UK: Muzzy Mom Sacrificed 4-Year-Old Daughter to Allah by Choking Her, Stabbing Her 40 Times, and then Cutting Out Her Liver

Is it just me, or does Islam seem to attract an inordinate number of psychopaths?:

Muslim mother stabbed daughter 40 times and cut out her liver in ritual killing to ‘exorcise evil spirits’

A Muslim woman disemboweled her daughter as a sacrifice to [Allah] after she became convinced the four-year-old was possessed by spirits, the Old Bailey heard.

Shayma Ali, 36, stabbed the girl up to 40 times and took out her liver while Koranic verses played in the background.

When police arrived at their east London home, Ali was heard chanting: ‘I seek refuge in [Allah] from the curse of Satan’.

Ali was found covered in blood rocking back and forward in the lounge of her home, with the child’s liver on the carpet.

She had become obsessed that the child, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was possessed by a Jinn, a spirit referred to in the Koran which can occupy humans and animals.

In the winter months of last year Ali developed acute transient psychosis, which ended in the killing of the child on December 16.

Duncan Atkinson, prosecuting, said Ali had become an increasingly devout follower of Islam after a trip to Egypt in 2009.

By last year she was prone to ‘outbursts of aggression’ towards members of her family who became concerned that her mental health was deteriorating.

‘She became particularly pre-occupied by the idea of possession by a thing call a Jinn,’ said Mr Atkinson.

She removed the eyes from toys and videos, covering over the eyes on covers of DVDs and books,’ he said.

‘She also became obsessed with cleaning because she believed such evil spirits thrived in dirty spaces.’ He said she ‘talked constantly about evil spirits’ and the belief that her daughter was possessed.

On December 16 last year she was alone with her daughter, who was not attending nursery because of a recent illness, at her home in east London.

Ali later told a psychiatrist she had been praying when she began to think about sacrificing a child ‘as proof of her love of [Allah]’.

Mr Atkinson said: ‘She became convinced [Allah] wanted her to sacrifice her own child.

‘She gripped her daughter by the neck until she blacked out. She took her to the kitchen and, as she said, “just to make sure she had killed the Jinn, the evil spirits, properly I took a kitchen knife which had been lying about and stabbed my daughter”.’

The court heard she called her husband and was found by family members in the lounge. The child was dead in the kitchen.

Police officers observed Ali repeatedly chanting: ‘I seek refuge in [Allah] from the curse of Satan.’ She was subsequently arrested and later charged with murder.

The four-year-old had suffered 28 exit wounds to her back, but many of the wounds overlapped each other, leading the pathologist to believe there had been 30 to 40 stab wounds.

She had also suffered blunt impact injuries to her head and compression to her neck.

In January this year Ali spoke to her husband and told him: ‘A voice told me “if you really love Allah you would sacrifice your daughter”.’

Psychiatrist Dr Philip Baker said Ali had become ill very quickly and it was ‘very difficult for any action to be taken’ but when she was psychotic she was capable of extreme violence.

Ali admitted manslaughter by reason of diminished responsibility. Wearing a burka she sobbed in the dock, flanked by three nurses, as she entered her plea.

Judge Anthony Morris QC ordered she be detained in a medium-secure unit for treatment without limit of time under sections 27 and 41 of the Mental Health Act.

‘You were suffering from what has been described as an acute and transient psychotic disorder which clearly had been getting significantly worse over a short period of time before you carried out the killing,’ he said.

‘You became convinced that [Allah] wanted you to sacrifice your child and you went on to carry out the most terrible attack upon your four year-old daughter, stabbing her many, many times and then removing her internal organs.’

He added: ‘One of the most horrifying aspects of this case is how quickly you lost control of yourself in that you became, in a very short period of time, somebody who was acting in a way entirely foreign to your normal manner of behaviour.

‘The authorities must think long and hard before considering whether it is safe to release you, having regard to the rapidity of the onset of your acute symptoms in this case.’

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12 Comments on “UK: Muzzy Mom Sacrificed 4-Year-Old Daughter to Allah by Choking Her, Stabbing Her 40 Times, and then Cutting Out Her Liver”

  1. Bruce Majors Says:

    Do they make a Halal chianti?

  2. Gonzo Says:

    “In the winter months of last year Ali developed acute transient psychosis, ..becoming an increasingly devout follower of Islam after a trip to Egypt in 2009”.

    And there you have it. The mother had the right idea, but she identified the wrong person with the evil jinn inside, else, she would have cut out her own internal organs. A less gruesome form of treatment would have simply been to switch to a real religion of peace and love though.

  3. tgusa Says:

    Sounds like a satanic ritual straight out of the movies.


  4. More like halal liver and onions…

    RIP little girl!! 🙂

    More dhimmi stupidity from UK…

    UK court Barred Islamic leader should get damages
    AP – 1 hr 49 mins ago

  5. Big Frank Says:

    Was that Jinn or Gin? All joking aside , This is more likely occurring then is reported.

  6. More like the ‘spirit’ was maddog 20/20…

    Or this stuff…

    Street Trash (1987)

    Despite all my sick humor.

    May that little girl truely RIP! May her demon possessed mother be punished for her killing!

  7. Star Says:

    ” Muslim mother stabbed daughter 40 times…” ?? Who wrote this??? The church???? ” Christian mother murdered baby…. christian daddy sexually abused little girl…” ← never read it like that… racism racism….. even better how about the Aliens white people keep seeing and hearing and even killing for … or the cults where people are found dead … oh sorry it should’ve been ” the christian ( or other religions)


    • Leatherneck Says:

      Hey SFB’s Islam is not a race. However, it is a flase moon god worshiping death cult, and political system.

    • tgusa Says:

      Christian mother murdered baby…. christian daddy sexually abused little girl…

      racism racism…..

    • Gonzo Says:

      Star, the fact is, islam, muslim religious leaders, and even governments of islamic nations, support the islamic spawned concept of a person being infiltrated by an evil jinn; or worse yet, criminals are exonerated with an “evil jinn must of done it” defense. I know of no other mainstream religion where that is the case.

      So, before you go spouting off, especially in a completely nonsensical way, you should probably take a moment to research on a subject that you obviously no absolutely nothing about. Let me help you. Web search “saudi arabia jinn”, and “islam jinn”.

      Or, are you one of these muslims that try to hide the truth about islam through the all too common tactics of redirection, name calling, and character assassination?

  8. So ‘star’ in your mind… skepticism of islam = racism. Hmmm… ok care to mention which race they are?

    And it seems quite ‘racist’ that they murder each over over thier ‘religions’ in the name of allah. And its equally racist the horrors they are doing in the name of thier dark god in the UK and other places because of the writings of muhammad.

    Meanwhile care to mention which “Christian” sect or church allows its followers to murder thier children? No?!

    Only in islam and hinduism do they ‘honor kill’ thier children in the name of thier honor and satanic god.

    Deal with it dummy!

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