Cain Goes Out into the Land of Nod

Congratulations, Lame Stream Media.  You have successfully besmirched and destroyed a good man, thus assuring yet another crappy pool of presidential candidates from which to choose.

As I scan over the viable candidates remaining, I can’t believe I am saying this, but it looks like I’ll be holding my nose and offering up my support to Newt Gingrich. 

I am not happy about it, nor am I ignorant of The Noot’s baggage; it’s just that I abhor the current Commie-in-Chief so much that I am willing to sacrifice a few of my criteria in order to get O’dumbo the hell out of the White House . 

Plus, as an added bonus, we all know that The Noot will mop up the floor with O’dumbo during the televised debates and expose him for the fascist, commie fool that he is.  That’s got to be worth the price of admission, don’t you think?

Cain Suspends Campaign
Atlanta businessman’s meteoric rise preceded equally precipitous drop in the polls.

By Lindsey Boerma National Journal

ATLANTA — Herman Cain suspended his campaign for the presidency on Saturday, citing the “painful price” his family has paid for the allegations of sexual misconduct levelled against him.

Though he continued to deny the allegations, he said the “cloud of doubt” they have created left him unable to continue the campaign.

Cain, who walked to the stage hand-in-hand with his wife, Gloria, said that “false accusations” have “sidetracked and distracted” his ability to present solutions to the nation’s problems.




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10 Comments on “Cain Goes Out into the Land of Nod”

  1. I have no doubt that the Democrats engineered Cain’s problems so that would not be a black Republican running against Obama. I probably would not have voted for Cain, but I think most of the allegations they threw at him were bovine fertilizer.

    Having said that, I don’t trust ol’ Newt either. Sure it would be great to get Obamessiah out of the White House, but if you replace him with his Republican opposite number, which is Gingrich, you are no better off. Both of these guys belong to the same One World crowd and the same puppetmasters pull the strings for both of them.

    The trick with politics in this country is to control both parties. Then it doesn’t matter which candidate the voters pick–the ones who control both parties get their agendas enacted anyway. The only difference is the rhetoric.

  2. Ronin Says:

    The democrats invented the best public socialist education system money could buy, why would you be surprised that they are willing to attack a Black man that has failed to tow the line?

    If more people would read a few history books there would be no democrats left.

    I agree with your assessment of Newt, I would vote for a homeless person captured off the street and forced into office over him.


    • Yeah, I’m certainly not 100% behind The Noot; More like 51% behind him. It also didn’t help any that The Noot decided not (or forgot) to register on Missouri’s Primary Ballot, so in order to vote for him here in Missouri, Missourians are going to have to write in his name on the ballot. So, I doubt he will win Missouri’s primary.

      Of course, our state legislators recently screwed the pooch and now Missouri’s primary election is nothing more than a beauty pageant. So, it really doesn’t matter who we vote for in the Missouri Primary; the powers-that-be will send representatives to the Republican caucus and vote however the hell they want regardless of who Missouri voters picked in the Primaries.

      Anyway, all that being said, I’m starting to warm up to Rick Santorum, however, he’s got a lot of explaining to do concerning his past involvement with Big Pharma and his love of filthy lucre. Yup… Ricky “Sanatorium” is keying in around the 45% support margin on my internal meter.

      All-in-all, I would have to say that the exit of Cain has left me without a clear cut choice. As such, I’m not committed to anyone, so Noot and Sanatorium better toe-the-line, else I’ll dump ’em in a heartbeat!


    • Speaking of socialist education, check out my latest on for a few comments about our beloved public school system–a humanist seminary if ever there was one!

  3. Gonzo Says:

    How disheartening.
    Gingrich is for sale, and thus makes the perfect elitist candidate. Unfortunately, the avg voter is insane – voting for the same kind of shill and expecting different results.

    Perhaps we can see a newt/Cain ticket, (who wins), and newt dies of natural causes soon after. Come on universe, throw us a bone.

  4. Sadly his decision to leave isnt suprising.

    The leftist media digging up all those accusers and all the dirt they could just shows how much they are willing to protect and promote thier own idiocy… ER politicians…

  5. tgusa Says:

    Our Government, and those who staff it are about control, control under a certain set of laws, or rules, policies procedures are intended to benefit the voluntarily governed. Policy that has been firmly set into place is driving the future much more than any one man can or will. I’m doubtful that one Earthly man can pull this ship out of its nose dive. A lot of people seem real interested in who will be elected as president. Who in their right mind would want to be president right now?

    I haven’t watched or listened to one single debate. It’s shameful what happened with Herman Cain but I hope he doesn’t go away because the government is in uncontrolled and calculated chaos and we all need people like him, especially now. As the left likes to say, these are Revolutionary times and revolutionary times call for revolutionary measures. Power To The People!
    Oh man, irony is so much fun although the rest of it isn’t.

  6. CavMom Says:

    Not overly fond of Newt. He is leaning towards Amnesty; Lobbied for Freddie and Fannie; Supported Cap-N-Trade; and supported Obummer’s Health Care mess.

    I am leaning towards Ron Paul. The media paints him to be the Crazy Uncle from Texas, but I applaud his firm stand against the federal Reserve and it’s doling out of monies which it does not have.

    I honestly would have loved to see Allen West jump into the ring.

    Right now I am so disgusted with our current leadership that I wonder if it is possible to dump them all and start new.

  7. memaw1942 Says:

    Maybe, somehow, someway God will lead Mike Huckabee into the ring for presidency….

    • Mike Huckabee ran for president one other time but pulled out in the middle of the race. Some of the folks in Arkansas used to call him “tax hike Mike” and they claimed he never met a tax he didn’t love. He is no different than Romney, Gingrich and the rest of these Republican retreads. Ron Paul is the only real deal in this whole race in either party.

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