Liberal Pundits – Keeping Blacks Down on the Plantation For Over 40 Years and Counting

Lloyd Marcus hits another one out of the ballpark:

Arrogant white liberal tells Herman Cain how to be black
Posted on October 13, 2011 by Lloyd Marcus –

This article is for my black brother, a community leader and little league football coach who gets his news solely from the liberal mainstream media. Hopefully it will help him to understand why I, his big brother, is working with those white tea party people against his beloved black president.

This article is also for my black relatives who gave me a chilly reception at my grandmother’s 100th birthday party. I learned through the family grapevine they resent my involvement in the tea party and consider me an embarrassment to the family.

Well, I say to my embarrassed relatives, blame my instincts on the mentoring and leadership of my dad. My dad has been a Christian man of character and honor all of my life. So, when I see a characterless liberal political hack occupying my beloved country’s Oval Office, I refuse to join the flock of black sheep worshiping him because we share the same skin color.

To my relatives who have thrown their Christian values, principles and brains out of the window to give their black idol a pass, you guys are the ones who should be ashamed of yourselves. Marcus family tradition has drilled into us that it means something to be a Marcus; an adherence to a higher standard. YOUR SELLOUT TO SKIN COLOR EMBARRASSES ME! If you detect a bit of anger, you are correct.

Watching MSNBC white host Lawrence O’Donnell chastising black presidential candidate Herman Cain for not participating in the 1960s civil rights movement infuriated me. O’Donnell accused Cain of cowardly sitting on the sidelines while blacks and whites marched and protested for black civil rights. How dare this white guy who does not have a clue what it was like to be black in America in the 1960s attack a black person for not responding to racism the way he thinks he should have responded.

In the 60′s, most blacks did not march or protest in the streets, but fought for freedom in their own private ways; entrepreneurship, prayer, striving for excellence and etc. A black buddy of mine who went from being incarcerated as a teenager to becoming an art director in a prominent advertising agency attributes his success to a black high school art teacher, Lindy Jordan. Mr. Jordan mentored so many black youths, a scholarship was founded in his honor. Mr. Jordan was never seen in the streets protesting for civil rights. I submit that Mr. Jordan fought for black liberation and equality in the best way he knew how to fight; by mentoring black youths.

But, leave it to this probably former hippie spoiled brat white boy, O’Donnell, to think all blacks who did not march in the streets must have been Uncle Toms. O’Donnell’s liberal arrogance is off the chain. In my opinion Lawrence O’Donnell owes Mr. Jordan and other black American civil rights pioneers an apology.

O’Donnell is yet another white racist arrogant liberal attempting to dictate what is and is not acceptable black behavior. White liberal actress Janeane Garofalo displayed the same racist arrogance when she proclaimed black Republicans Michael Steele and Herman Cain to be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

LISTEN UP, O’Donnell, Garofalo and all you other pompous liberal plantation slave massas. By the Grace of God, we black Americans are FREE; free to be successful entrepreneurs such as Herman Cain and countless other blacks rather than government dependent welfare recipients.

We blacks are free to live outside of your liberal stereotypical dictates. I prefer sushi over fried chicken. Does that make me “less” black? Probably yes, in the minds of arrogant liberal racists. How dare white liberals appoint themselves authorized to dictate what is and is not authentic black behavior.

O’Donnell followed up his program in which he spanked Cain for not being black enough with analysis from liberal plantation black overseer, Rev. Al Sharpton. As expected, Sharpton further trashed Cain.

Based on Sharpton’s betrayal of black America and his racially divisive and evil Tawana Brawley scandal, Al Sharpton is not even worthy to shine Herman Cain’s shoes. And yet, this is the guy the left has appointed “spokesperson” for black America; again confirming their arrogance. Herman Cain’s story is one of inspiration, courage and honor which epitomizes the American Dream.

If these paragons of tolerance and compassion on the left such as O’Donnell and Sharpton truly gave a d — about black America, they would herald Herman Cain as a hero. They would celebrate Cain as a shining example for black youths, illustrating the limitless success which can be achieved via education, hard work and character.

Sadly, inspiring black youths to pursue their dreams is NOT the intention of O’Donnell, Sharpton and the left. Their intention is to create another generation of Americans dependent on big government for survival. With Obama leading the campaign, they seek to create dumbed down Democrat voters who view themselves as victims and hate everything which has made America great; including capitalism and individual freedom.

O’Donnell’s question to Cain about his lack of involvement is the 1960′s civil rights movement was to portray him as an Uncle Tom. It was despicable. So, every time I hear these creeps on the left pontificate about their compassion for blacks, it turns my stomach.

The left views and values blacks only as pawns in their quest to portray America as the greatest source of evil in the world. The left deems happy America loving blacks who have achieved success via traditional routes such as education and hard work to be “paradigm breakers” and MUST be destroyed.

So, please forgive my lack of respect for my white “would be” liberal slave massas and their traitorous black overseers. These people are evil and must be defeated.

