Occupy St. Louis Protester Calls For Violence Against Police: “…Beat the Cr@p Out of Them!”

Just a quick heads up for everyone:

While the thermometer is dropping here in Missouri, the “Occupiers” are heating up over in St. Louis;  The city has demanded that the Occupiers remove their tents and leave the park they’ve hijacked by 10:00 pm tonight.  Unsurprisingly, the protesters have dug their heels in and are saying they will not budge. 

As I type, the police are organizing and planning to move in with riot gear and evict the protesters.

So, there’s probably going to be some action in St. Louis tonight. 

Especially since the radical faction in the movement has been stirring up the crowds with rhetoric like this:

H/T – SharpElbows.Net

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17 Comments on “Occupy St. Louis Protester Calls For Violence Against Police: “…Beat the Cr@p Out of Them!””

  1. […] radical faction in the movement has been stirring up the crowds with rhetoric like this: See video: https://doctorbulldog.wordpress.com/2011/11/11/occupy-st-louis-protester-calls-for-violence-against-p… GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Origin", "other"); […]

  2. These a-holes have NO RIGHTS at all to occupy shit. Rule of law….this is not Serbia.

  3. Gonzo Says:

    Here is where I take a significant stand which may serve to annoy the regulars here. First, know that I defend Constitutional law with a vengeance. People dont like the right to bear arms – tough s#!t.
    Someone wants their speech to be free, but not mine – stick it up your a$$. You don’t like the provision in the 1st amendment for freedom to assemble – cry me a river whiny Winfrey.

    As I’ve said on many occasions, I may not agree with almost all of what the various factions of the OWS movement is saying, but i defend their Constitutional right to say it and to assemble.

    However, if you recall a bit back, I made the comment that the movement needs to either formulate an articulate (and actionable) list of grievances and solutions, or go home. Why? – because the part of freedom to assemble involves gathering to formulate those very things. It is a right to come together and petition the government for change.

    The Egypt uprising was very defined – Mubarak out. The protesters knew what they wanted from the get go.

    OWS’ original core grievance relating to elitist influence over government is a legitimate concern. Unfortunately, the lack of a concise articulation of the issues has resulted in so many fringe elements that the core issue is a minority in a sea of whiners and ship jumpers. And don’t think for a minute that the msm is going to do anything but concentrate on the most bizarre and violent fringe.

    That all being said, if citizens of the US want to assemble, in tents, on public property, to protest and formulate an actionable list of grievances and expected resolutions by the gvt, then I defend their right to do so. The same way I would expect others to defend my right to own guns, or to express my own opinions, or to believe what i desire to believe.

    So the main question seems to be, how long is long enough to assemble before it is expected that an articulate petition is presented to the government?

    • That’s a great question, Gonzo.

      I don’t know the answer. I believe one would have to view it somewhat in the context of the Free Speech rulings; Wherein, it is not protected speech if one yells “fire” in a crowded theater if there is no fire to begin with, nor is it protected speech if one threatens to do bodily harm to an individual.

      Obviously, the individuals who are calling for violence against the police in this Occupy St. Louis audio clip are NOT doing so under the protection of the U.S. Constitution as it has been determined by the U.S. Supreme Court that inciting a riot is not protected speech.

      I mean, if you don’t put limits on the right to peacefully assemble, you’ll have homeless drug addicts pitching tents and sequestering public parks for years on end, saying that they are merely exercising their rights and protesting the government’s refusal to legalize crack cocaine.

      A slippery slope, indeed.


      • Gonzo Says:

        Very true, and an argument can be made that such sequestering indefinitely would impede on others’ rights to use the park.

        All the more reason for the OWS movement to find a reasonable voice.

        As for attacking police, I’m a bit torn there too. I’ve seen videos of obvious police brutality, and I believe a person has the right to defend themselves. But the police also have the need to maintain order. Given that some violent individuals have “jumped on the bandwagon”, it is even MORE important for ows to find a voice of reason.

        There are intellectuals involved in that movement. Pity they are too busy being blowhards to fill the gap where our current educational system has obviously failed the younger crowd – ie.. creative writing, history lessons, civic law, American politics, and fundamental thinking skills. 🙂

    • tgusa Says:

      No offense Gonzo but you need to do more than defend it you need to fund it, cause I don’t want to but I am, we all are. Who do you think is paying for the police, fire, and medical? Would you think that these camp-outs are taking away resources that the cities or counties don’t have to spare? Assembly is one thing a camp-out where other people pay the vacation bill is another.

      Oh and these people have taken the first amendment and used it to throw out the other amendments. They have denied others the same rights that they themselves demand. They are attacking businesses, hot dog carts and citizen journalists. While I understand your confusion I don’t support it.

