A meaningful gift

By Ronin, 20 Nov 11.

Ask any Christian and they will tell you that the Christmas holiday season is not about gifts, it is meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Many atheists will tell you that it is all about commercialism and pushing a religious agenda. The problem that I have always had with the non-Christians and their attacks on all things Christmas is I have never known a single one of them to return a Christmas gift or refuse one until it was renamed a “holiday gift”.

This is the time of year when stores merge holidays sending mixed messages of support to a wide variety of belief systems. No doubt an effort to please everyone with a dollar in his or her pocket. Happy Holidays appears magically on windows before Thanksgiving and Christmas trees magically become “holiday trees”. Forget all the drama and concentrate on one simple idea, give something meaningful.

Every year we see more stories in the press on how Christmas is being marginalized and how the more educated (mostly anti Christian) elite want the season to be fair to all religions and recognize a glorious holiday for everyone.

To be fair, Christians should not shop or give gifts from places that do not honor their beliefs, shop somewhere that wants your money or let the anti religious holiday crowd shop there. Spend your money where it will do the most good and that supports your holiday goals all year.

This year I am worried about gifts being available to all those Americans that choose to celebrate life and that believe the holiday season is a special time. A time to give freely and spread cheer in a world hurt by partisan politics, special interests and after years of economic strife. Reflect on what you have and I think you will see that we all have an opportunity.

It is the season to give but should we, can we and how can we make each gift count? That is the real issue. Forget your problems and concentrate on others. Give in a way that helps give Americans jobs and a real hope for the future. So consider giving gifts that are meaningful, gifts designed to help others. The best part of this plan is you do not have to limit it to Christians, let us help as many Americans as we can this holiday season.

Why give a single gift when for a few dollars more you can have someone’s yard mowed for an entire season? If you are running short of cash, give your own time. Paint that porch your neighbor never found the time to paint. Power-wash that driveway or pay someone to do it. Most of us have chores that we avoid; each one is a gift giving opportunity.

The idea is to pay for or do something to help someone that cannot do it themselves, cannot afford to get it done or does not know how. In addition, do not limit it to just your friends and family. That yard you drive by and complain about, stop and find out if they need a hand to fix the gate that hangs crooked, or to fix the sagging porch.

What you cannot pay someone to do, do it yourself or organize a group effort. Most of us can paint, mow, rake, clean, scrub or organize, get busy. If you are asked what you would like this year for Christmas, give out your own list of chores. I could use a hand with replacing some mulch.

Maybe you could use those Sunday coupons to replace co-workers bald tires, squeaky brakes, or leave a nice crisp shirt on the desk of the one wearing torn and faded clothes. You might find out they did not want to drive a dangerous vehicle or wear old clothes.

While you are giving meaningful gifts, you are also giving jobs to those that supply the material, do the work or help you do it. Your most valuable gift is your time. Help someone accomplish something. Everyone needs Christmas cash, empty that storage unit and use your extended network of friends to give away that old junk, many people can and will be glad to fix it up and use it or sell it for extra cash, your donation gives you additional space and someone else a purpose.

Those of you that can afford it take an extra $100 or so and give it randomly to complete strangers. Put it in a card and write “open tomorrow” on the envelope, smile and just walk away. Imagine how far a few extra bucks will go around the holiday season to a struggling family. You can use the same idea to reward your favorite doorman, security guard, or anyone else that you see year round and never seem to have the extra time to notice. Think about it just for a few minutes, who in your world needs an extra boost this year? We all know someone that is struggling and too proud to ask for help, give anonymously if you have too but help them. Start now, why wait? Someone you know will have a much better holiday season if you give a gift early.

Now that you have the idea, I will let you in on one gift idea that I do out of season and just because I know the value of dry socks and a helping hand. Little bags of deodorant, toothpaste, brushes, combs and a few energy bars is a much more meaningful gift to the homeless than a dollar handed out of a window. They fit easily behind the seat and are always available when you get the chance to help a fellow American. Do not forget the dry socks. Even the one-gallon Ziplock bag is a meaningful gift to someone without a way to keep what little they have dry. Stop driving by the homeless, roll down the window and give them a bag of cheer, better yet organize your friends to assist you.

