‘Rebel Pundit’ Catches Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky Marching with ‘Occupy’ Protesters in Chicago

A thousand protesters and not a single American flag to be found…  However, there are commie red flags being proudly displayed:

Of course, Jan Schakowsky is another Lefturd in Congress who thinks you don’t deserve to keep all your money.

Read more about this over at Rebel Pundit by CLICKING HERE.

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2 Comments on “‘Rebel Pundit’ Catches Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky Marching with ‘Occupy’ Protesters in Chicago”

  1. tgusa Says:

    Jan and her fellow proglodytes set out to create an East German economy and now that they have one they’re bitter. Too bad it isn’t the 60’s, these people would go off to live in a commune, relocate to Shangri La, join the Peace Corp or some such thing. I have noticed that these protests are largely the 60’s crowd trying to sell their bs to the young. Sadly, if it were still the 60’s we would probably already be on the upswing. This is not the change they have been hoping for but nonetheless the change they have right now. They need to step away from the proglodyte crackpipe before it’s too late.

    However, I must say that I am disappointed, I haven’t seen one of these freaks yet. Guess I’ll just have to wait for Halloween. I bought a new trenchcoat and that’s all I’m wearing. Can you name the Demcongprog I am dressing up as?

  2. “Let me introduce myself”…

    Heres what ‘occupy chicago’ are all about…


    So its a ‘new’ social movement. Which of course is just more leftist crapzola.

    All these ‘movements’ will not solve our problems only a large upset in the system will start the ball rolling.

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