© Lloyd Marcus

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9 Comments on “Liberal Pundits – Keeping Blacks Down on the Plantation For Over 40 Years and Counting”

  1. Gonzo Says:

    The back-handed racists, Garofalo, states that all Tea Party’ers are racists. She states that black T.P.’s are just being used, (translation – they are not smart enough to actually have their own opinion).

    She says that conservatives only *hate* Obama because he is black. Then, in mind boggling contradiction that only an ultra-uptight lib can understand, she states that conservatives only *like* Cain because he is black.

    She says Herman Cain is only being used by the Tea Party. Basically, saying Cain is not smart enough to have his own opinion. Herman Cain was a rocket scientist (calculated missile trajectory) in the military, is a columnist, a minister, holds a Masters Degree, served as chairman for board of Reserve Bank of Kansas City, and is a highly successful businessman who brings failing businesses out of bankruptcy. Really Garofalo? -he’s not smart enough to think for himself?

    Who’s the Racists?!

  2. tgusa Says:

    Liberal pundits keeping blacks down on the plantation for over 40 years and counting.

    To be fair, it hasn’t really been that hard.
    Besides, liberals will always tell us that blacks have a disability that non blacks don’t suffer from.

    If you suspect to are going to fail its an ideal position to be in when you can blame somebody else for any and every one of your own failures. The truth is blacksin America are in the position that they are in primarily because of themselves. Blacks have voted their way into their predicament. Blacks took a seat at the front of the bus and immediately began acting like idiots. Blacks fought for a white mans style of education, first in Little Rock, now liberal blacks denounce any black who apeears to, act white, they want nothing to do with education. Blaming Tea partiers or anyone else for you own predicament even as you have set yourself apart is really not much different than blaming the witch doctor for putting a curse on you and your family. Except that in a way the liberal black relationship is one of witch doctors and the bewitched.

    Overall, when we look at the post WWII black equality movement it is easy to see that the early pioneers have been let down by those who came afterwards. Understanding this, if I were a black, or a liberal, or a black liberal especially, I would be looking for someone else to blame too.

  3. Ciccio Says:

    45 years ago I had a black dentist, the best the British education could produce. He also sang Schubert Lieder.He was more highly respected by our white community than many whites because we all knew it took a hell of a lot for him to get where he was. Today I would not dream of going to a black dentist, the first thought is affirmative action. What affirmative action has done to the black professionals is to demean their hard work, he will not get the chance to prove how good he is because he will only be lumped with all the other affirmative action losers.

  4. carl Says:

    interesting that any of you have the ability to read or write anything other than your own names. Your ignorance is only exceeded by your uncle tom prejudiced views.

    • Ronin Says:

      What is interesting is that you could not produce any evidence to counter anything in the article or fabricate a potential solution so you lowered yourself to attacking the messengers. Please return after you grow up and have developed the ability to discuss issues with grownups.

    • tgusa Says:

      And we’ve had enough of your uncle bin ladens cabin too carl. Why don’t you do us all a favor and go put yourself on a watch list fool. I would tell you to leave but you wouldn’t go cause where else in the world can you get all the free stuff you want from your white leftist masters. And you don’t even need to learn how to read or write, just like slaves! Really, the last thing blacks need right now is sub retarded morons such as you trying to fight their imaginary battle against oppression. (Laughing Out Loud)

  5. Born 1943 raised on a poor dirt farm in Southern Indiana. Standing near my father on visits to town, I often overheard the racial comments of many men describing the lower Black Race. At home my dear Grandmother often told stories of her Grandfather and his adventures of cabin life on the Ohio River. The cabin was one of many used as part of the Underground Railroad moving run away slaves north. It is with great sadness that the Black Population in large part is still lagging behind. An Asian and others can arrive in America then 10 years later they drive BMW’s and are about to send their children to the best Universities. The Black Man is Just as smart as these new arrivals with one exception, this exception will continue to keep his children and their children down. This self bondage is their “un-reviewed” following to the Democratic Party.
    Why would Great Black Men like Fredrick Douglas and MLK be Republican. It was the Republican Party the fought the Decrements
    to give the Black Equal Rights. Yes there were a few Like President Kennedy who bucked the Party, but with out the Republicans the Back Man and Child would still ride on the back of the buss. Only time and thought will turn the Black Population away from their Slavery of thought. Freedom will only come when they throw off
    the victim mantra and rejoice in the freedom of self reliance. The day the phone book has no “Black Organizations” listed will be the start to economic freedom for the race in America.

    • tgusa Says:

      Blacks would have a hard time in an Asian run world as I have noticed that a majority of Asians in America tend to be more like the Imperial Japanese than George Washington. Asians and blacks tend to gravitate towards and vote for democrats. I don’t have much in common with this type of Asian but I’m not losing any sleep over it. I would prefer just to be left alone by these people, I’m tired of it all, real tired. Its easy to drive a foreign car when you hire third world labor to work for you instead of paying Americans a fair price. It appears as if Asians would rather hire foreigners than blacks. People tend to make their own choices based on who they really are.

      I don’t see a lot of difference between 1940s comments regarding blacks and 2012 comments regarding whites.

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