Muzzies at Tyson Plant in Noel, MO, Force Management to Bow to Islam

No matter how much you bend over backwards for them, it’s never enough.

Next, the little ingrates will be demanding foot baths and a special room set aside for Muslim prayers only; mark my words:

H/T – MeMaw


Dispute with Muslim workers at Tyson plant managed
St. Louis Post Dispatch

A dispute over prayer time for Muslim workers at a Tyson Food plant in Noel has been tentatively resolved.

About 130 Muslim workers, many of whom are Somali refugees, walked off the job at the plant in Friday because of the dispute.

Muslims are required to pray five times a day at specific times. The Joplin Globe reports ( that one of the times is 5 p.m., which was the time most in dispute between employees and a new management team at the plant.

The workers returned to the job on Monday after a tentative agreement with management allowed prayer time.

The Globe reports that Tyson officials and workers met Monday afternoon and agreed to negotiate a long-term solution.

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22 Comments on “Muzzies at Tyson Plant in Noel, MO, Force Management to Bow to Islam”

  1. Noreen Says:

    I think a petition is in order, a boycott of Tyson Foods as well. There is nowhere in the koran that requires a muslim to stop for prayer. If they’re working they can pray silently to themselves.

  2. Leatherneck Says:

    There is a mistake. It should read Mussizs have to pray five times a day to their false moon god.

  3. Actually noreen the quran asks its followers to pray 5 times a day.

    Feel free to look that up online.

    If moslems are willing to pray to thier bizzare god 5times a day.

    Its high time to get them to work in jobs owned by muslims and leave us non muslims alone.

  4. Noreen Says:

    Hi yes it does require them to pray 5 times a day, it doesn’t require them to stop and pray. They can though the koran and hadith pray to themselves. Sorry I wasn’t clearer.

  5. tgusa Says:

    This is the time of the phony war and the time when people/groups/businesses are making the beds they will be forced to sleep in later. Tyson probably received all kinds of frightening threats, yes, muslims that do this here in the west are fundamentalists and threats are their first response. Tyson has hired islamist, first responders. Tyson may very well be afraid that fundamentalists will poison their product, damaging their brand in the process. Nevermind that submitting to these demands damages their product much more than fundamentalists ever could. This type of behavior is a red flag for most Americans. Its good to know who to watch, what not to eat. Its sort of like picking out the edible plants while rejecting the potentially harmful ones. As I said, this is the period of bed making, later it will be time to pay the piper as they say. My guess is, eventually, Tyson is dead meat.

  6. DLW Says:

    This is real simple to resolve, you fire the skinny’s and deport them back to Somalia where they can pray 5 times a day between scrounging for food, then Tyson can hire AMERICAN WORKERS…. I will personally boycott Tyson if they give in to this crap.

  7. Gina Says:

    They do not beleive in soap or even paper towels they eat with there hands and use the bath room and never wipe and they touch your food that you eat. They hate anything American and make threats all the time at this plant and demand everyone kiss there nasty behinds this country is in real trouble they left therecountry becaue it was full of HIV and filth and we brought them here to handle what we put in our mouth and guess what 70% of the population over there has HIV,HEP or some other nasty stuff you can not even pronounce and they handle your food. DO NOT EAT TYSON FOOD THIS PLANT IS FILTHY AND THEY BOW TO THEM THEY HATE US AND ARE HERE TO RUIN THE REST OF THIS COUNTRY AND WHO LET THEM IN HERE ANYWAY I HAVE NEVER EVEN SEEN ONE TIL ABOUT 6 MONTHS AGO.

  8. Gina Says:

    Some one should investigate this plant it is really bad there I have smelled where they have used the bathroom on there hands and the woman do not use anything for there monthly thing and folks they do not wash there hands they do not use soap this is crazy someone needs to call the health department or a news station they say they have undercover in there but they need to hurry and stop this stuff going on yuck!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey, it’s all good in the hood; According to “,” Mufti Ebrahim Desai says your concerns about blood, urine, and feces being unclean are unfounded, and, “You should ignore all doubts, they come from Shaytaan.”



    • Gonzo Says:

      Ya’ll do realize that in the mideast and other parts of the world, use of toilet paper is a rare thing, dont you? There is a reason they are commanded to eat with their right hand – the left one is for wiping $#!t. Straight from their backside, and right to your dinner table.

