Lahore, Pakistan: 12-Year-Old Christian Girl Repeatedly Gang Raped and Forced to ‘Convert’ To Islam. Police Ignore.

Yup, more interfaith “dialogue” from the cult of the pedophile prophet:

PAKISTAN: A 12 year-old Christian is gang raped for eight months, forcibly converted and then ‘married’ to her Muslim attacker


Miss Anna (name withheld), is a 12-year-old Christian girl and the daughter of Arif Masih. Arif is employed as a street sweeper (scavenger) at WAPDA. He is a resident of quarter number 44, WAPDA colony, Shahdra, Lahore, the capital of Punjab province. Anna was kidnapped by two Muslim men on December 24, 2010, one day before Christmas. According to the report sent by the Pakistan Minority Movement, on that day in the morning her friend, Miss Nida, who lives in her neighbourhood, came to her house and asked Anna to go shopping. According to the plan of the perpetrators, her friend took her to a street where they waited in a car. Miss Nida introduced the perpetrator her as her uncle.

Anna was then taken a long distance and dropped at a house where she was raped. After two days some women, relatives of the rapists, namely Mumtaz Bibi.Farzana Bibi, Kiran Bibi along with her friend Nida came with some papers and told her to sign them otherwise she would not be released. Eventually she did sign with hesitation but was not released. The papers were about her marriage to one of the perpetrators, Muhammad Irfan. She was taken to several places and was forced to convert to Islam. When she refused she was manhandled and beaten.

After her abduction, her father filed an FIR against unknown people on 5/1/2011.F I R NO 18/11. Sr. No 2138 to the Factory area police station district Shaikhupura, Lahore. However, the police took no action for eight months.

In the first week of September 2011, more than eight months after her disappearance, Anna called her family from Tandianwalla, district Faisalabad, 190 kilometers from Lahore, and told them that she had been abducted but had escaped and was hiding at a bus stop. The parents went there and recovered her. She was brought back to her home and the parents produced her before the First Class Magistrate, factory area, Shadra, Miss Aasma Tehseen, who recorded her statement under section 164 of Cr Pc but did not order any action for her protection or a medical checkup.

The rapists then immediately contacted the police through their religious group and produced a marriage certificate showing that one of them, Muhammad Irfan, was married to her. When Anna’s parents went to the factory area police station to change the FIR to include the names of the rapists in the case the police flatly refuse to allow this and said she that as she had married and converted to Islam it would be better to hand over the girl to her legal husband. If they refused they were told that a criminal case would be filed against them.

The Christian family is in hiding from the rapists and the police and according to the Christian community, the religious extremists, who are from a banned organization, the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, are searching them. The abductors are claiming that she is pregnant but her mother denies that this is true. And in fact, make no difference whatsoever to the girl’s plight.

The irony of the matter is that the police never thought to ask the rapists and their religious groups as to how a girl of 12 could be married when according to the law marriage under the age of 16 is illegal. This is yet another example of how the Punjab provincial government is allegedly patronizing banned militant organizations.


In Pakistan it is has become a common practice from the religious groups to abduct girls from religious minority groups and rape them and when caught they produce marriage certificates and even then do not allow them to meet their parents. The law enforcement authorities never try to prosecute such perpetrators because the religious groups are doing great work in the name of Islam.


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7 Comments on “Lahore, Pakistan: 12-Year-Old Christian Girl Repeatedly Gang Raped and Forced to ‘Convert’ To Islam. Police Ignore.”

  1. tgusa Says:

    These policemen need to be tied down and the repeatedly violated by feral pigs and mongrel dogs. Now thats a policy I can support.

  2. Gonzo Says:

    Unfortunately, this is not all that isolated of a case, as this type of apartheid via abduction, rape, and farce conversions against Christians is happening frequently in a several middle-eastern countries. Chiefly Pakistan, Egypt, Sudan, Niger, Darfur, Mauratania, and Iraq.

    Apartheid is defined as crimes against humanity committed via systematic oppression and domination by one group over any other group/groups, and committed with the intention of maintaining or expanding that regime. Crimes that reach such status are not isolated or sporadic events, but are part either of a government policy or when wide practice of atrocities are tolerated or condoned by a government or a de facto authority.

    Given the frequency of such events, and how wide spread it has become, this is clear islamic apartheid against Christianity.

    Other countries that currently practice legal apartheid are Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, to some degree Yemen and Jordan, oh hell, just grab a globe and make a big circle around the middle-east = Apartheid Land.

  3. Yup islam in action.

    Waaaay to go muhammad your followers are using your example. You satanic ****!

  4. Pete Says:

    It’s not just the middle east and not just against Christians. In Indonesia and south east asia it’s against Buddhist, in India against Indians, and against Jews everywhere.

    “There were up to 40,000 Jews in Afghanistan in 1839. There were still 5000 in 1948. What an April Fool’s prank it would be to call up Kabul next April 1 and claim Afghanistan’s Jewish diaspora was claiming its “right of return,” and the charter flights have just taken off.”

    (The muslims demand the right of return of the Palestinians to Israel BUT deny that right to all others in their countries.)

    Saudi Arabia’s religious police arrested an Indonesian housemaid for casting a magic spell on a local family and “turning its life upside down,” a newspaper in the Gulf Kingdom reported on Tuesday. It is surreal, and it is ridiculous. But the maid will suffer horribly for it; witchcraft is a capital offense in Saudi Arabia.

    (Aside from voodoo worshipers on Haiti and some natives in New Guinea and of course as we see- muslims – does any sane person actually believe in this medieval nonsense?)

    In Norway and Sweden the overwhelmingly vast majority of reported rapes are committed by non native swedes and norwegians. When you read the english language newspapers over there the rapists are called “youths”, or “asians” , anything BUT muslims. The first time I read an article about a gang rape of a norwegian woman in Oslo her attackers were so miss-named they could have been southern baptists for all I knew.

    The thing is, our approach to this whole fictitious Islam and its fictitious Jihad rests on the assumption that if we right the wrongs, moderate the behaviors and fix the problems that the jihadis say have roused them to attack us, all will be well. The fact of the matter, though, is that whatever they may say are their reasons to unbelievers, they tell an entirely different tale to fellow Muslims. The reason we are under attack has nothing to do with what we have or have not done but has everything to do with who we are: Infidels.

    Islam simply has no confidence in it’s own supposed greatness, so it has to kill, maim, or attack anyone who offends it’s obviously flimsy and questionable foundations.
    Death! Death! Death! , Kill! Kill! Kill!
    Hate women!, Hate Dogs, Hate those who think for themselves! hate freedom! hate Humanity! hate science!, Hate charity! hate love!

    And most important of all LOVE DEATH!!!

    Islam’s doctrine must purge the human soul of all it’s HUMANITY because how do we explain how ANY human being can be so bloodthirsty as Muslims are in regards to defending their religion (CULT) from alleged Insults, it is almost prehistoric in it’s intensity.

    Everything Islam believes is the exact opposite of reality.

  5. terrible, this is so inhumane!!!

  6. Thats what islam is ezzard… terrible, criminal, ridiculous, idiotic…

  7. mehdi Says:

    mouhammad sala allahou aleyhi wa salem married with khadidja and he have 25 years and khadidja have 40 years…so stop mensonges

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