“180” Movie

I had not seen this movie back when it was released in September, but a reader sent me the link and so I sat down and watched it.  Just absolutely riveting; I put everything on hold for about a half-an-hour and watched it in stunned silence:

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16 Comments on ““180” Movie”

  1. tgusa Says:

    Eisenhower was a Prophet!

    “The things I saw beggar description…The visual evidence and the verbal testimony of starvation, cruelty and bestiality were…overpowering…I made the visit deliberately in order to be in a position to give first-hand evidence of these things if ever, in the future, there develops a tendency to charge these allegations merely to propaganda.” Dwight D Eisenhower

    Hitlers final act was turning his hatred against the German people. Fortunately many of his Generals refused to abide by his order to destry Germany. No one was more afraid of Hitler than his close confidants, the people of Germany its self.

    Old blood and guts himself, George Patton, puked his guts out while visiting one of the Nazi hell camps.

  2. tgusa Says:

    Although I am against abortion I do believe that if women have a right to choose so too do men have the right to choose as well. Perhaps they didn’t want the child, we do have equal rights under the law in America. Even still, the time to choose is not after you have risky sex, its before you have risky sex. Women who support abortion just want to do what they want without consequences.

  3. tgusa Says:

    There are 15 million American men who have been wronged in the most heinous of ways. One day they will see justice done although what has been done can never be undone.

  4. tgusa Says:

    If you want to see what these engineers will do to nature just look at what they have done to society. IMO, it is too late, we are on the way down, not up. They have tinkered with human evolution to the point where in their minds all the rules of nature and human emotion no longer apply. Well, that’s what they think right now. It’s not nice to try to fool mother nature.

    Pay attention Americans, there will be a test in the future. The penalty for failure will be your own death.

  5. Chris Says:

    Most people who repeat the mantra “life begins at conception” probably do not understand human reproduction and birth control very well. I am not a doctor, but the egg and the sperm join while the egg is floating in the uterus. That zygote represents “conception” in the technical sense. Now the zygote will die in a few days if it does not attach to the wall of the uterus (womb). Most birth control methods, incuding IUD’s and “the pill,” operate by preventing the zygote from attaching. Consequently, women who are sexually active and taking birth control measures are probably killing a human zygote every month. The choice for women who do not want to destroy human lives, would boil down to living a life of virtual celebacy, using rhythm or prophylactics, or having lots of kids. That’s a pretty harsh reality.

    • Hence, the Catholic opposition to “artificial” birth control.

      Scientifically speaking, life truly does begin at conception; the moment the sperm embeds itself into the ovum and merges its DNA with the ovum’s DNA, these two individual cells cease to be, and their union generates a new and distinct organism.
      There’s nothing religious about that. It’s just scientific fact.

      What you decide to do with that new life is where morality and religion take over.

      Due to our moral beliefs, my wife and I use the rhythm method. We have only one child and she was planned. So, it can be done if one is willing to practice a little self control every now and then. Nothing “harsh” about it at all.

      Of course, you and I have different perspectives on abortion, which causes us both to go round and round on this issue with each other ad nauseam , but I still love ya! Hey, off subject, but how’s everything been going with you? I don’t know why, but I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately and was wondering if everything was okay.


      • Chris Says:

        Things are great. I try to concentrate on the ideology issue, and not spread myself too thin. Congratulations on your mastery of math and self control.

        • LOL! Hey, it’s pretty easy when you’re a physicist (hence, the mastery of math) and had been celibate for 7 1/2 years prior to getting married. Of course, it also helps to have a daughter barging in every time she hears mommy and daddy “wrestling” in the bedroom!

          Anyway, glad to hear that all is good with you.


          • PB-in-AL Says:

            We can definitely relate to the “amazing timing” in our household… geez! 🙂

          • LOL! Yeah, it’s like they have a built-in sex radar or something! Probably pre-programmed with a directive like: Mustn’t allow another sibling into the house to “steal” any of that valuable attention I get from mommy and daddy! 🙂


      • PB-in-AL Says:

        You know, Doc, you strike on one question I’ve never had sufficiently answered with regard to the Roman Catholic birth control strictures: why are condoms out? The two cells are kept separate, thus your astute scientific measure is never met.

        My wife and I, too, by virtue of our being of a different denominational bent, have managed just fine by condoms and self-control (dang, forgot to run by the pharmacy), to only have the one child we have after 20+ years married.

        Self-control has never been the strong point of many folks. While it is described as “the fruit of the Spirit” in the Bible, that pretty well says in effect that there are lots of people who will lack that particular character trait. Granted there are the occasional exceptions, but not too many. A friend’s daughter, a freshman in college, is just finding this out at a large out-of-state campus… bless her heart.

