Voice Analysis: Sharon Bialek is a Liar and Herman Cain Speaks the Truth!

My, my, my…  I think a lot of supposedly Conservative bloggers owe Mr. Cain a BIG apology for getting suckered by the Lame Stream Media into spreading false rumors and helping to destroy Herman Cain’s reputation:

Investigator: Herman Cain innocent of sexual advances


Private investigator TJ Ward said presidential hopeful Herman Cain was not lying at a news conference on Tuesday in Phoenix.

Cain denied making any sexual actions towards Sharon Bialek and vowed to take a polygraph test if necessary to prove his innocence.

Cain has not taken a polygraph but Ward said he does have software that does something better.

Ward said the $15,000 software can detect lies in people’s voices.

CBS Atlanta’s Mike Paluska played Cain’s speech for Ward into the software and watched as it analyzed Cain’s every word.

If he is hiding something this thing would have spiked way down here,” said Ward. “He is being truthful, totally truthful. He is a man with integrity and he talked directly about not knowing any incident he is accused of.”

The software analyzes the stress level and other factors in your voice. During the speech, when Cain denied the claims, the lie detector read “low risk.” According to Ward, that means Cain is telling the truth.

During the section of Bialek’s news conference where she says, “He suddenly reached over put his hand on my leg under my skirt and reached for my genitals he also grabbed my head brought it towards his crotch.”

During the analysis of that section the software said “high risk statement.” Ward said that means she is not telling the truth about what happened.

“I don’t think she is fabricating her meetings,” said Ward. But, she is fabricating what transpired.”

Ward said nearly 70 law enforcement agencies nationwide use the voice software, including the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office.

Ward said the technology is a scientific measure that law enforcement use as a tool to tell when someone is lying and that it has a 95 percent success rate.

After listening to Cain’s speech and analyzing it, Ward said there is no doubt, Cain is innocent.

“When he directly talks about the allegations against him there is no high risk,” said Ward. “It is low risk, which tells me he is being truthful in his conversations to the public.”

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9 Comments on “Voice Analysis: Sharon Bialek is a Liar and Herman Cain Speaks the Truth!”

  1. tgusa Says:

    They’re tryin to ride Cain dirty but their chickens are beginning to come home to roost!

    Go Herman Go. Go, Go, Go.

  2. Although Herman Cain is not the candidate I would vote for in next year’s election, I think the chances that he is being lied about with all the sex scandal reports are pretty good–particularly since all the liars seem to come from Obama’s home turf in Chicago.

    It looks like another good old fashioned Chicago smear job, the kind for which Chicago politicians and other leftists are famous for.

  3. tgusa Says:

    What I have been hearing from others is Cain is a guy that they like and would have no problem with Herman living in their Tea Party neighborhood. I live in a Tea Party neighborhood and we have quite a few minorities living among us. The democrats and their media will say that we are racists but the truth is we do not object to minorities we object to the majority of minorities. The democrats and their media have created inner city enclaves where anyone who is not black is unwelcome and immediately preyed upon and yet it is my neighborhood that is racist. My Tea party neighborhood is so racist that the minority kids who live among us trick or ttreated my house, I can’t believe they did that!/s No, we don’t object to Cain, his values coincide with ours but we are very protective of our neighborhoods and do not want them turning into some place like Kandahar where anyone who is different is driven out through terrorism.

    The fact is, the entire leftist movement is coming apart at the seams and they are wildly lashing out in every direction.

  4. dave@aol.com Says:

    That just means he believes his own b*llsh*t. How can you argue that he doesnt remember when he thinks he doesnt?

    • Okay, let’s say that you are right and Herman Cain believes his own b*llsh*t.

      Now, to be fair, we have to add equal weight to what Sharon Bialek believes and doesn’t believe.

      The results are in: Even Sharon Bialek doesn’t believe her own b*llsh*t.!!!

      Ergo, Cain is innocent..


  5. tgusa Says:

    At this point only the Penn State former president types do not think Herman Cain is actually the victim of sexual harassment. And perhaps sexual extortion as well.

  6. After watching this fiasco Im not trusting his ‘victims’ when the shack up with liberal lawyers like this….


    Hmmm… since feminist allred is holding onto her reigns I wonder how much of her ‘testimony’ is true or liberal lies…

    So far am figuring its all lies…

    heres a local ‘libitarian’ talk show host that thinks cains accusers are full of s*** too.

    http://www.mynorthwest.com/mp3/mediaplayer.swfMore audio at MyNorthwest.com

  7. Tyler Shaw Says:

    NOT a valid comparison. The “private investigator” should know better. The samples are from divergent circumstances. Bialek is reading from a statement. Cain is not. Reading from a statement results in hesitations, disturbed inflection, monotone delivery, and disfluencies.

    • LOL!

      My friend, give it up already!

      Reading from a prepared statement actually makes it EASIER to game the voice analysis into believing the subject is telling the truth, not harder! And still, she pegged the BS meter!

      Besides, why aren’t you complaining about Mr. Cain’s analysis? Don’t we need to take BOTH results into consideration, not just one?

      YOU should know better.


      P.S. – How much do you want to bet that if this voice analysis had swung the other way around, it would have been front page news fodder for the Lame Stream Media?

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