California Teacher Lowers Students’ Grades for Saying God Bless You When Someone Sneezes

To help your children integrate into society without coming across as rude, uncivilized little monsters, you spend years doing your best to teach them manners, like “please,” “thank you,” “excuse me,” and “God bless you.”   And what does some idiot teacher with an agenda go and do?  Punishes your children just for being polite and obeying you:

Say What?! Teacher Bans Students From Saying “God Bless You,” Punishes By Knocking Points Off Grade

A California health teacher is banning the phrase “God Bless You,” said by some students after a classmate sneezes, from his classroom claiming the blessing is disrespectful and disruptive. For punishment, he knocks 25 points off the student’s grade if he or she says it.

This classroom rule is leaving many parents outraged saying he doesn’t have rights to impose his personal beliefs on others; the school agrees. Now, California teacher Steve Cuckovick has promised to try a less controversial form of punishment.

Unfortunately, I am having problems embedding the video.  So, you’ll have to CLICK HERE to watch the video

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3 Comments on “California Teacher Lowers Students’ Grades for Saying God Bless You When Someone Sneezes”

  1. tgusa Says:

    Ha. The idiot wants to define how people converse with one another. He wants to discriminate against some of us because of our upbringing. Many of us were born this way, we grew up this way but so much for that argument.

    I say Ha because we have a way of dealing with idiots like this, it is called reassignment, to one of the bottom five of school districts in the state. The states districts are very diverse, some are much better than others and that is how we keep it that way. He can do what he wants but we don’t have to put up with it and we won’t. Let him spend his time ducking bullets instead of attacking the people that he lives and works among. He doesn’t like the people who pay his salary so he needs to go.

    Judging by his mental state, prolly become suicidal though. Meh, who cares.

  2. Gonzo Says:

    1) The teacher states that he will no longer lower grades, but will find “other” ways of disciplining children who say ‘God Bless You’ after those who sneeze. The school, while it has folded to the current pressure, does not indicate that they will do anything about this “other” form of discipline. Alarming.

    2) The teacher erroneously supports his position by explaining that the reason ppl say ‘God Bless You’ after someone sneezes, is based on a time of ignorance when people thought sickness had a more sinister spiritual root, and that saying ‘God Bless You’ was a way to ward off evil spirits (how does this mean that this is the current meaning?). The teacher further believes that since we now know that this is not the case, that the phrase should no longer be used. Nevermind the fact that it is now simply customarily polite and often attributed as a wish toward wellness.

    However, if saying ‘God Bless You’ is a way to ward off evil spirits, and has vestige to that of ignorance & disease, then
    God bless you, Steve Cuckovick, God bless you.

    BTW, for those interested in the true roots of the phrase, it isnt really know for sure, but these are the prevailing sets of wisdom on the manner, none of which strike me as particularly bothersome.

  3. Tom J. Rep Says:

    What a first-class idiot this teacher is! This country has fallen apart since the degraded people of this society have worked to remove any spiritualism and the notion of God from our lives here!

    The question is: Why are we paying taxes to support crazy teachers like this? Thomas Jefferson said that we don’t have to! That’s good enough for me! Starting voting with your dollars! That’s the only “god” this degraded people understand!

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