      • Gonzo Says:

        No offense taken.
        As I’ve stated, there are fringe elements that have exploited the original OWS movement to engage in their own form of rebellion.
        How can anyone here, who has been so outspoken about how the msm has portrayed the Tea Party, not believe that the same msm would also portray ows in a same broad stroke light?

        Again, it is because of this fringe element that has become the majority, that the core ows needs to present something reasonable. IF they dont, they have only affected the demise of their own cause.

        As for costs, would you have someone deny your freedom of speech or assembly simply because someone else decides that you need to be guarded by police and thus you dont have the right to assemble?

        IF there is a criminal element taking advantage of the movement to run amok, arrest them. But peaceful campers are not endangering the general public. I’ve seen videos of undercover cops acting as instigators. There is a lot of fine lines between lawful and unlawful actions on both sides. I defend the righteous.

        • tgusa Says:

          would you have someone deny your freedom of speech or assembly simply because someone else decides that you need to be guarded by police and thus you dont have the right to assemble?

          Why yes, I do.
          See my post here.

        • tgusa Says:

          IMO, what the democrat communists want is a total breakdown of the law. The best way they have found to do that is through the law itself hence the police unions, ideological judges, making as many of us criminals while allowing lawbreakers a free pass or a few months in club med, our prison system when compared to all of the non western world). Lawful lawlessness and then an imposition of dictatorship. Democrat communists want to level the playing field and that means they want the rest of us in the same position as oh say their biggest supporters, the black community. And that is something worth fighting against.

          However, we are not cooperating and therefore we are Natzies, Racists! They use sexual slurs to describe us while threatening to throw us in jail, ruin our lives, for doing anything similar. They turn our candidates into sex offenders for just being people. At the same time they promote deviant sexual behavior in our kids. There is no reasoning with these democrats, that’s what they are, democrats. They remind me of the creepy communist jerks in Doctor Zhivago.

          • tgusa Says:

            I don’t know if it has been planned this way but these types always look like a******s to me…
            Thanks for the link.

  4. tgusa Says:

    Does anyone know what an American who has been permanently disabled on the job receives to support themselves? Almost nothing. Could anyone tell me what it costs to round up illegal’s or pay for imprisoning them? How bout the people who are charged with enforcing the law that don’t, what’s their salary? We already know that politicians are raking in the dough in this entire endeavor. Now I’m’ not disabled so I consider myself a disabled American defender. Hey, I was born that way and somebody has to do it. And believe me, I’m not in a very good mood at all.

  5. Here is my gripe… And Im NOT directing it to ANYONE HERE…

    The ‘occupy’ nutters HAVE NO F***ing idea how to take care of our population in the USA, How to form a Gov that can be effective to EVERYONE in this country. This includes farms (food), education, security, Freedoms, elminiating criminals, eliminating terrorists, job creation and job growth, and so much more…

    And especially how to govern overseas…

    I’ve been reading up on these ‘movments’ and thier about as dumb as our current guv.

    Those in the ‘occupy’ movements either need to get thier s*** together or stop. Because they are simply ill prepared to govern the rest of us in the USA nor themselves!

    • tgusa Says:

      Spot on.
      The trash they leave behind kind of reminds me of the pre 1970s clean up America campaign, only filthier.

    • Gonzo Says:

      …correct, they have no f’in idea. I guess that is why they want free education. But then, on this extremely hillarious site
      …one of the comments is from someone apparently at an institution of higher ed.

      “Its not celebs fault that they are so rich, we choose them to be famous”. What an idiotic statement.

      And what, the same collective “we” did not chose to buy from Walmart? We did not chose to buy the cheap China crap instead of American made? We did not chose to put our money in mega banks? We did not chose to squander educational opportunities? We did not chose to buy a bigger home that we could comfortably afford? We did not chose to ring up debt on the old plastic card? We did chose to vote for the same shill for that political position?

      Seems like that collective “we” has been party to the whole mess, if’n you ask me.

      BTW, why is it ok to be rich and from hollywood or the NFL, but not as a businessman?

      • Good questions Gonzo…

        Its business people that move the economy…

        Not the politicains, movies stars, sports stars or muslic stars.

        Yes we Americans are part of the problem. I can only hope we see some changes in individual persons and stop being a hive mentality!

      • tgusa Says:

        And big business is forever linked with small business. The big businessmen and their employees need small business to do the stuff for them that they cannot do as they are busy doing big business. Dry cleaners, mechanics, tradesmen, food servers and the list goes on and on. It’s a team effort of sorts and when one suffers so does the other. If contemporary sports and movies were to be prohibited we would still have close to a hundred years of entertainment. This does not hold true with business of any size.

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