White House Memo Links Gun Control Legislation With ‘Fast and Furious’ Operation?

Hm…  Interesting:

From the Ulsterman Report:

After a prolonged absence, our longtime D.C. Insider sends us this message regarding the inner workings of the Obama White House, including an “eruption” from Michelle Obama, and an administration breaking under the strain of accumulating scandals and a disapproving American public.


More importantly at the moment though is Fast and Furious.  The Solyndra thing was an unexpected surprise.  Had nothing to do w/that but happy to see it out there.  If it continues to get attention from the public that’s great.  The more the merrier when it comes to scandals against this administration.

I continue to see Fast and Furious as the much bigger deal for this White House though.  That has everyone running interference at a level only seen when something very big and very dangerous to a president is hovering over an administration.

You keep asking about Issa.  At this point I don’t know.  Information has been effectively shut down from his office.  That either means a deal has been struck and some stooge will take the fall, or they are preparing to go all in on this thing.  A Watergate type moment.  At this point it’s one or the other.  Holder has openly insulated himself and the president.  Doing it so openly means he’s either very confident or very afraid.  I am hoping its fear that is motivating him to cover his tracks right in front of everyone.

Been told there is a memo, or was a memo, tying Fast and Furious directly to some kind of proposed gun control legislation or plan.  Not certain how developed it was.  Something that was pending .  The memo is a direct link between the program and the gun control issue. An entire coordinated effort that required people to be killed.  It is being talked about, but I have not seen it or spoken with anyone who has.  So who knows?

If it does exist and if Issa or someone comparable to him has it, then it implicates the administration at an entirely new level of corruption here.  We’re talking about people marching on the White House and throwing them out on their ass. Either way, if Fast and Furious is to break out completely against this White House, it needs to happen soon, so we will have our answer either way.

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3 Comments on “White House Memo Links Gun Control Legislation With ‘Fast and Furious’ Operation?”

  1. Gonzo Says:

    NRA to sue feds over Fast and Furious:

  2. Che Says:

    I am still not getting the point: do guns for narcocartels come from the US or not?

    • Gonzo Says:

      No Che, by in large, they do not. Guns from the US are quite expensive, (unless the feds give them away), which is why the narco-cartels were chiefly getting guns from Russia, China, central America, and defections from Mexican army, (proven by info from wikileaks).

      So the whole Fast and Furious gun fiasco was the feds ploy to push more gun control. And why would a govt feel the need to *create* a problem in order to push for gun control? – the only logical reason is that the gvt knows that guns in the hands of private, law abiding citizens is not a problem in the first place.

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