say it would be easy.

    I don’t care what anyone says its still a better idea than Blast and Buryus.

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