  9. Gina Says:

    Spred the word tyson is useing nasty stinking people to handle your food at the Noel plant these people do not even take baths its against there beliefs they will not use soap and Tyson bowed down to them because they was makeing moooooslims mad at them boycot Tyson

  10. I personally buy local chicken and avoid tyson or other companies that go ‘halal’.

    But I digress…

    It appears according to the internet that there are 2 plants in Noel.

    Those moslem workers only represent a small amount of persons at the plant. 130 persons is small compaired to the many others at the plants.

    My suggestion for those in Noel is to quietly watch the actions of those somali workers. IF they are a threat to others health. Remove them.

    More on this story:

  11. How interetsting that this is a battle over ‘rights’ for the moslems. And yet it is thier religion that will cause problems for the tyson company.

    And look at this:

    Tyson’s Noel, MO Plant Cited by OSHA
    By Karen Kosko
    First posted on 07-13-2007

    And of course the somali take on this story:

    In the end.

    All immigrants that come to the USA MUST respect our ways and our Laws. Otherwise they may as well go back to thier country of orgiin.

  12. tgusa Says:

    The amount of mischief they can get away with in our western (classical) liberal society is only limited to their imaginations. It’s a bit like a farmer deliberately introducing a pest on his crop lands. The important thing for the future is to be far away from these new convert lands/areas. New convert areas are always the most virulent of Islamic totalitarianism and primary targets for violence. Like a cancer, growing, expanding, outward from the new convert areas. Fire bombings, murders, rapes, mob violence and ill treatment of everyone else is the norm.

    You don’t have to take my word for it just check for yourselves. Take Pakistan for instance, the newest muslim nation, well except for the one in the Balkans, oh and in Africa, well anyway, the newest established muslim nation. The others are still fledgling Islamic nations but it is my bet that we will see events proceed the same way they always have. If we want to know what’s in store for us we only need to look around. Islam will lead to major strife in America, eventually, its only a matter of time. You can pray for peace but you better prepare for war.

    • Leatherneck Says:

      Hate, and dicontent is why the CFR State Department can’t get those Muslims into this country fast enough. It is to help destroy culture. It is part of a full court press to destroy America from within.

      Moon god worshipers
      Illegal aliens
      In debt to the CHICOMMS
      Children spoiled in the schools
      Destroy Marriage by allowing Homos to marry
      Gun walking

      These are the weapons of the CFR globalists. Full court press. Also called Treason.

      • Ronin Says:

        You forgot teaching others to hate the middle class, whites and people that have served in the military. Still, excellent points.

      • tgusa Says:

        As soon as the muslims bring down western guvmints it will be a western mans world to lose. Muslims have the wrong impression if they think taking down our spineless sissy pant leadership circle in the west will mean a victory for islam. At this point it could be argued that muslims wrecking our guvmints benefits the indigenous people rather than the invaders. A western guvmental collapse will be only the beginning. Western leaders are laying the ground work for their future irrelevance. They have everything to lose and nothing to gain by cozying up to muslims. Come closer, said the Spider to the Fly.

        BTW, if the Chinese think that they can just sit it out they have another thing coming. Right now it is the west but if the west fell they are, as they say, on deck.

  13. nabilah Says:

    The union and management agreed to a contract that allowed this-years ago in 2008. And the company ALREADY provided prayer rooms to accommodate their prayers. The company broke the agreement.

    • NeymarSantosJR Says:

      I work at Noel Tyson Plant. Somalians are very difficult to work with. They are very rude and they look at everyone like a threat to their religion or country. America for them is a land to expand their religion rather than culture and or dreams, they have no intentions of progress. They are no help to society and the U.S. it is a shame that Tyson takes their side on everything! We all try working together there, Mexicans, Americans, and Islanders are the ones that actually work and make the company so big. The bathrooms for employees there is so unacceptable, they do not use toilet paper only water to clean themselves. They have a ver bad smell, Tyson doesn’t have a dress code for anyone. And to be clear someone said there is 2 plants in Noel they’re wrong. 1 is in Noel the other in Southwest City called Simmons and I have also worked there for 3 yrs. Simmons is very clean stricly about their dress code and sanitary condition for employees, Simmons is by far the cleanest and more productive, by the way Simmons has maybe 1 Somalian worker in their plant. Tyson needs to do something before they get shut down for un sanitary condtions in the work place. I’m surprise USDA hasn’t done anything about it. Shame on them.

      • Brenda Says:


  14. eric h Says:

    this shit is funny to many rumors and nobody knows what they are talking about

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