With Ghaddafi Crossed Off of Obama’s Hit List, Who’s Next in Line?

Aw, come on now, I know you were all asking yourselves that very same question earlier today:

Gadhafi dead, who’s next on Obama’s hit list?

In what might be called the Obama Doctrine, but won’t be because it isn’t one and we were leading from behind anyway, the nation’s top community organizer has helped NATO reorganize another bad guy from the world scene.

Thirty-one weeks after Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama promised that the Libyan military operation would last “days not weeks,” Muammar Gadhafi is dead, along with hundreds of fighters and civilians on both sides. The dictator lasted through 42 years of international insoucance, ever since Obama was a sixth grader.

But near the beginning of the Arab Spring earlier this year Gadhafi made the threat that he was going to kill every opponent in sight in his country’s then new rebellion.

On the way to South America with his extended family, Obama appointed himself caretaker, said the mere threat of such slaughter made it in the United States’ national interest to prevent such a humanitarian disaster.

He joined allies attacking the regime’s military installations and gear to give the ragtag rebellion a chance. And much later he got around to telling Congress he’d launched military operations that, despite all the explosions and deaths, he wasn’t calling a war.

Nevermind that countless other black-hat regimes around the world have already gone way beyond threatening to kill large numbers of their civlians. Can you say Syria? Sudan? North Korea? Iran? The Obama administration instead invited Iran’s diplomats to U.S. embassy July 4th parties around the world. That kind of outreach has not worked as well as Tomahawks.

Today, in brief Rose Garden remarks Obama could not resist spiking the ball. “The dark shadow of tyranny has been lifted,” he said.

“This comes at a time when we see the strength of American leadership across the world.  We’ve taken out al Qaeda leaders, and we’ve put them on the path to defeat. We’re winding down the war in Iraq and have begun a transition in Afghanistan. And now, working in Libya with friends and allies, we’ve demonstrated what collective action can achieve in the 21st century.”

Notice, no mention of victory in Afghanistan, now the nation’s longest war ever.

It sounds good to say the results of the Arab Spring are more promising in some places for some people. As for American interests in, say, Egypt, it hasn’t turned out too well yet. Not to mention the negative impact on ally Israel.

Obama’s hit list grows — he got Osama bin Laden, of course, other terror chieftains and most recently that American mullah, Anwar al-Awlaki, in Yemen.

Its longtime power center terminated with prejudice, Libya will now be the next laboratory for the forces of freedom and fundamentalism to struggle for control.

With Libya wound down, Obama has just dispatched “about 100” combat-ready “advisors” (let’s see, that makes at least 200 boots on the ground) into central Africa to help eliminate the Lord’s Resistance Army, a rapacious rebel force most Americans have never heard of. And to facilitate the whacking of its evil leader, Joseph Kony.

President Obama has determined it’s in American interests for some reason and Kony’s next.

Followed by a war with Iran if Obama thinks he needs it to get reelected…

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7 Comments on “With Ghaddafi Crossed Off of Obama’s Hit List, Who’s Next in Line?”

  1. I got a suggestion for our heir furher ER Great leader… Obummer

    Go after the Mexican cartels. Start removing thier leaders and the crazies until there is no one left.

    After all the muzzies and the drug traffickers are in the same sleeping bag. Might as well de-populate more of the earth with thier numbers.

  2. tgusa Says:

    In the wake of Iraq if there is anything that this capture and subsequent summary execution tells us it is that the Democrats are a rogue regime as well. Way back in the early 80s Reagan was approached with an idea to assassinate Kadaffi but at the time he couldn’t do it because Democrats would have thrown a fit. It was illegal. It took decades of the killing of American civilians for democrats to react, and illegally, by the way. Democrats have been instrumental in bringing the world to where it is today, a hellish nightmare of wars and rumors of wars. Democrats only want to hold on to their power, it matters not who or how many of us lose our jobs, homes, families and lives. They are the misery caucus, ruining Americans dreams for half a century and counting. Whos next? Well Joe Biteme sez that if Democrats don’t get their way they will begin a campaign of murder and rape right here in America. In spite of some Americans hope not much has changed.

  3. tgusa Says:

    The only reason I care about the circumstances surrounding Momars death is because these same leaders of ours are accusing many of our own of war crimes, of being naizis, pol pot regimers, just for killing our maniacal enemy. They can’t have it both ways, its about time for some real justice.

    • tgusa Says:

      Bring on the 12th imam, the 12th because the previous 11 failed. Plan 12, from outer space, that’s right, straight out of DC.

  4. blanco Says:

    “Who’s Next in Line?” My fear that before long it may be you and me, the Tea Party, and anyone else who doesn’t embrace becoming a commie bastard. That’s who I think will be next in line.

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