        • “…why are condoms out? The two cells are kept separate, thus your astute scientific measure is never met. “

          Personally, even though my wife and I don’t use a condom, I don’t have anything against the use of condoms and feel that the Catholic church has gone too far in banning their use.

          The Catholic Church’s position is that, like God’s love, sex should be “procreative” and “unitive.” That is to say, sex should be open to God’s divine intervention for the creation of, and gifting of, human life; and, at the same time, be a pleasing gift of love from yourself to your spouse. By using a condom, the Catholic church reasons, in essence, that God is being denied His due right to creation.

          Anyway, that’s it in a nutshell. The apparent contradiction is that the Catholic Church allows couples to use the rhythm method of birth control—thus naturally denying God’s creative hand in marriage—while banning the use of a condom for birth control (which is an unnatural way to deny God’s creative hand in marriage). That’s never really made any sense to me, either. I guess the Catholic Church is fixated on the “unnatural” aspect of a condom more than anything else.

          Okay, I just pulled out a copy of Pope Paul the VI’s Humanae Vitae from my bookshelf. It states that birth control must be “done within the limits of the order of reality established by God.” Meaning, working within the confines of “the natural cycles immanent in the reproductive system” rather than “frustrating” them.

          So, true to my previous suspicions, it has more to do with God’s natural versus Man’s unnatural method of birth control.

          But, like I said, I feel that the Catholic Church has gone a little bit too far in banning condoms. After all, who’s to say that God didn’t inspire man to create the condom? I mean, they do occasionally break or slip off, thus allowing God a chance to do his thing. 😉


          • tgusa Says:

            I think, given the history of the Catholic Church that there is a lack of credibility in anything they say or do. Hey, I didn’t do it, my ancestors fought Catholics.

    • tgusa Says:

      Over my lifetime it has been my observation that it is not that easy for women to become pregnant nevermind having lots of kids just because they want to. As a matter of fact we have an entire industry that caters to women having difficulty having a child. It has also been my observation that promiscuous women tend not to get pregnant easily. I have also observed that far more women are concerned about acting riskily and ending up in a position where they might have to make a choice on abortion. Most of them are not willing to make take that risk. It is also clear that women who would utilize abortion would have zero difficulty utilizing birth control pills. Their morality does not even rise to the level of their own reproduction.

      During the sexual revolution of the late 60s and 70s there were a whole lot of people doing it but as I remember there were not a whole lot of people ending up with unwanted pregnancies. Having a baby is harder than people think. White people are not having two or three kids because they quit having sex after the third. In this day and age they just don’t have the time needed
      (nor the money required) to put the effort into trying to make a fourth or fifth baby. They are too busy working to pay for these other idiots choices. You can drive your car recklessly with or without insurance, without insurance it becomes bigger trouble if you have an accident.

      Of course now that the failed state that is our guvmint has taken over the healthcare business no one has a right to just do what they want regarding their own bodies, consequences.

      • PB-in-AL Says:

        The ironic thing about your insurance example is that the more that government has gotten inserted into auto insurance, the less benefit it provides to those who abide by the laws and get it.

        Here in AL, we’re required to have insurance to register our vehicle. However, renewal doesn’t require proof of insurance, so there are a LOT of folks who drive without. A friend was hit by a drunk lady, no driver’s license, no insurance. The drunk got run in to jail for an over-night “dry-out”, a fine for driving w/o license, and a fine for no insurance, maybe a few hundred, up to $1000. The friend had to pay the deductible, in her case $1000, to get the car fixed even though it was an uninsured driver, and her rates got raised. How did having insurance help?

        Well, one might say, “sue the drunk.” She was basically a slacker. The car was the only “pot she had to p*ss in”, as the saying goes, and it was totaled. So much for the “benefit” of requiring all drivers to have insurance…

        I’ve experienced the same sort of thing with my medical insurance and what they choose to cover and not. Heaven forbid that the doctor’s office incorrectly code something. Then there’s the changes in co-pays and benefits thanks to the looming “obama-care” pre-emptive profit making, the economy sucking so my employer tries to save money on our medical coverage, etc., etc.

        God only knows what’ll happen when it’s the government controlling benefits and coverage, not just “influencing” it.

        • tgusa Says:

          Yeah I know, it’s a mess, but what isn’t? Out here in some areas if you are an illegal caught driving without insurance, license, and probably a brain, the police will let you call a relative, they’ll hang around until the relative comes to pick up your car. I guess it just goes to show that rules are only for us fools that choose to follow them.
          Knuckleheads, we are.

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