Hey, Obama, Where’s that Congratulatory World Series Phone Call???

Uhm…  Whoops! 

I’m sure this has nothing to do with Tony Larussa and Albert Pujols hooking up with Glenn Beck at Lincoln Park last year.  Yeah, nothing whatsoever…  /sarcasm.

Of course, now that the cat is out of the bag, Obama will no doubt go into damage control mode and invite the Cardinals to drink a few home brewed beers out on the White House lawn:

Cards Snubbed By Obama? No Traditional White House Call Following Game 7 Win
Charlie Brennan, Brett Blume

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) –  Was President Barack Obama too busy watching the “Operation Repo” marathon or something else last Friday night?

When KMOX host Charlie Brennan asked now-retired St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa how the traditional call of congratulations from the White House went, La Russa suddenly realized that…it never happened.

“That’s a good point, I hadn’t really even thought about that,” replied a surprised-sounding La Russa, who can be forgiven for having a few other things on his mind over the past week.  “As we were getting into the World Series we had a call from the White House to make sure they had the correct number for my office.”

But as the wild, champagne-drenched celebration of the team’s 11th World Series title was going on in the locker room, that phone never rang.

“We never did get a call,” La Russa said.

And all this despite the fact that the First Lady, Michelle Obama, was in town for Game 1 of the World Series.



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5 Comments on “Hey, Obama, Where’s that Congratulatory World Series Phone Call???”

  1. tgusa Says:

    Maybe Obama is upset because the Cards are not sharing their victory with the other 99 percent.

  2. Gonzo Says:

    Having winners and losers is just wrong.
    To call the winners means that the losers, (I mean the equally talented team that simply did not score as many points), might end up feeling bad. We mustn’t have that.

    Both teams should have gotten a cup… with a smiley face.

    Do we really need to keep score? Remember, the important thing is for everybody to feel good about themselves. I, for one, applaud a president finally taking a stand against this horrible practice of making a whole team of people feel as if they are a lesser class.

    There should be a law.

  3. memaw1942 Says:

    I do hope you are joking Gonzo…. 😉

    • Gonzo Says:

      heh heh heh. of course.
      I saw a show on tv just before the market crash and ppl started losing jobs, that exposed the end result of this form of feel good catering to our children. High dollar consultants were telling big business that in order to attract and keep the 20 somethings kids as employees, they had to continue to make them feel good about themselves, and do all sorts of hi-tech perks and what not, oh, and raises just for managing to actually show up for work – for the most part.

      We had developed a nation of spoiled brats, and yet, the liberals refuse to accept that their perspectives are skewed.

      It doesnt matter now. The economy tanked, ppl lost much of their retirement funds and thus stayed on the job, unemployment rose to great heights, and the elitists are flooding our country with cheap labor so that when the market does turn around, they don’t have to cater to the spoiled brats. I hope all you 20-somethings out there are listening. Because if you expect everyone to continue to bend over backwards to assure that you widdle feewings dont get hurt, you are in for a real treat, as real life will reach up and shake you to your core.

  4. tnr Says:

    Maybe the President was too busy redacting this :

    The White House

    Office of the Press Secretary
    For Immediate Release
    November 05, 2011
    Statement by the President on Hajj and Eid al-Adha

    Michelle and I extend our greetings for a happy Eid al-Adha to Muslims worldwide and congratulate those performing Hajj. Thousands of Muslim Americans are among those who have joined one of the world’s largest and most diverse gatherings in making the pilgrimage to Mecca and nearby sites.

    As Muslims celebrate this Eid, they will also commemorate Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son by distributing food to those less fortunate around the world. They join the United States and the international community in relief efforts to assist those struggling to survive in the Horn of Africa and those recovering from the devastating earthquake in Turkey.

    The Eid and Hajj rituals are a reminder of the shared roots of the world’s Abrahamic faiths and the powerful role that faith plays in motivating communities to serve and stand with those in need. On behalf of the American people, we extend our best wishes during this Hajj season. Eid Mubarak and Hajj Mabrour.


    »»»»For me the expression ” Abrahamic faith ” is a false concept coined by the Muslim scholars as an attempt to legitimize the islamic ideology as a valid religion…. ««««

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