Simple plan, simple solutions, put people back to work, even if just for a day. Value them, love them, smile and give the gift of hope. Smile and wish everyone a Merry Christmas, without the season we would just be mean, self-centered and unaware. We are all better than that.

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12 Comments on “A meaningful gift”

  1. tgusa Says:

    I have some people in my extended family that although brought up Christian (Catholic) no longer seem to believe. In recent years I have just said no to celebrating the birth of Jesus with them. After I did that, boy, talk about some angry people. I’m the worst person in the world now! Whenever I encounter the happy holiday crowd, like for instance a store employee, I just say in return, happy holidays, now if you will excuse me I have to do some Christmas shopping at a store that celebrates Christmas.

    If it’s a friend or relative I just say happy holidays and that’s your gift for Christmas Day, happy holidays! Of course you better be ready to duck and cover cause the storm will be coming your way right away. Ah, what the heck. Christians on Christmas exchange gifts, at least I do. You see, Christmas Day is special; I try to do all those other things all year round. Happy holidayers, well, they don’t even get a lump of coal on Christmas Day.

    Nevertheless a very good and thoughtful article that hits all the right chords. I have always said that Ronin was a better Christian even if he wasn’t a Christian than many others that I know who claim to be Christians are.

    Where ya been Snake, I mean Ronin, I thought you were dead!/s 🙂

  2. Ronin Says:

    More Christian than some of the Christians you know, wow quite a complement, and I do consider that a complement.

    I have always found it hypocritical for militant Christian hating activists to accept Christmas gifts but with them it is always do as they say and not as they do. Anyone else I never had a problem with because Christian or not, they accept the gift in the spirit in which it was given. I consider Christians a gift to humanity; I wish everyone could live up to the moral code that most attempt to reach. It does make me think about the Christians you spoke about. Those Christians need to work a little harder, most of us do I guess.

    As far where I go, I have to earn money just like everyone else.

  3. memaw1942 Says:

    Really a beautiful and thought provoking article Ronin…I do agree with Tsuga that you seem to be more a Christian than some of the Christians I know…
    It breaks my heart that so many are taking Christ out of Christmas, the day we choose to celebrate Christ’s birthday. Some of those happen to be Christians who are so gun ho on being politically correct… Even some schools have changed the words to the song “We wish you a Merry Christmas”… to “We wish you a Happy Holiday”…
    I love your gift giving idea of giving oneself in helping where help is needed… and having little “baggies” to hand out to the homeless we see along side the road…
    Have a beautiful and wonderful “Merry Christmas” Ronin…
    Love, Memaw

    • memaw1942 Says:

      Oops I just noticed I transposed Tgusa’s name… 🙂

    • Ronin Says:

      Thanks memaw, I am so glad you liked it. If you want to hear something that will really shake up the place, I was recently Baptized. No more resident atheist for me.

      So, I will wish everyone Merry Christmas and I could careless if they do not return the favor.

      Merry Christmas memaw, I love you enough that I picked you as the first person on the blog to tell the good news.


      • LH Says:

        Tears of Joy filled my eyes as I read your post. You may not remember me but I remember you. Always looking for truth as you realized the concept of Islam for what it is. May God Bless and keep you, may His eyes shine upon you and give you peace. Have a Merry Christmas Ronin, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

        PS See you in the great battle, I’ll be the one wearing a white robe. Opps, we will all be wearing a white robe, although I did request a black and white paint pony from our Lord.

  4. Wanna know my Christimas gifts Im giving out?

    Mercy & a willingness to help my elderly residents at my new job.

    Spirituality, Faith and Understanding to my (liberal) Jewish employers at my Summer job.

    And YES I will wish everyone else a Merry Christimas. Just to piss off the atheists out there! Hehehe…

  5. Doug Says:

    Great post. So correct.

    I recently had a disucssion about the “giftiness” and commercialism of the “holiday season”. All I could think of was that I am more of a “Linus” when it comes to Christmas.

    Thanks for the “care packs” suggestion for the homeless. Now I know what I will be buying this Black Friday.

    God bless.

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